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Unit 7a Travel Arrangements

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1 Unit 7a Travel Arrangements

2 Why Do Business People Need To Travel
Attend a meeting Receive training Attend business outings Inspect work Visit customer/suppliers Attend a conference Visit other branches

3 What Methods Of Transport is Available
The method of transport will be chosen according to Cost of transport Time available to travel Distance involved Position of person in firm eg MD or Clerical Asst Any transport policies the company may have

4 Road Private Car Company Car Hire Car Taxi

5 Advantages Traveller can plan own journey Cheap method of transport
Convenient for short journeys No need to worry about getting lost or parking in city centres

6 Disadvantages Can be tiring for long journeys
Traffic congestion and road works may cause delays Can be difficult and expensive to park in city centres Expensive for long journeys compared to car

7 Train Local Trains National Trains International Trains Eg EuroStar

8 Advantages Quicker than travelling by road
Easy to travel between city centres Can book seats in advance More comfortable to relax or work Refreshments available Quick service to European countries

9 Disadvantages Can be expensive during peak times
Delays can occur due to technical problems May have to change Can sometimes be overcrowded

10 Air Domestic Flights International Flights Budget Airlines

11 Advantages Quick method of travel – especially for trips abroad
Refreshments etc available en route Faster check-in times for domestic flights

12 Disadvantages Usually more expensive – although becoming cheaper
Delays and cancellations can occur Must make travel arrangements to and from airports International flights may require long check-in times

13 Sea Ferry Hovercraft Seacat (catamaran)

14 Advantages Easy to travel from UK mainland to UK islands
Good facilities and cabins for overnight journeys Cars allowed on most ferries Relatively cheap form of transport

15 Disadvantages Much slower than air travel
Delays may be caused by bad weather Must make travel arrangements to and from the ferry

16 What Information Is Needed To Organise A Trip – Travel Request Form
Name of employee Department and position of employee Destination Start/end dates of trip Purpose of trip Preferred method of travel Accommodation needed Any special requirements – smoker/non smoker

17 Where Can You Find Travel Information?
Timetables – for trains and flights Maps – major cities & towns Hotel Directories Hotel Guides CD Roms – computerised maps etc

18 Where Can You Find Travel Information? (Cont)
Travel Agents – help and advice & discounted fares Travel Guides – info on a particular area Internet – up-to-date info on bookings, reservations, on-line timetables and hotel info

19 What Documents Are Required When Travelling Abroad?
A valid passport E111 form – allows free or reduced medical care in EU countries Vaccination Form – if visiting certain non-European countries Visa – required for certain non-European countries

20 Other Things Needed Valid driving licence Insurance – travel Maps
Credit Cards Telephone Charge Cards Mobile Phone Contact Details

21 Booking Hotel Accommodation
It is important to remember the following points: Location of hotel – ask for a map Cost of room Any special requirements- disabled, non-smoking Meals – which ones are included

22 What Is An Itinerary It is a summary of intended activities and travel
arrangements. It should include: Dates/days of travel Times (24 hour clock) Flight numbers Check in times Arrival times Booking reference numbers Addresses & tel nos

23 Preparing an Itinerary
Travel Request Form handed in by employee Preferred method of travel and any special arrangements noted Travel booking form is completed before booking Accommodation Booking Form is completed

24 Preparing an Itinerary (cont)
An Itinerary is then prepared All tickets and documentation gathered and included with the Itinerary

25 Evaluate The Suitability Of Travel Arrangements
Important that feedback is gained after a trip. How would this be carried out: Informal chat with employee Short meeting is set up Comments sheet completed by employee

26 Evaluate The Suitability Of Travel Arrangements
What might the employee be asked? Did your journey take as long as was expected? Were you delayed? What were the reasons? Do you have any comments on the companies? Did you find your destination easily? Was your accommodation satisfactory? Do you have any comments about the hotel? Did your trip run according to your Itinerary?

27 Evaluate The Suitability Of Travel Arrangements (cont)
The answers to these questions allow the Travel Administrator to evaluate how suitable the arrangements have been Helps them to: Estimate the cost of future business trips Making future bookings with various companies

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