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1 NST Travel Group Ltd © Le Château dEbblinghem Year 7 and Year 8 PGHS visit to 18 th to 21 st July 2011 NST Travel Group Ltd ©

2 NST Travel Group Ltd © Todays presentation will cover the following: About the NST Travel Group Limited Safety and Financial Security Visit Overview Visit Objectives Accommodation Meal Arrangements What is There to See and Do? Travel Tips Whats Included? Next Steps Any Questions? Further Information

3 NST Travel Group Ltd © About the NST Travel Group plc Established in 1967. Europes leading educational travel company. Offices in Blackpool and Dublin. Offering tailored educational tours for schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Enviable reputation for quality, professionalism and value.

4 NST Travel Group Ltd © About the NST Travel Group plc We are proud to be one of the first UK Educational travel companies to have been awarded the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DSCF) Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. As the market leader in educational travel, we were chosen to help develop and pilot the scheme. The quality badge is an important reference for all schools. It is a guarantee that those organisations, settings and venues which have been awarded the badge: Offer high quality teaching and learning experiences. Manage safety and rick effectively. Are reputable, and have been independently audited by an external verifier.

5 NST Travel Group Ltd © Safety and Financial Security NST offers complete peace of mind when placing a booking: NSTs pioneering Safety Management System is externally verified each year. This covers all of your arrangements, including transport, accommodation, visits and 24-hour contact whilst on your tour. NSTs Safety Management System School Travel Forum NSTs pioneering principle of using externally verified safety management systems, to reassure and support teachers, pre-dated the governments support within HASPEV guidelines. Supported by: National Union of Teachers This was adopted by the School Travel Forum and is supported by Unions, Headteachers Associations and welcomed by LEA Advisors.

6 NST Travel Group Ltd © Safety and Financial Security Air Travel Organisers Licensing ATOL licences are issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, a bond which guarantees financial protection for you. International Air Transport Association As an accredited IATA agent, NST is licensed to issue air tickets on behalf of airlines. Association of British Travel Agents Members offer consistently high standards of trading practice meaning financial arrangements are completely secure.

7 NST Travel Group Ltd © Visit Objectives Listen and understand native speakers Practise spoken French in a variety of situations Learn more about French culture

8 NST Travel Group Ltd © We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability and circumstances. Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto (DCSF) Visit Objectives

9 NST Travel Group Ltd © Our Accommodation The Château dEbblinghem is NSTs very own 19 th century French county house set in a rural location 8km east of St Omer in north west France. Specifically renovated to provide a superb standard of accommodation, the Château offers unrivalled facilities for school and youth groups.

10 NST Travel Group Ltd © Our Accommodation The Château dEbblinghem is located just 45 minutes from Calais, 55 minutes from the Eurotunnel terminal, 60 minutes from Boulogne and 90 minutes from Le Touquet. Just a short hop across the English Channel, St Omer is the ideal base for all subject groups

11 NST Travel Group Ltd © Our Accommodation There are 3 separate buildings at NSTs Château, each designed to accommodate one group. We will have sole occupancy of the building including our own dining room, meeting room and games room. All rooms in all 3 buildings are bright, modern and clean, and feature a private shower, toilet and washbasin.

12 NST Travel Group Ltd © Our Accommodation NSTs Château dEbblinghem: Excellent Recreational Facilities 4 hectares of private grounds 2 football pitches Volleyball area and outdoor activities (summer months) Dedicated building housing a games room and shop

13 NST Travel Group Ltd © Our Accommodation NSTs Château dEbblinghem: Organised Evening Activities Following dinner, approximately one hour can be dedicated to further study if required. In addition, indoor and outdoor evening activities can include: Soirée Crepes Pétanque Soirée Quiz Talent show Wacky Races …and much more!

14 NST Travel Group Ltd © What pupils say. My favourite part was the chocolate shop and seeing how the chocolate was made (Eloise Howard) The rides at theme park were amazing and I loved seeing the teachers dance at the disco (Tia Halsall) I loved exploring a different culture and all the different activities we got to try out. It was an experience Ill never forget(Khadija Vorajee) In France I enjoyed watching people speak French and going to different places. ( Francesca Woolley) I enjoyed going to France and loved the snail farm. We learnt lots of different French words.(Rachael Stirrup) We enjoyed being in the company of friendly staff at the Manoir and on the trip ( Anna Worthington) I loved the bakery and it was so cool to see how bread is traditionally made. The goat farm was great but my favourite was the snail farm and seeing peoples faces as they tried the pate although the garlic snail pate was nice. (Louisa Stirland) I loved the chocolate factory. The chocolate was so dreamy to eat. The theme park was good. I really enjoyed France.(Sarah Amin) I enjoyed the evening activities the most and sharing a room with my friends.(Lauren Wylie) I loved all of the trips. I have never been to France before so when I went it was totally amazing. I also liked how we were looked after and catered for. It was an incredible experience. Thank you. (Charlotte Bryan)

15 NST Travel Group Ltd © Note: If any dietary requirements need to be catered for, please let me know in advance. Meal Arrangements Meals at NSTs Château dEbblinghem provide a nutritious balanced diet which is carefully planned to restore the energy expended during the days activities. Breakfast and evening meals are provided on-site and packed lunches are supplied daily. Meal times are flexible to suit the itinerary, and most special dietary requirements are easily managed.

16 NST Travel Group Ltd © What is there to see and do? French Language Visits. Becasuc Sweet Factory – On this tour students learn from the French commentary, demonstrations and even help with the sweet production. Boulogne-Sur-Mer – This port town provides several cultural experiences including the Roman Old Town and local market days. LEscargotiere du Choquel – Get a real taste of France at this informative snail farm. Nausicaa Sea Life Centre – This fascinating sea centre promotes French learning through interactive exhibits. Boulangerie Escoeuilles – At this traditional boulangerie only French is spoken. Students complete worksheets ensuring they learn new phrases while observing the making and baking of bread, brioche and papin pies before leaving with a fresh croissant or pain au chocolat. Auberge a La Ferme du Sire De Crequy – conducted in French this visit provides and insight into how traditional French cheeses and dairy products are produced, samples are provided along the tour. St Josephs Village – Pupils can develop their French Vocabulary as they enter the school, bakers shop and windmill at this re-created French Village. Chocolats de Beussent – Pupils will learn about chocolate and its origins, see demonstrations of melting, moulding and coating, take a tour of the workshop and enjoy some free samples! Town tour of St Omer

17 NST Travel Group Ltd © Travel Tips Passports & Visas: All students travelling must hold a full passport. In this space, please enter any passport and visa requirements (where applicable) for the country your group is visiting, including any countries en-route. Please note: - Many countries require a minimum of 6 months validity after the date of travel on passports so please check with the relevant embassy. Please also check the requirements of any countries you will be travelling through to reach your destination. - It is imperative that you advise students and parents on whether visas will be required. If you have any doubts, please contact the relevant embassy to check visa requirements, especially for non-British nationals. This could equally be relevant for British nationals dependent on the destination. - You will need to apply in good time for new passports and visas. Our recommendation is that you should apply for a passport at least 10 weeks prior to departure, or longer if a visa is required. We also recommend that all visa requirements are completed at least 2 months prior to departure. Please be aware that non-issue of visas is not covered under the cancellation section of your insurance, and you may not be allowed to travel as a result. - If you will have a Collective Passport for your group, please say so here. Note: Before applying for a collective passport, you will need to check that the country you intend to visit (including countries en route) will accept this form of group identification. If you have any doubts about passports or visa requirements, please see me at the end of this presentation.

18 NST Travel Group Ltd © Money: The currency in France is the Euro. We recommend that students take (£10 -£20) with them on the visit for the ferry and stops at service stations in the UK. Pupils will also need spending money in Euros during the visit and we will advise nearer the time of the amount to bring. All euro monies will be looked after by staff and given out on a daily basis. Travel Tips

19 NST Travel Group Ltd © European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) All NST tours are covered by travel insurance, but in addition all travellers should carry a European Health Insurance Card. For tours within the European Union each member of your group must obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) prior to departure. This allows holders to benefit from the reciprocal health arrangements which exist between member states of the EU. Great difficulty can be experienced if hospital expenses are incurred and an EHIC is not produced. For full details and to apply on-line for your free EHIC, visit Please note that requirements may change and you must check the up-to-date position in good time before departure. Travel Tips

20 NST Travel Group Ltd © The visit cost of £300 includes: Return transportation by coach 3 nights accommodation Travel insurance Visits and entrance fees All meals and drinks with meals Whats Included?

21 NST Travel Group Ltd © First deposit: If you wish to join this visit, can you please let me know by 30th September 2010. I will require an initial £30 deposit to secure your booking at this stage. Second deposit: I will require your second deposit of £135 by 25 th November 2010. Final payment: The balance of the visit will need to be paid in full by 24 th March 2011 with a final payment of £135. Once first deposits are paid, I will work with NST to put together a tailor-made itinerary to ensure we get the most out of our time away. As discussed earlier in this presentation, you will need to ensure that all passport and visa requirements are satisfied. If you have any doubts, please see me as soon as possible. Next Steps

22 NST Travel Group Ltd © We hope you will join us on our NST visit to Le Château dEbblinghem!

23 NST Travel Group Ltd © Contact Mrs M Rourke Head of Modern Foreign Languages on 01772 743399 Further Information

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