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Traveling Smarter and Thinking Differently

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1 Traveling Smarter and Thinking Differently
Andrea Carlock, Chief of Program Management Branch Society of Government Travel Professionals September 18, 2013

2 Agenda Key Events Restricted Fares U.S. Government Rental Car Program
OMB Memorandum, M-12-12 OMB Memorandum, M-13-02 Restricted Fares U.S. Government Rental Car Program Unused Tickets Commercial Travel Office Services Data Framework

3 Key Events Office of Management and Budget memorandum M-12-12, “Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations” signed May 11, 2012, which included requirements to: Promote the identification and use of non-contract air carriers that, if used will result in a lower total trip cost Expand and leverage purchasing power to reduce travel costs associated with hotels and rental cars Ensure whenever practicable, arrange airfare in a manner that results in the lowest price available when traveling on domestic flights Ensure agencies have controls in place to collect refunds for unused or partially used airline tickets

4 Key Events (continued)
Office of Management and Budget memorandum M-13-02, “Improving Acquisition Through Strategic Sourcing” signed December 5, 2012, which included requirements to: Establish broad strategic sourcing initiative to ensure acquisitions are effectively managed, whenever possible, agencies join together negotiate the best deal for taxpayer Eliminate inefficiencies from acquisition processes Implement government-wide strategic sourcing

5 Restricted Fares Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR)/Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) allows travelers the option to use restricted fares DoD managed restricted fares program would make this option more effective Restricted fares program that considers current DoD policy to use the Contract City Pair carrier Result in opportunities for greater efficiencies and cost savings

6 U.S. Government Rental Car Program Overview
Agreement, not a contract – supports the entire Federal Government Sixteen (16) rental car companies participate worldwide Competition drives cost

7 U.S. Government Rental Car Program Modernization
Development of “Gold Standards” Minimizing all costs including base rates Require standardized data from vendors Benchmark against corporate rates annually Policy Improvement Opportunities Data Collection Stakeholder Engagement

8 U.S. Government Rental Car Program Resources
Communications Plan Materials posted on DTMO website Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool Government Employee Training Vendor Training

9 Unused Ticket Process Improvements
Objective Improve efficiencies and ensure DoD has standardized processes to monitor, track, and collect refunds for all unused or partially unused tickets Standardized unused ticket language in CTO contracts Identify and cancel all unused or partially unused tickets Provide unused ticket reports monthly

10 Unused Ticket Process Improvements (continued)
Initiating regulatory changes to the Defense Transportation Regulation R Clarified guidance on the process of refunds for Individually Billed Accounts, Centrally Billed Accounts, and Government Transportation Requests Developed a workflow process to assist in tracking unused tickets from identification to reimbursement Partner with industry to explore emerging technology

11 CTO Services DTMO is the single source to consolidate and procure CTO services for the DoD Benefits of consolidating and managing procurement efforts Decreases the number of CTO contracts Consistent requirements across the Department Leverages buying power Enables DoD to apply best practices Improves working relationships between the Government and industry

12 CTO Services (continued)
How do we incorporate Government and industry best practices to travel smarter and meet and exceed the expectations of our customers? Market research to attain an in-depth perspective of the travel industry, other Government Agencies, and corporate travel initiatives Partnership with industry to exchange ideas, share views on innovation, and develop mutually acceptable solutions Take advantage of innovative processes and emerging technologies Drive efficiencies through automation

13 Strategy and Performance Management
Set of integrated management processes which help improve strategic decision making in organizations Provides credible, decision ready BI to leadership driving accountability, management decisions, reporting, compliance, resource allocation, risk management and continuous improvement Strategy Development SWOT Analysis Environmental Scan (external drivers/marketplace changes) Review of Products/Programs/ Services/Customers Metrics Development Determine & define performance metrics using metrics templates Establish KPIs and targets Identify metrics owners and data sources Commercial Travel Information Management (CTIM) Tool Integral to Performance Management System Enhances analytic capabilities, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of DoD travel processes and the development of business intelligence Data is gathered, integrated, cleansed and validated Integrated Business Intelligence Capability Evidence based decision making supported by CTIM Leverages dashboards, scorecards and reports Track, analyze and report performance Visual analytics Standardized analytical approach for detailed studies “Establishes and maintains a DoD Travel Enterprise performance management framework that is supported by an enterprise-wide repository of DoD commercial travel data for the purpose of administering commercial travel programs, procedures, reporting, and guidance.” – DoDI

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