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Career Choice by Tasha Winther. may process personal exposed film.

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1 Career Choice by Tasha Winther

2 may process personal exposed film.

3 may use airbrush, computer or other techniques to retouch negatives.

4 may use delicate instruments, such as optical microscopes attached to camera.

5 may study requirements of a particular assignment and decide on type of camera, film, lighting and background accessories to be used.

6 You may need to have experience in, or knowledge of computerized photography/digital imaging.

7 You need to demonstrate your creative/technical ability with a portfolio of your work.

8 You need either a bachelor's degree in visual arts, specializing in photography, or specialized training in photography in high school, college or specialized training schools, or you need extensive on-the-job training under the supervision of a photographer.

9 Employment grew at an above average rate. Hourly wages ($16.47) are close to average ($18.07), and the rate of wage growth is below average.

10 Hourly wages ($16.47) are close to the national average (18.07) These earnings are close to the average for occupations in the art, culture, recreation and sport sector, and are below average for all technical, professional, and skilled occupations. These wages grew at a below average rate from 2002-2004. The more famous you can get, the more money you can make.

11 Digital technology has made a huge impact on photography due to easier design, and crisper images.

12 Before digital cameras, we didnt have many features. Now we have hundreds of advanced features to create images that we see in photographs.

13 Photography equipment was extremely heavy and would take up a lot of space and effort. Now we have smaller and better cameras that are sleeker, and easier to use.

14 Feel good about yourself, and be confident!

15 Plan and manage time, money, and other resources to achieve goals.

16 Listen and ask questions to understand and appreciate the point of views of others.

17 Locate, gather and organize information using appropriate, technology and information systems.

18 Ensure that a teams purpose and objectives are clear.

19 Plan, design, or carry out a project or task from start to finish with well defined objectives and outcomes.

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