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1934 Harley Davidson VLD Diablo Motorcycle Co.

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1 1934 Harley Davidson VLD Diablo Motorcycle Co.
In October 2008 we found a 1934 Harley Davidson VLD which required Complete restoration. The photo on the left is a 1934 VLD not ours but More of what we are hoping it to be when we are completed.

2 Diablo Motorcycle Co. My 1934 VLD is production # 2628 of 4400 VLD motorcycle produced in 1934 and currently is 1 of only 725 Harley VLD motorcycles with current registrations worldwide. In 1934 Harley Davidson produced 3 different models of 74 ci Flathead V-Twin models * 34 VD – 74 ci low compression * 34 VL – 74 ci mid compression * 34 VLD – 74CI High compression The VLD was Harley’s new special sport model in 1933 and in 1934 they introduced the new TNT engine with 36 massive Horsepower with the one year only upswept exhaust system and newly skirted fenders. For those long rides the saddle was now further enhance with the new sponge rubber cushion for greater enjoyment 1933 Harley V

3 The find, Oct 27, 2008 Diablo Motorcycle Co.
We found our project at 45 Performance in Port Dover who was selling it for a Rick Barger. The Harley Davidson ‘34 VLD had sat in a barn for the past 20 years and was only in the past few years had the last owner start to gather parts for the restoration which resulted in the red gas tanks and battery box. As one can see the wheels are from anything but a 1934 Harley

4 Diablo Motorcycle Co. Jan 2009 we placed the 1934 VLD in the Vintage class at the International Motorcycle Super Show and won 3 place in the heavy bike class, with its faded paint and rusted glory

5 Diablo Motorcycle Co. Jan 19th , 2009 saw the start of the slow and painful restoration program, which meant what we already had, had to come apart, be verified, cataloged, clean, repaired, replaced or still had to be found

6 Diablo Motorcycle Co. Parts & More parts

7 Diablo Motorcycle Co. One of the first things we discovered was 75 years of grease jammed in every little spot. The second thing was that the motor had never been apart and was in remarkable condition Note the oil pump The amount of oil flow Was controlled by the throttle.

8 Diablo Motorcycle Co. Jan 2009 basically had us come to the realization that we now had a ton of unassembled parts, which need almost as many replacement items as we had started out with.

9 Diablo Motorcycle Co. It doesn’t take very long to completely take something apart. The challenge is remembering how it goes back together.

10 Diablo Motorcycle Co. The search was on. We now had somewhat of an assembled list of parts which were needed to complete the restoration, so swap meets were the first choice to go to and see what we could find. What we found were umpteen piles of crap being sold to many people who really didn’t know what they were looking for which made it very easy for vendors to sell the wrong parts, for the wrong bikes for the wrong year. It was easy to learn very quickly that it is essential to know what you are looking for not just an idea of what it was suppose to be. The use of the internet proved to be the best source for parts and that any given time there are approximately 120 plus items available for sale that fit 1930 – 1936 Harley V series motorcycles. From these contact we were able to find other sources all over the world for the much needed parts

11 Diablo Motorcycle Co. It quickly was becoming apparent that some parts were easy to obtain whereas other proved to be a little more difficult. The new obsession to restore vintage motorcycle or to build a bobber was now adding to the Problem. The old Harley Flathead side valves motorcycles were not the Most popular motorcycle to restore even 5 years ago, but with the Saying of “What was once Old is new Again” saw these old machines and their parts become of extreme interest. It took us 6 months just to find the clutch assembly which was located in Lititz PA

12 Diablo Motorcycle Co. Other items of extreme difficulty were the proper axles and wheel hubs. The 1930 – 1936 V series motorcycle use star wheel hubs, but the ones used in these years are different than the ones Harley used on the 1936 Knucklehead to 1966, which of course there are several NOS and reproduction parts available of. Our search for these parts has taken us from Toronto to Kingston’ Buffalo to California’ England to Poland & Discussion with people in Australia 1935 Harley VL

13 Diablo Motorcycle Co. By July of 2009 we had started to see some light in the tunnel, where parts Had been refinished several other s had been located and the tanks and fenders Were at the body shop getting a new look on life. We could start to put some of these back together again before we completely forgot where they went

14 A long summer of searching was rewarding with the proper Star wheels
Diablo Motorcycle Co. Diablo Motorcycle Co. A long summer of searching was rewarding with the proper Star wheels Hubs being found and rebuilt. New spokes from VL Heaven in England Allowed for original rims to be re-laced and new ” tires to be installed

15 Diablo Motorcycle Co. It’s now Dec 17, 2009 and our 1934 Harley Davidson VLD is starting to look like a real motorcycle and once again resemble what it was in 1934.

16 Dec 24, Our lower drive line is now complete with the clutch, primary system complete and the rear drive chain in place. We were able to locate the proper floor pad rivets this week as well as the original inspection covers for outer primary cover. The front And rear brakes are also now finished with new brake lining and seals

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