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Logo 2012 estimated runner figures for India and the US.

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2 Logo

3 2012 estimated runner figures for India and the US

4 People in India dont run because of…

5 Bad Roads

6 Stress

7 No impetus on sports

8 Lazy attitude

9 Who are the ones who do run?

10 Government / Military armed services

11 Foreigners

12 Corporate employees

13 Fitness enthusiasts

14 But that number is very less So where do we find more runners?

15 Youngsters (16 – 30 years)

16 Trekkers and Runners team Nasir – 24 years old Julius – 23 years old

17 The initiative behind Trekkers and Runners is to bring people to realize the untapped excitement they will feel when they go and experience runs and treks either with us or by themselves

18 Why Running?

19 Simplest & The Most Cost Effective sport

20 Releases more than just sweat

21 Builds muscles

22 self-motivation

23 Produces a sense of achievement

24 Mumbai Marathon 2013 Participation : 40,000 0.3% of Mumbais population

25 We want to get more people to run and give them reasons to do it

26 The Madh-Marve run is one such reason

27 Why Marve?

28 Because malad is a large mumbai suburb and doesnt have its own running group or races

29 We want to change that

30 The Marve route is a fantastic quiet green stretch adjacent to the sea

31 The start point of the race

32 The route lined with trees

33 The turn to Aksa beach

34 The finish point at Aksa

35 The Route Map

36 Details about the race

37 5k race 25 th May 2014 50/- participant fee Starts at Chikuwadi, Marve Rd Ends at Aksa Beach entrance Hand out medals serve refreshments there

38 *The run will see a limited participation (50 – 75 only) because we want to keep a cap on the number of people we can manage

39 This is where your help comes in

40 We require sponsorship for : manufacturing the medals Logistical work (banners, water station, first aid etc) Physical Marketing material

41 1 brass medal = 200- 250/- (inclusive of any printing work on it)

42 250/- x 75 participants = 18750/-

43 And any help in manpower to volunteer will be highly appreciated

44 What do we aim to achieve through this event?

45 Drive home the message of the importance of running

46 Help forge interests amongst the participants to enable them to go running together

47 Follow up with the participants and encourage them to keep running with a weekly training program

48 Lastly, receive the motivation to organize more such runs

49 Thankyou Nasir Engineer 9167288862

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