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Jonathan Salter– Velocity Finance

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1 Jonathan Salter– Velocity Finance
Finance Update Jonathan Salter– Velocity Finance

2 Jono’s Finance & Property Tips

3 Tonight’s Agenda Who am I & Who is Velocity Finance?
What is the most important aspect of a finance application? Floods & their impact on the property market?

4 Who am I? My name is Jonathan Salter Born & Bred in Bulimba
Qualified Chef Australian Army - 7 years – Illustrator Reprographic (Graphic designer, Photographer & Draftsman) Credit Advisor – 9 years Licensed commercial agent – 6 years Mortgage Broker – 8 years Property Investor – 19 years My passions are; Sport Hunting Painting Travelling Property English History

5 Who R we? Velocity Finance is a small boutique service in the Finance and Mortgage Broking Industry. We source and deliver financial solutions for a range of valued clients ranging from first home buyers through to wealthy investors with large portfolios in residential and commercial property. The qualities that set us apart from similar businesses in our industry are that we are passionate about property and are active in the market through investment and development. We purposefully do what we promote and live our beliefs of giving, helping and inspiring.

6 What do we do? Residential lending – Std home loans
Development & Commercial lending – Townhouses etc Private Funding – Short term finance Vendor Finance options – Cash flow positive solutions Tailor made solutions – Loan structure, understanding good & bad debt. Shares / Property

7 Your finance application
What is the most important aspect of a finance application?

8 Veda Advantage –

9 Credit Problems?

10 The flood impact? The floods of recent weeks that caused devastation to more than 50 suburbs and 40,000 homes are likely to have an ongoing effect on the Brisbane property investment market, and while it’s a matter of waiting to see exactly what the effect will be, we can predict what might happen based on the Brisbane property investment market following the 1974 floods. In the property values chart below, you can see that the value of Brisbane property decreased for five years in a row following the 1974 floods.

11 The flood impact?

12 The flood impact? The drop in value of Brisbane investment property is more likely to be as a result of national and international economic factors, rather than the floods.  Having said that, Brisbane property investors and home owners are likely to be hesitant in coming months and years to buy property in low-lying areas and this will result in a decrease in demand for this property. We have already experienced an effect on the rental market due to the floods. A lot of people who are displaced due to flood damage to their primary residence will now need to look at renting another home while repairs are being carried out. An increase in calls from people looking for property to rent. This increased demand will place upward pressure on rent prices too, and therefore benefit Brisbane property investors. Brisbane property investors with investment property in low-lying areas, however, may have reduced demand from tenants who choose to rather move to higher areas.

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