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Welcome to the KS4 Learning Pathways Evening Tuesday 5 th March 2013.

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1 Welcome to the KS4 Learning Pathways Evening Tuesday 5 th March 2013

2 Aspirations for students in 9.6 and 9.7 Highest grades possible – Competitive Edge College / post 16 study University / Further Education Professional careers at managerial level and beyond Apprenticeship / job placement Career development

3 Likely destinations: Palmers College SEEVIC 6 th Form South Essex College Apprenticeships & Job placements We must ensure William Edwards students have the competitive edge! Competing against students from local schools, King John, Southend High Schools and Grammar schools etc.

4 Raising Achievement! Driving up standards to improve the life chances of our students Outcomes for individuals and groups are outstanding and have improved steadily Ofsted December 2010 2009201020112012National Average Target 2013 5 A*- C inc Eng & Maths 58%67%69%70%58%75% 5 A*- C81%87% 89%N/A95% 5 A*- G inc Eng& Maths 99% 94%98%95%99% 1 A*- G100% 99%100%

5 Pathway 2 Working Groups 6 & 7 Core Subjects: Eng (8) Maths (7) Science (Core) (9) PE (5) RCE (2) Private Study (1), Literacy Support (3) = 35hrs Block 1Block 2Block 3Time Pathway 2 WG 6 & 7 BTEC (5)GCSE Choice 1 (5) GCSE Choice 2 (5) 15hrs Pathway 2 Potential Qualifications: 9 GCSEs / equivalents – Level 2

6 The BTEC Choice Business Studies Health & Social care Performing Arts Construction IT & Computing Sport & Performance Music Art & Design Hospitality

7 The GCSE Choices Art and Design Catering History Leisure & Tourism Product Design Art Textiles Drama Media Studies Photography Business Studies Geography Physical Education Music ICT

8 How do I successfully choose the right course? 1. Young people and parents decide together. 2. Agreement is reached carefully. 3. The subject is chosen not the teacher (teachers may change anyway!) 4. Experienced teachers are consulted. 5. Older pupils are questioned / opinions sought. 6. Any temptation to follow a friend(s) is avoided. 7. Remember what you are good at. A new subject may not always be as glamorous as it appears. 8. Considering future career plans which may be supported by one or two selections.

9 Questions you may wish to ask: 1.Will my child get his/her option choices? In most cases and wherever possible. 2. If too many choose a subject, how will students be selected? Carefully, according to the appropriateness of courses 3. How will I, as a parent, be kept informed? Dialogue as necessary and in May, an individual print-out will be sent home for checking. 4. Will my child be able to change later on? Only in exceptional cases. Its crucial that correct decisions are made now! 5. Will it help if my form is in quickly? No decisions will be made until all forms are in on the 15 th March.

10 The 2013 Preferences Timeline To date:Invitations to Information Evening sent home Preference Booklet on school website Year 9 Assembly – guidance for pupils 5 th March:KS4 Pathways Information Evening for parents 6 th -15 th Mar:Dialogue between students, tutors and subject teachers to secure decisions 15 th March:Final deadline for return of forms to the School Office

11 18 th Mar – May:Discussion between staff, students & parents in cases where: 1. Individuals seem to have chosen inappropriately or unwisely 2. Subjects are over-subscribed By May Half-Term:Individual print out sent home for checking 2013/14 Year 10 Class Lists prepared The 2013 Preferences Timeline cont.


13 We must ensure William Edwards students have the competitive edge! There are lots of subject staff available in school and senior staff are also available to answer any questions.

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