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Team Sports & Social Responsibility

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1 Team Sports & Social Responsibility
12531 & 12550 7 Credits

2 Team Sport Requirements
Demonstrate the physical skills associated with a chosen team sport; examine and experience roles in a team sport; demonstrate responsible practices in a competitive team sport situation; review the personal participation experience in a competitive team sport situation; and investigate the participation opportunities that exist in the local community for a chosen team sport.

3 Social Responsibility Requirements
People credited with this unit standard are able to: explain what is meant by social responsibility in physical activity, and demonstrate social responsibility in physical activity.

4 Discriminatory Practices
Accessibility Age Ability Level Availability Barriers to Participation Gender Weight/size Special Abilities Socio-Economic Culture

5 Barriers to Participation
Age: Age could be use as a discriminatory practice by a person not being allowing to play because they were too old or too young. Gender: Used through the limitations of sport based on gender. E.g.: not allowed to play netball because you are a boy.

6 Barriers Cont Socio-Economic
Used through the limitations of cost or certain makeup's of teams. Some people may not be allowed to play because they cannot afford to. Some people may not be allowed to play because they hail from certain areas.

7 Barriers Cont Special Abilities Some people may be disadvantaged because they are too good at a certain task or because they have a disability.

8 Social responsibility is:
A person’s ability to be a good example and to care for the needs of others. There are different levels of social responsibility, ranging from basically irresponsible and selfish behaviour to highly responsible and selfless behaviour.

9 Social Responsibility can be seen through:
People’s respect for the rights of others The offer to help or include others The ability to show initiative Personal effort

10 Levels of Hellison’s model:
Level 1 Irresponsibility Disrupts group activity or distract others. Abuses others Cheats Denies personal responsibilities. Prevents others from participating Blames others Level 2 Inconsistent Involved some of the time. Minimal Respect and consideration for others. Unfair at times. Does not interfere with the teachers right to teach. Tends to lose focus without teacher supervision.

11 Levels of Hellison’s model:
Level 3 Self-controlled Takes part as directed but shows little effort to contribute independently. Can control behaviour to not interfere with others. Is self-organised. Minimal respect and consideration for the rules Participates without getting fully involved Level 4 Socially Aware Fully involved and active but can dominate the activity. Could involve others in the group more and/or could encourage others more Plays by the rules Self motivated, can work independently without supervision Could be more sensitive to needs of others

12 Levels of Hellison’s model:
Level 5 Socially Responsible Makes sure all players in the group have equal opportunity to be involved Praises own group members efforts or success Acknowledges other groups’ skills or efforts Sensitive to the needs of others Actively encourages others. Willingly helps others. Proactively applies fair play/honest rules Happily accepts others as part of the group

13 Fair Play The concept that was initially promoted by the Hillary Commission to stamp out foul play and poor sportsmanship. The fair-play motto is: “PLAY HARD BUT PLAY FAIR”

14 What is Fair Play? Maintaining your dignity whether or not you
are winning, Respecting the opposition, the officials and the rules and Staying calm no matter what happens

15 The five Ideals 1. Respect the rules
2. Respect the officials and their decisions 3. Respect your opponent/s 4. Give everybody an equal chance to participate 5. Maintain your self-control at all times


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