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How ready are you for college...REALLY? 10 questions, 2 minutes Graded within 3 biz days.

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6 How ready are you for college...REALLY? 10 questions, 2 minutes Graded within 3 biz days











17 Source: National Center for Education Statistics (



20 Formerly of


22 250 B +/A- Avg Top 15-20% SAT 600-700 Some Honors, AP Good Activities/Talent, Personal 250 B +/A- Avg Top 15-20% SAT 600-700 Some Honors, AP Good Activities/Talent, Personal Meet Basic Standards Competitive Selective Most Selective 1650 C+/B Avg Top 1/2 to 1/3 SAT 450-600 Pre-College Courses Some participation Good HS Citizen 2000 4-yr 25 A/A+ Avg Top of Class SAT Mid /High 700s All Hard Courses Unusually Strong Activities, Talent, Personal in combination No Negatives 75 A Avg Top 5-10% SAT 700s Almost all Honors/AP Strong Activities/Talent, Personal © Betterton College Planning, LLC

23 Supply is steady The number of spaces for freshmen has not changed much in the last 2-3 decades. Demand is growing overall The number of high school grads has never been higher. Now about 3.3M The percent going to college is increasing. From 45% to nearly 2/3 since 1980s More international students Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac 2008 © Betterton College Planning, LLC

24 You need to know how to prepare, both inside and outside the classroom, to meet higher standards Courses, grades Standard tests Activities and achievement It is essential that you have a realistic college list © Betterton College Planning, LLC

25 There is academic Bunching Increased enrollment in hard courses Honors, AP, International Baccalaureate College courses in high school, summer enrichment Distinctions are blurred Grade inflation Multiple valedictorians SAT and ACT Super Scoring Test prep courses (ePrep recommended) © Betterton College Planning, LLC

26 There is personal Polishing Students are more savvy about building a resume with activities and accomplishments, strategizing the essay, volunteering, enrichment programs High schools feel the pressure -- reluctant to lessen student chances – inflation in teacher and counselor recs © Betterton College Planning, LLC

27 College admission offices have a split personality They are a meritocracy Admit the best They also practice institutional engineering Admit to meet other objectives The result is not one, but two admissions processes that run side by side One for Untagged applicants One for Tagged applicants This is where confusion increases and predictability decreases. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

28 Level I Scholarship athlete Level IIA Non-scholarship athlete Affirmative action minority Level IIB Low incm, disadv, obstacles Inst. need – arts, academic Level III Early Decision Connections State resident for some publics Demonstrated interest Level IV Legacy Geography Gender Full pay © Betterton College Planning, LLC

29 Colleges rate applicants on academic and personal scales. To sort through so many apps, a number system is used. My system is 1 (low) to 8 (high) on both academic and personal. Academics weighted more heavily, roughly in a 3:1 ratio. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

30 Average GPA (UW) RankCourses (5 solids) SAT (M+CR/2) ACT (Comp) SAT Subject Acad Awards 8 A+ 4.0 97-100 1-2% Most Demanding** 750-80035-36780-800 Intern/ National 7 A 3.9 94-96 3-5% Most Demanding 710-74033-34760-770 Region/ State 6 A- 3.7-3.8 90-93 6-14% Very Demanding 680-70032730-750County 5 B+ 3.3-3.6 87-89 15-20%Demanding650-67029-31680-720School 4 B/B- 2.7-3.2 80-86 25%Demanding600-64026-28630-670None 3 C 2.3-2.6 77-79 33%Average550-59023-25 590-620 None 2 C 2.0-2.2 74-76 50% Below Average 470-54019-22500-580None 1 C- Below 2.0 Below 74 Below 50% Below Average Below 470Below 19 Below 500 None © Betterton College Planning, LLC

31 ( PERSONAL RATING TABLE © Betterton College Planning, LLC

32 14Super SelectiveStanford 13Most SelectiveUCal 12Most Selective/SelectiveUSC 11SelectiveUC Irvine 10CompetitiveOccidental 9CompetitiveUC Santa Barbara 8Lightly CompetitiveSanta Clara 7Lightly Comp/Meet Basic StandardsLoyola Marymount 6Meet Basic StandardsU of Pacific STUDENT RATINGS COMPARED TO COLLEGE RATINGS © Betterton College Planning, LLC

33 Very Difficult (10-30%) Difficult (20-40%) Somewhat Difficult (30-50%) Good Choice (40-60%) Solid Chance (50-70%) Strong Chance (60-80%) V.G. to Excellent Chance (70-90%) USC (12)UCal Irvine (11) Oxy (10)UCSB (9)Santa Clara (8) LMU (7)U of P (6) : BCP EVALUATOR Name John Rating 5/4 Date Here are your admission prospects comparing your credentials with those of each colleges most recent freshman man class. Green shading indicates Core colleges. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

34 Very Difficult (10-30%) Difficult (20-40%) Somewhat Difficult (30-50%) Good Choice (40-60%) Solid Chance (50-70%) Strong Chance (60-80%) V.G. to Excellent Chance (70-90%) Stanford (14) UCal (13)USC (12)UCal Irvine (11) Oxy (10)UCSB (9)Santa Clara (8) LMU (7) U of P (6) Name John Rating 5/4 (11) Date Here are your admission prospects considering that you may find yourself tagged as: An Athlete BCP EVALUATOR (w/Tag) © Betterton College Planning, LLC

35 NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association (380,000 athletes in 36 sports) Div I (331) Div II (291) Div III (429) NAIA - National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (300 schools, 23 sports, 50,000 athletes) NJCAA - National Junior College Athletic Association (525 schools, 16 sports) © Betterton College Planning, LLC

36 Youre a Heavy (Blue Chip) Recruit You are recruited early by more than one college, are offered a full ride, coach assures you he can get you in. You are 1% of high school athletes You dont need this Webinar. Congratulations If not, view yourself as a Light Recruit (interest by coach, but no early offer of admission or schp) or Self Recruit (very little or no interest by your colleges). Light recruit. Keep in touch and keep improving. Hopefully you will move up the ladder as other recruits choose their colleges. Academics remain quite important. Might get some money. Self recruit. Promote yourself and keep improving. Plan to go through admission process with sport as an admission plus. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

37 Your chance to play in college may not be as great as you think. As a general rule, between 5% & 10% of high school athletes end up making a college team. For example : SportHS PlayersCollege Players% MensFootball1,012,00077,8007.6% Basketball539,70027,7005.1% Baseball450,50049,90010.9% WomensBasketball452,70024,4005.3% Soccer292,00031,80010.9% Softball350,20027,2007.8% © Betterton College Planning, LLC

38 Nearly all full rides go to Blue Chip athletes in revenue sports. An occasional full ride to outstanding recruit in non- revenue sport If on athletic schp, expect a partial (MSOC $8750/$30K) Athletic schps are one year at a time Dont expect college to fund up to NCAA allowable schp limit (MSOC 7 of 9.9) Full ride doesnt cover all costs No schps in some Div I and II. None at all in Div III © Betterton College Planning, LLC

39 You cant get a schp or play for 4 years unless you meet NCAA academic eligibility rules. Coach cant recruit you unless you meet the colleges admission standards. The NCAAs Academic Progress Rate encourages coaches to recruit good students. If it turns out you are not recruited, your academics are what counts. Your sport may help in admission as an extra-curricular activity. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

40 You can tell if: Usually contacted before your senior year Get calls, home visit after July 1 of senior year Invited to make an official (paid) visit After reviewing academics, coach, acting as de facto admission office, will say he can get you in if you commit to attend. © Betterton College Planning, LLC

41 Lack of commitment may cause coach to remove his admission offer. Possible dilemma – do you turn down offer to keep options open, not knowing where you stand with other colleges? Try to extend deadline as much as possible, then make your decision. Sometimes coach will re-recruit you Verbal offers vs National Letter of Intent

42 Then your option is to Self-Recruit Make yourself known. Cast a wide net. Fill out questionnaire on athletic dept Web site Contact coach, explain more about you, judge level of coachs interest. If at least some interest, Offer to make unofficial visit Update performance periodically Ask if he would like to see video Give coaches names as references Give schedule of where you will be playing Be Politely Persistent until successful or no chance © Betterton College Planning, LLC

43 If you want to participate in athletics or receive an athletic scholarship during your first year, you must: Graduate from high school Complete 16 core courses (14 in Div II) Earn a minimum required grade-point average in your core courses Earn a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches your core- course grade-point average and test score sliding scale Comply with amateurism rules Register with the Clearinghouse Follow the recruiting rules Guide For College Bound Athletes © Betterton College Planning, LLC













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