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By: Gary Flamino. King James: The Chosen One By: Gary Flamino.

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1 By: Gary Flamino

2 King James: The Chosen One By: Gary Flamino


4 My story is about my role model, LeBron James. He is an American Champion with a heart of gold. He is a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association.


6 LeBron was born to a young mother, who raised him on her own. Life was a struggle for both of them, moving from apartment to apartment. This led to LeBron moving in with a local youth football coach named Frank Walker, who also introduced him to basketball when he was nine.


8 During his high school career, LeBron scored amazing numbers for St. Vincent- St. Marys varsity team. He has appeared in many magazines and still popular to this day. LeBron was lauded as possibly the best high school basketball player in the world.


10 LeBron was considered for the 2002 NBA Draft, but he had to graduate from high school first. While in high school, he made a bad decision in his life and got a lot attention from the media.


12 Another sport he played for St. Marys was football. He had to end it due to a broken wrist, so he just focused on playing basketball.


14 When his professional career began, James was chosen 1 st overall and in his debut he put up good numbers up for a rookie-Swoosh! He had a great rookie season, winning the Rookie of Year award.


16 Later in LeBrons career, he was still doing amazing things on the basketball court such as making the All Star Team, winning Olympic gold medals and other awards. This motivated him to become a better person and basketball player.


18 On July 1 st, 2010, LeBron James became a free agent and he could sign with any NBA team. His decision was the Miami Heat and he joined his new teammates Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. This was like a dream for LeBron.


20 During the run with Dwayne and Chris, James won not one, but two championships with them. This totally improved his basketball skills.


22 Today, LeBron is still playing for the Miami Heat and is setting many records for his great skills. Maybe one day he will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame with his idol Michael Jordon.

23 Gary Flamino is a senior at the Lawrence County Career & Technical Center, and he is enrolled in the machine technology program. He is from the Neshannock Area School District.

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