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Carefully select your courses! Teachers are hired based on your selections!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Carefully select your courses! Teachers are hired based on your selections!!!!!!!!!!

2 High School Graduation Requirements page 12 in handbook 4 credits of English 4 credits of Math 3 credits of Science 2 Fine Arts/Practical Arts/Vocational 3 credits of Social Studies 1 credit of Physical Education.50 credit of Health 5.50 Elective Credits A minimum of 23 credits total to graduate

3 H.S. graduation vs. University 4 English 4 Math 3 Science 3 Social Studies 1 PE.5 Health 2 FineArt/VA/PA 5.5 Electives 4 English 4 Math (Alg1-2, Geom, Alg. 3-4, Pre Calculus) 3 Science (Chem/Phys, Biology, 3 rd yr.of Adv. Sci) 3 Social Studies 2 Foreign Language (same Language) 1 Fine Art

4 Sophomore Required Classes pages 22-23 in handbook Sophomore English (ENO6) Math Life Science ( Biology SC07 or Living World SC05 ) World History/Geography (SS21) Health.50 Credits (PE26) (select another.50 credit to match with Health) OR wait and take this another year. If choosing Dr. Ed. PE2700A if 15 yrs 7 mos during 1 st semester PE2700B if 15 yrs 7 mos during 2 nd semester Electives- Fine Art, Foreign Lang, etc….

5 Credit Check *Having a credit waived means you have another elective credit/still same TOTAL credits required

6 Honors Classes Traditional Remedial Mathematics Classes Marcos de Niza High School pg. 17 in handbook

7 Page 16 SCIENCE CLASSES Marcos de Niza High School University Track Honors Biology Honors Physics Honors Chemistry Anatomy Biotech Honors Chem-Physics Physical World Biology Living World Practical Ecology Astronomy Chemistry Physics Earth Science Career Track Non-science major Community College Track Biology 3-4 16 Honors Traditional Remedial

8 W.P. Carey School of Business The fastest way to Maroon & Gold is BROWN & GOLD! * Introducing the Marcos de Niza Business Academy in partnership with A.S.U and the W.P Carey School of Business. Dual credit courses put you on the fast path from high school to ASUs internationally recognized business program! Pg. 11 in handbook MarketingAdvanced Marketing EntrepreneurshipBusiness Law Business Management Personal Finance & Investing Computer ApplicationsPC 101 Multimedia TechnologyWeb Design Desktop PublishingAdv. Marketing Internship

9 NCAA Freshman - Eligibility Pages 14 & 15 If you plan to play a sport in college, you must meet eligibility standards You must complete ALL required courses for university entrance You must apply for the NCAA Clearinghouse by the 2 nd semester of Jr. year Meet with Mr. Miller

10 Signatures Required Parent/ Guardian Signature of Scheduling Worksheet Teacher Signature for ALL Core & Honors Classes

11 Level Changes Students may change to a regular level of the same course prior to the end of the 6 th week of the semester, but not earlier than the 4 th week. The level change process will not begin without a Parent/Teacher Conference and ALL completed signatures on Add/Drop form (available in Guidance) Parent Teacher Department chair

12 All Students must register!! Even if you are not returning to Marcos de Niza High School next year!!!

13 ECAP: Education Career Action Plan State requirement Must be updated every year Prior to registration day: Check out Four Year Plan User: student ID # Password: first name Guidance page on Marcos de Niza web site:

14 Alternative Courses TUOL: Tempe Union On-Line ($175 per =.50 credit) Free if one of SIX courses TUOL-CR: Tempe Union On-Line Credit Recovery (FREE) English, Social Studies and some math courses CRC-Credit Recovery Center @ MdN (FREE) 7 th, 8 th or 9 th hours Evening School @ Compadre HS ($175 per =.50 credit) Saturday School @ MdN ($175 per =.50 credit) Career Exploration (FREE) Summer School @ Mtn. Pointe ($175 per =.50 credit) Two sessions First session: Tuesday, May 29 th – Friday, June 15 th Second session: Monday, June 18 th – Friday, July 6 th Registration begins February 27 Correspondence Courses (Costs vary) Out of district Make sure you see your counselor when taking courses outside of the school day. Most courses need an Alternative Credit Form to be filled out.

15 Summer information Summer School Reduced payment for students that receive free/reduced lunch Students in Title 1 classes can be reimbursed for classes they PASS See your counselor for more information

16 Reminder All forms due back FRIDAY in your Chem. Physics class! DONT FORGET! MUST get teacher signatures! MUST have parent/guardian signature! QUESTIONS? Make an appointment to see your counselor!

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