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Public Library Services in the context of a fast changing Metropolitan Landscape – relevance, quality and quantity – an evolving journey LIASA CiCD Winter.

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1 Public Library Services in the context of a fast changing Metropolitan Landscape – relevance, quality and quantity – an evolving journey LIASA CiCD Winter Seminar: 29 June – 1 July 2009 Presented by: Ninnie Steyn, Director: Library & Information Services, City of Cape Town Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009


3 City of Cape Town: A few facts Population (based on 1999 projections: medium case assumption) 2006: 3,5 million 2016: 3,9 million 2031: 4,2 million Census 2001- Age (0-12: 23%;13-17: 9%;18-34: 32%; 35- 54:24%...) Educational level of Adults (20+) Grade 11 or less: 60% Income earners: 83% earns R0 – R6 400

4 LIS, CoCT: A few facts Affiliated to the Provincial Library Service: W. Cape 104 Service Points currently: 98 Libraries (2 planned for 2010 & 2011, awaiting confirmation) 4 Satellite Services Mobile Library Service (3 Buses) Snr Service being phased out in its current format by October 2009 Budget 2008/9: OPEX (R227 million); CAPEX (R24 million – mostly external funding) OPEX 2009/10: R311 million, incl. support services Staff: 770 (incl. 97 part-time staff; 93 contract staff – Conditional Grant funding) Collections: 3,3 million items Membership: 751 406 (June 2008) Circulation: 12, 47 million,2007/8 (Highest: 893 466; Lowest: 3097) Progammes: 11 469 (2007/8)

5 Background 2000 – 2005: Part of Social Development, incl. Arts & Culture (A&C) and Social Development Facilitation (SDF) 6 Administrations LIS continued operating within the City as is 2005 – 2007: Branch within Social Development, consisting of LIS, Sport, Recreation & Amenities, SDF and A & C Ringfenced Service 2007 - : Department within Community Services, consisting of LIS, Sport, Recreation & Amenities and City Parks

6 Assessment: 2005 Resource constraints resulted in: Facilities – aging; inappropriate; insufficient Collections – aging; insufficient; formats Staff – too few to manage existing service points with a view to ensuring a sustainable contribution to development In terms of McKinseys model: Strategy: no single strategy informing service delivery; no clearly defined positioning; lack/inappropriate national/provincial norms and standards Structure: no single structure; different designations Systems: fragmented business processes, operational systems (SAP; Library Management System), HR systems, etc. Style: Different cultures, leadership Shared values : no shared values Staff: Inadequate resourcing; low morale; inappropriate utilisation of staff (BUT – staff with institutional knowledge & competencies) Skills: Training and development fragmented Source: 91.htm (29 June 2009) 91.htm (29

7 Positioning Department – Reporting Level 2 Better opportunity to directly influence decision making Building improved relationships with internal partners (SCM, IS &T, Marketing & Communications) Back to the Basics (Core functions) Open doors & 2 staff members behind the counter library! Linkage to the IDP in terms of core business Integrated strategies within Community Services (e.g. minimum service levels; maintenance standards, etc.) LIS – 3-tier strategy

8 Staff Flat organisational structure (balance) Empowerment Span of control Capacity/Competencies Funding Career pathing

9 Staff

10 Staff, cont. Structure (min level service): Standardised designations Librarian-in-Charge (City-Wide: Chief); (Regional: Principal); (Community: Senior) Librarian, Assistant Librarian (Full- and part-time), Library Aid Support sections at Head Office & District level (Finance, HR, Gnl Admin) Communication/Interface LMT, BMT, DMT, Libraries & Communication Sessions Networking opportunities Visibility Example: SDBIP (planning versus execution) Staff Manual

11 Staff, cont. Training & Development WSP individual needs assessments (core/dev) focus groups evaluation forms Induction Programmes Min qualifications Scarce Skills Interest/Working Groups Aging workforce Recruitment; KM initiatives LIASA - participation Internal staff newsletter Service Recognition Awards Fun Events (Networking; Identity; Marketing) Community Chest Twilight Team Fun Run

12 Before and After: Adherence to Corporate Branding

13 Collections Provincial Budget (2008/9): R16,9 million (participation via Book Selection) Duplicate processes (BookPlus & PALS) Citys Budget (2008/9): R4,9 million (approximately 44 000 items procured, with 12,9% of the budget utilised for payment of annual/stock take accounts) Tafelsig Library – Childrens Section

14 Collections – meeting the challenges… Collection Development Policy & Procedures Sharing (JIT in stead of JIC) Centralised buys (min standards; stock) Buddy system E-resources Stronger relationship with SCM (unique business processes) Vendor List Deviations (e.g. Disposal: donating materials to Friends for resale in stead of only pulping and auctioning) External funding (Carnegie: Procured 49 000+ items to date; Shuttleworth Foundation; Friends, etc.) Community Profiling still to be addressed & mechanisms to allow improved alignment Central Library : Music Section Yellow spine labels – stock procured with Carnegie Funding

15 Facilities & Infrastructure Mobile Buses Old, no CAPEX to replace New Libraries External Funding CSIR investigation Investment framework Maintenance standards & schedule Photocopiers – outsourced service Claremont Library Central Library

16 Facilities & Infrastructure, cont. ICT BookPlus & PALS CTA Connectivity Sharepoint (3 rd system) SmartCape ADSL upgrades Central (different solution) Enabler (e-resources) – CDP Line upgrades Digitization Project Central Library - SmartCape

17 Partnerships Volunteers: 2007/8 – 200 assisting 36 libraries Friends of the Libraries: 2007/8 - 24 (996 Friends) External organisations, etc. Shuttleworth Foundation R12 million (New Fisantekraal Library; Extended Durbanville Library) R2 million (library materials) Carnegie Corporation of New York Central Library ($2 million; $2, 4 million: 2008/9 – 2010/11) 2 new libraries in Khayelitsha ($3 million: 2009/10 – 2011/12) Masiphumelele Corporation R1,2 million – extension of library Library Programmes (2008 Budget: $14 276); 990 programmes during 2007/8 Partners: City of Cape Town; Masiphumelele Corporation; Donors in other countries and locally; Volunteers; WorldTeach; Friends of the Fish Hoek Library; Exclusive Books; Wordworks; Rotary Club of Newlands; Biblionef

18 Marketing Internal & External Awareness Stakeholders Increased usage Website (July/August 2009) Central Library : Brochure Cape Town Book Fair Libraries Map Bookmark

19 Challenges Unfunded mandate…..insufficient resources….yet an expectation to maintain and even expand service delivery No CAPEX provision by Council Inability to maintain current facilities No new facilities to meet growing demands (need for external funding) Migration (library automated management system) LIS Profession: norms and standards Focus on what can be done and do it well, whilst planning for the future Advocate for greater support and resolution of unfunded mandate Continue the journey

20 Conclusion Let us work together for a better city

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