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Mike lupica By John And David.

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1 Mike lupica By John And David

2 Mike Lupica Biography Mike Lupica was born May 11,1952 in New York. Mike now has a wife along with 4 children. His wife’s name is Taylor Lupica. His kids names are Sam, Spencer, Hannah, and Zach. His parents names are William and Margaret Lupica. He went to Bishop Guertin High school and graduated from Boston College. Mike has received one award which was the 19th Annual Damon Runyon Award. He now lives in New York.

3 Books published from Lupica
Heat Safe at Home Million-Dollar Throw Hero Game Changers 2 Play Makers Travel Team Two-Minute Drill The Batboy Long Shot Shootout The Big Field Summer Ball The Underdogs Miracle on 49th Street Hot Hand Red Zone Full Court Press Bump and Run Jump Game Changers

4 Compare and contrast similarities differences
In Game Changers and Shootout the main characters both don’t have brothers or sisters, just their mom and dad. Game Changers is based on sports just like Shootout. Game Changers is also like Shootout because the main character excels in a sport. In Game Changers the book is based on football, but in Shootout the book is based on Soccer. Another difference between Game Changers and Shootout is Game Changers is located in Rockwell and Shootout is located in Louistown. In Game Changers the main character is more of an outdoors person, however in Shootout though the main character is more of a reader.

5 Summary of Game Changers
The genre of Game Changers is sports. The setting for this story is in Rockwell in the present. The main character is Ben Mcbain. The problem in this story is the Rockwell Rams started off there season 0-2 and still need to make it to the championship. As the season goes on though the Rams don’t lose a single game and end up 6-2. They are now in the championship against the Patriots. It was a very close game but Rockwell ended up winning. I like this book because it shows friendship, loyalty, and teamwork.

6 Summary of Shoot-out Shoot-out is a good book it’s a book about a soccer player, who is on a team that normally wins but he moved and now is on a team that is horrible. He has to learn to lose or quit his favorite sport. The characters are Jake, Kevin, and Quinn. It takes place in Louis Town. The conclusion is they play against Jake’s old team Greenville. It’s a tie game. They have to Shoot-out. Jake shoots and makes it in the top right corner of the net. Jonny shoots from Greenville, when he went to shoot Quinn dives and catches the ball, Louis Town Wins!!!!!!

7 Question TIME

8 Where is the main setting in Game Changers?

9 The main setting is Rockwell.

10 How many brothers and sisters does the main character of Game Changers have?

11 The main character has no brothers or sisters.

12 What sport is Game Changers based on ?

13 Game Changers is based on football.

14 Where is the setting in Shoot-Out?

15 The setting is in Louis town

16 What are Jakes main hobbies?

17 Reading and soccer are Jakes hobbies

18 What pets do Jake have?

19 Jake has no pets

20 References

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