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Done by: Seow Wen Jun(23) 3S2 Biology PBL. Target audience and stall Competitive badminton players of HCI Stall chosen: Noodles stall Why? – Noodles stall.

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1 Done by: Seow Wen Jun(23) 3S2 Biology PBL

2 Target audience and stall Competitive badminton players of HCI Stall chosen: Noodles stall Why? – Noodles stall always have one of the longest queues and students love to eat the meals at that stall There are too little choices for students to choose from the noodles stall and the food there is not very healthy

3 Nutritional value of the stall: Minced meat noodle(most popular choice by students) One very obvious problem with this meal is that there is a lack of vegetables. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and fibres which are essential to the badminton player as mentioned above. The protein that this meal provides is enough for badminton players as they need only about the same protein needed for an average adult. However, there is too little carbohydrates provided and glycogen stores deplete very fast when the athlete is exercising thus the player would feel tired easily which is not wanted. There is also too much fats which are unhealthy. Overall, this meal is around the grade of B- to me. Minced meatDumplingNoodleMeat ballMushroomTotal Calories: 295g Total fat: 29g Carbo: 0g Protein: 35g Calories: 120 Total fat: 7g Carbo:13g Protein: 2g Calories:237 Totalfat:13g Carbo: 26g Protein: 4g Calories: 284 Total fat: 13g Carbo: 11.5g Protein: 30g Calories: 44 Total fat: 1g Carbo: 8g Protein: 3g 980 64g 58.5g 74g

4 Badminton players requirement: Carbohydrates: Primary source of energy for the exercising muscles. The reason why athletes experience fatigue during exercise is because of the depletion of glycogen stores and they are normally depleted within 90 minutes of strenuous exercise. Therefore, athletes require large amounts of carbohydrate intake. Vitamin C(90mg): It is essential to a healthy diet and is also a highly effective antioxidant. If an athlete has vitamin c deficiency, he would experience weakness, tiredness and also experience some respiratory problems thus stamina might drop which is bad for athletes. Having enough vitamin c also boosts immunity as it protects you from colds and infections which may make an athlete be out for a few days without training. When the body has vitamin c deficiency, wounds will also heal slower and athletes are more prone to injuries and wounds so vitamin c is very important.

5 Requirements(continued): Vitamin D: It promotes calcium absorption in the gut and is needed for bone growth and bone remodelling thus it helps to prevent osteoporosis. Very few natural foods contain vitamin d. Fats: Fats are essential nutrients and plays an important part in our diet. They are energy stores for the body. Badminton players cannot have too much body fats as they need to be agile and fast so they must cut down on them. Proteins(recommended intake about 65 grams): Protein is needed for fitness and also for the muscles which are important to athletes. Proteins are needed for antibodies which protect our body from diseases and are also needed to heal injuries and growth of the body. Calcium(1300mg/day for ages 9-18): Bones need calcium to be firm and strong. It keeps muscles working properly, helps blood to clot at wounds and keeps heart beating properly. Badminton players need to have strong bones as they do a lot of short runs with abrupt stops thus the bones of the knees and ankles need to be strong. Caloric needs: Caloric needs increases with strenuous exercise. As athletes exercise a lot, they burn through calories quickly. If there is a lack of calories, the player may become thin. Thus, they may lack strength, energy and stamina which is important for the particular sport.

6 My designed meal: Lean meat: They are high in protein and contain good fats. This lean meat can also meet the zinc and iron needs of the players. Lean meat also contains a lot of carbohydrates so the players can maintain a high intensity exercise for a longer period of time. Mustard green: They contain a lot of nutrients. It can provide very good amounts of 9 vitamins, 7 minerals, dietary fibres and proteins. Badminton players tend to get a lot of blisters during training when they are doing footwork thus vitamin c is very important to them as it promotes the healing of wounds. Soybeans: It has numerous vitamins and minerals, contains essential fatty acids and also contains a lot of protein which are essential to the badminton player. Research has also proved that soybeans allows a person to stay lean as it causes us to produce lesser and smaller fat cells.

7 Continued Vermicelli: This type of noodles are much healthier compared to the yellow noodles which the stall is serving now. Egg: Contains quite a lot of protein but also a lot of cholesterol. Hence, I would like to add only half an egg to the meal and also to cut costs. Green Tea: There are many health benefits of drinking green tea after meals. Research has proved that it can also promote fat loss and increase exercise endurance. Apart from these, the most important reason is that it speeds up digestion. This is because it contains certain compounds which helps the body break down food easily.

8 Nutrition graph of ingredients: Nutrition Mustard greens Soy beans EggvermicelliLean meat Proteins3g27g6g0g34 Calories21149347203325 Carbohydrates3g17g2g49g0g Calcium103.6%175.44mg--16mg Total fat0g8g24g1g9g Vitamin A177%---- Vitamin C35.42mg2.92mg--0g

9 Comparison of my meal and Noodles stall meal: My meal provides more carbohydrates and lesser fats which are very essential to the player. It also contains vegetables such as mustard greens and beans such as soy beans. They provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to the player and are very important for their growth. In my meal, I will increase the serving size of the meat and mustard greens though it is not reflected in the table above. This is because lean meat contains a lot of carbohydrates and calories which will give the player more energy for training while having minimal fats which is a plus while the vegetable contains a lot of vitamin c and d which will for example help wounds heal faster and etc. My meal also contains green tea which aids the digestion of the players as EP3 starts quite early. MealsCaloriesFats(g)Carbohydrates(g)Protein(g) My meal1045427170 Minced meat noodle9806458.574

10 Preparation of meal: For the preparation of lean meat, I will be using chicken breast meat as it contains lesser fats. The best method of cooking is to cook it in the oven as this saves time. After taking it out of the oven, rinse the meat with hot water and clean the meat with a tissue paper. Dipping it in water removes the oil and drying it with tissue paper will remove the left over fats as tissues are highly absorbent. For the mustard greens and soybeans, boil them in water as this is the healthiest method and kills minimal vitamins. The water that was used also contains a lot of the vitamins form the vegetable and soy beans so it must be served as the soup.

11 Cost of the meal: Lean meat ($0.60) + Mustard green ($0.40) + Soy bean ($0.20)+ Egg($0.10) + Green tea($0.50) + Vermicelli($0.30)=$2.10 Could be sold at $3 as it contains drinks and make a profit of $0.90 per meal. Ingredients used are relatively cheap so this meal is not only nutrient-rich but also saves money

12 References from books: References: Tipton, K. D., & Wolfe, R. R. (2004). Food, nutrition and sports performance II. : Routledge. Jeukendrup, A. E., & Gleeson, M. (2004). Sport nutrition: An introduction to energy production and performance. : Human Kinetics. Wolinsky, I. (1998). Nutrition in Exercise and Sport.: CRC Press. Manore, M., & Thompson, J. (2000). Sport nutrition for health and performance. : Human Kinetics. Mitchell, M. K. (2002). Nutrition across the life span. : Elsevier Health Sciences.

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