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An introduction to a new and challenging sport.

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1 An introduction to a new and challenging sport


3 Sepak – Malay word for Kick; Takraw – Thai word for ball. Literally means Kick ball Evidence dates the game back to the 15 th century Created by the royal family of Malaysia 500 years ago In 1965 the game was unified into the present volleyball style with the addition of a net and international rules.

4 The Sepak Takraw ball is spherical in shape, made of synthetic fiber of one woven layer. Sepak Takraw ball without synthetic rubber covering must consist of the following characteristics; Have 12 holes. Have 20 intersections. Circumference 16-17 for men 16.5 – 17.4 for women. Weight 170 gm to 180 gm for men and 150 gm to 160 gm for women.

5 NET HEIGHT 1.52m (5 feet) for men 1.42m (4.6 feet) for women POST HEIGHT 1.55m (51) for men 1.45m (49) for women. The same net height as badminton.

6 Rectangular court that measures 44 feet by 20 feet. No overhead obstacles for 8 meters above the playing area. Boundary lines are in play and the court is measured from the outside of the lines. The boundary lines must be 1.5 wide. Boundary lines must be ten feet from all obstacles; walls, stands, etc. The centerline divides the court equally into 22 halves.

7 The ball can only be contacted with the arms (hands) to initiate a serve, thrower tosses the server (Tekong) the ball for the service kick. Head Feet Knees Any way other than using the arms and hands.

8 The player in the quoter circle throws the ball to the server. The Tekong (server) must have one foot in the service circle when they kick the ball. There are three players on each Regu (team). Each team member may only hit the ball once with a maximum of three hits. The players may use any body part other than their shoulder down to their fingertips to keep the ball in play. A team wins a game when they win two out of three sets. The winning point for a set is 21 but the team must be up by 2 points.

9 This is a very fast paced sport. Can be played on a hard court, grass area, beach and anywhere there is room for a 44 by 20 court. High kicks and inverted body play so be careful. Most of all…..


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