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Managing Quality Performance

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1 Managing Quality Performance
Tariq Wajid General Manager / Managing Director Sanofi-aventis - Pakistan

2 …….....Because Health Matters
All the more reason that we need to have a High Quality Culture. For this we need High Performance It can only happen when we focus on our greatest Asset – Our People This is reflected by our current Global position

3 Transformation of sanofi-aventis

4 Transformation of sanofi-aventis

5 “Our life isn’t just pharmaceuticals.
Our CEO’s Vision “Our life isn’t just pharmaceuticals. Our life is healthcare.” Chris Viehbacher CEO January 30, 2009

6 Our Vision & Strategy To be No. 2 In Pakistan rategyNitiono e

7 Attraction Attract the best Talent through test and interviews.
Excessive orientation specially for sales through class room training and on job coaching. Class room training covers assimilation into company culture with excessive exposure to Company Ethics & Compliance, Safety Procedures. Provide technical knowledge on disease areas, product profile, competition and in-clinic performance. It includes sales calls with peers, supervisors, and Unit Heads. Selection of Internal Candidates through Job Posting and Competency Based Interviews.

8 Retention - Starts with Objective setting
The focus is not only on WHAT objectives and goals we want to achieve but also on the HOW part. Repeated sessions including example through role playing held for supervisors on conducting Objective Setting for a high quality discussion with employees. A Mid-Year becomes a necessity to align for Goals and Behaviors. The Year-End Process is an extensive discussion providing an opportunity for a final feed back and again supervisors are given special training. Coaching and Feed back continues through out the year. Monitoring the Professional development need is on going and progress is tracked at year end. Performances bonus is determined on the extra mile walked around the values.

9 Retention - Talent Development
Objective: To identify & develop High Potentials Retain talent. Appraisal Process BUH & HR review Employees and consolidate Talent pool Talent pool discussed In the Management Committee Review by Zone

10 Retention - Talent Development
Development Need is identified with an Action a Plan. The employees are plotted on a Nine Box talent grid by asking questions relating to a Performance – Potential Index It is further analyzed whether a good performer is also a good potential. A final check is made through a host of questions on capabilities under Learning Agilities for Mental, People, Results and Change to arrive at the Talent Pool.

11 Performance Potential Grid (PPG)
LOW MEDIUM HIGH 4 High Professional 7 Adaptable 9 Strategic Star 2 Key Performer 5 Adaptable Key Performer 8 Future Star 1 Take Action 3 Inconsistent Performer 6 Rough Diamond The “Strategic Few” Highly effective HIGH PERFORMANCE MEDIUM LOW VALUES Less than effective POTENTIAL Copyright Korn/Ferry International and Lominger International. All Rights Reserved. Less More

12 Enhancing Performance
Just like any other sport our game is to do High Performing Business!

13 Retention - It start with Professional Development
Asia-Pacific initiative that will enable us to help our people grow and that we have the best talent in our affiliates. Encompasses all activities related to talent development.

14 sanofi-aventis University (Asia Pacific)

15 Retention - Professional Development of Sales Force
Providing the Sales Force on the Job Coaching through dedicated Field Training Managers based at Sales depots. Regular Sales Certification on in-clinic performance with a focus on each disease area. Training Sessions with Role Plays to enhance selling skills & communications. Monthly Quizzes to determine product knowledge Coaching through Sales Leadership Plan prepared after sales calls on strengths and areas of improvement. Tailored Development Program for each levels such as; License 2 Sell for each Field Force rep. Gearing up for the Future – at first promotion Marching for Success for Field Executives License 2 Lead – For First Line Managers Impactful Communication – Creating a difference for Customers

16 Employee Professional Development
Coaching through Role Plays License 2 Lead Learning through team exercises

17 Retention - Significance of Leadership
We believe that Leaders need to Develop Leaders. ‘Business Development Program’ an extensive session for new Front Line Managers to develop competencies. ‘Leadership Essentials’ for Front Line Managers focusing on managing effectively. Leadership Quest for Sales and non Sales Managers on a wider concept of Leadership. Each Training has a follow up action plan and smaller sessions are held to track progress. Regional Leadership & Business Development Programs, for Sr. Managers and Departmental Heads, in association with the Chicago University and Hong Kong University. Regular ‘Synergy’ sessions for the Management Committee to harmonize best practices in different units and discuss ongoing need for change if any.

18 Recognition - Career Path
This is of prime importance specially for the Field Force as it is highly susceptible to attrition. Each Medical Rep. moves up three levels not only based on Sales Targets but also on key Sales Force Performance Indicators which includes demonstrating values. Strong Assessment Center comprising of case study / presentation / interviews to a panel of Business Unit Heads & HR for the selection of Front Line Managers / Sales or Business Managers. The criteria also includes the performance. Sales Force is 80% of our work Force

19 Recognition - Creating the Performing Culture
‘Impact Program’ – focuses on Innovation Optimization Training To raise Sales Force Excellence and be Patient Focused High Reward & Recognition Thank you Notes – A tradition ‘Dinner for Two’ for outstanding projects completed. ‘STAR’ value award for an extra mile walked relating to any value Quarterly Monetary & Non Monetary Awards for Top Performers. Sales Champion Award – on National and Global Level (Paris) Pay for Performance Environment

20 Focusing on Values for Quality Culture
Celebrating ‘Value Weeks’ to remind employees that we work and live our values. Performance evaluation includes demonstrated examples on values Solidarity Respect Courage Performance Creativity Audacity

21 Playing a Value Cricket Match
Living our Values – Celebrating Value Week Showing Solidarity Showing Solidarity Color Coding values Playing a Value Cricket Match Painting the Values

22 Marking important Days to have an Engaging Culture
Independence Day Diabetes Day Cancer Day Diversity Day Eid Festivals Family Days

23 Marking Important Days
World Cancer Day World Diabetes Day Independence Day Diversity Day Employee Solidarity Day

24 Creating the Quality Culture
An Open Door policy to ensure vibrancy Focus Group of employees from all areas to Augment Employee Engagement by developing and implementing an Employee Action Plan. A Junior Management Committee in place and preparing them for future Leadership Promoting culture for employees to ‘Stand Up in what they Believe’

25 Recognition – for Best Corporate Report Award 2007 & 2008

26 Recognition – High Quality Financial Reporting
South Asian Federation of Accountants C/o The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India BEST PRESENTED ACCOUNTS AWARDS COMPETITION 2007

27 Recognition – International Marketing Excellence Awards

28 Recognition – Marketing Excellence Award 2009 –Asia Pacific

29 Recognition – Clinical Research Excellence by International Diabetic Center
Dr. Aamer Razi (Peshawar) Montreal – Canada October 2009

30 Sanofi-Aventis – Achieving Quality Performance
In Rs. Mio Growth 55% Growth 12% Growth 11% Growth 2% Growth 8%

31 We are committed to ‘Make sanofi-aventis an exciting place to work’.

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