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SmartLoyalty AG Wiesbaden, 2007 Company forCustomer Loyalty.

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1 SmartLoyalty AG Wiesbaden, 2007 Company forCustomer Loyalty

2 SmartLoyalty AG Founded 1999 Parent company ACG AG Institutional and private shareholders Experience in more than 30 branches

3 Kinds of cards Payment cards Entry cards Marketing cards –Discount cards –VIP (advantage cards) –. Bonus cards

4 Discount v. bonus cards Discount cards: –simple (+) but expensive 3% discount equals about 3 % real discount Bonus cards –Saving through inexpensive premiums from the shops own shelves –favourable EK or saving on the trade margin –Saving on VAT. –Written-off goods in stock –Basis of bonus points 3 % bonus equals about 1,6 % real discount

5 Target of the EcoSysteme

6 Transferable cards (for friends, relatives, colleagues) Cards for special target groups –Clubs (sport/culture etc.) –Employees –pupils/students/confirmation candidates –And many others Customers attract customers- Programme Partner cards Number of customers p.a. Increase through measures such as:

7 Happy Hour: double points from 3pm to 7pm Event points: - Spanish Week: every bottle of Spanish wine = 500 extra points - Beauty Week: whoever brings a man to the cosmetics = 300 extra points - Sport Week : whoever comes to the baker by bike = 100 extra points - Harvest Week : Whoever buys after Christmas = special premium Visit by a customer a year Increase through measures such as :

8 Type of card: –Good customers receive a VIP card with a bigger bonus Type of point award: –Whoever buys more recives a bigger bonus 0-20 euros turnover = 2 % 20-50 euros turnover = 3 % ab 50 euros turnover = 4 % Turnover per visit Increase through measures such as :

9 Eco customer-card systems Technology(US) Marketing(TOGETHER) Politics(YOU)

10 Kinds of premiums From the shelves Externally acquired premiums Experience world The customer looks first at the premium, then at the card!

11 Technology Software Terminals Cards

12 The Process: Issuing the cards Less is more (no transparent customer ) Communikation chain 7-second rule Boss > Employee> Customer

13 The Process: issuing bonus points Marketing-playground -Normal purchase -Happy Hour purchase -Event purchase

14 The process: issuing bonus points

15 The Process: cashing in bonus points Exchange – something for everyone On account – points as a means of payment ADAC-Effect 80 % of the cashed points are counted

16 EcoPrämie The customer wants one thing: the Premium! Mixture of goods and experience world. Loyalty through an established Premium system with an intelligent customer card

17 Event oriented –Every concept is only as good as its implementation –Marketkt oriented –Only the card holder decides whether the customer card will be a success Bottle-neck oriented –We use local knowledge and only help where it is necessary Priciples of advice

18 Customer-card concept –Project and requirement analysis –Qualitative and quantitative Market research –Choice of suitable technology to realise the scheme Advice content

19 Marketing concept –Development of services –Communications and implementation concept –Evaluation of database information –Integrated service concept –Project management Advice content

20 Referenzen Citycards

21 Referenzen Kundenkartensysteme




25 Your contact to SmartLoyalty AG: Christian Kranz Chairman SmartLoyalty AG Dantestraße 4-6 65189 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611-90096-0 Fax: 0611-90096-29 email: Many thanks for your attention!

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