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The Aalborg Commitments: an Opportunity for Innovative City Management and Government March 21-24, 2007 Sevilla.

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1 The Aalborg Commitments: an Opportunity for Innovative City Management and Government March 21-24, 2007 Sevilla

2 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Lithuania and Kaunas in Europe

3 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Kaunas in Lithuania

4 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla A city on two largest rivers of the country

5 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Basic information: 360 000 inhabitants; 48 000 students; 11 Universities and their affiliations; Kaunas area – 157 km 2, density – 2427 persons per km 2 ; Waste production – 300 kg per person /per year; Water consumption – 80 litras/per day/per person; Total drinking water supply – 61 500 m 3 /litras per day 335 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants

6 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Nature heritage elements Green areas cover 60 % of total area; 20 parks and nature reserves; the Zoo; the Botanical gardens; 149 kinds of birds; 11 bat reserves.

7 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Nature heritage elements The Natural Oak tree park (70 ha) with the Europe biggest population of Osmoderma eremita;

8 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Sustainability profile elements Sport stadium with the view to the Oak tree park; New sports Arena with the view to confluence of the rivers will be build.

9 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla


11 Kaunas City Master plan Kaunas Strategic plan 2005-2015;

12 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Kaunas City Strategic plan Development priorities Development of science and knowledge economy. Creation of balanced and dynamic community. Development of the city environment. Increase of the city attraction. Improvement of the city management.

13 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Towards sustainability The Environmental Policy of Kaunas City, as a part of Baltic Local Agenda 21, was developed in 1999

14 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Priorities of Kaunas Environmental policy Protection and improvement of environmental quality; Human health protection; Development of green areas and natural diversity protection; Rational use of natural resources; Waste management; Public awareness and responsibility for environmental protection; Application of sustainability criterions in city management and planning;

15 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Challengies and opportunities How to create a clean city? How to create a green city? How to create safe and attractive city? How to implement education for sustainable development system?

16 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Initiatives via projects UBC project,,Managing Urban Europa-25. BSR INTERREG III BUSTRIP (Baltic Urban Sustainable Transport integration and Planning) project; BSR INTERREG III,,MoCuBa (Mobility Culture in Baltic Sea Region); CIVITAS, since 2002,(CIVITAS EU forum planned in October 2007 in Kaunas) – perhaps the ECs biggest programm for city vitality and sustainability; EU funded Environmental Information Centre at Municipality (2006);

17 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla In July, 20, 2006, Kaunas City Council decided To sign Aalborg Commitments (political); To establish Kaunas Sustainable development Co- ordination Board (political). The way for Aalborg commitments implementation became possible (idea-methods and instruments- allocated financial resources- human resources- practical actions). From ideas to practical actions

18 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Aalborg commitments signed 2006-09-07

19 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla City Organisational set-up City Council (41 member) Sustainable development Co-ordination Board (12 members) Implementation Team (20 members, administration)

20 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Implementation Team, working on Baseline review and indicators setting


22 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla General framework (draft) Co-ordination Board Implementation team City council Report Control Report Control Strategic documents Approves City Sustainability Management

23 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Conclusions/suggestions Opportunity remains opportunity without implementation measures and actions. Well balanced indicators for monitoring and improving sustainable development strategies for innovative city management is a must. Aalborg commitments implementation into everyday life is nothing but change of everyday behavior of citizens. * How shall we encourage citizens to follow Aalborg commitments?

24 March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla Thank you! Dr. Povilas Kuprys Director of Urban development department Kaunas City Municipality Administration March 21-24, 2007, Sevilla

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