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CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TUNISIA certified by the Ministry of Higher education Under n°08-2001

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2 CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF TUNISIA certified by the Ministry of Higher education Under n°08-2001

3 1.Approved by MES for all its activities of education 2.Approved by Microsoft for all its activities « microsofts training » 3.Approved by Cisco for all its activities « siscos training » Approvals

4 An International dimension and quality teaching An original pedagogical content in accordance with the norms of the quality of teaching. Teachers that minutely chosen among the most certified academicians and professionals. Foreign professors and experts are invited to broaden your teaching experience.

5 Strengthened training through high Technologies… Students are trained to use Computer and Internet from their first year The Central University has free access to NTIC as a training and work tool during the schoolings.

6 The high Institute of Computer Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Bachelors Degree in Computer Networks The high Institute of Computer is a high school of Computer which offers basic bachelors degree in many domains of Computer. Bachelors Degree in Multimedia

7 The high Institute of management Bachelors Degree in International Trading The high Institute of Management offers trainings that are authorized by a basic bachelor degree in many domains. Bachelors Degree in Management Bachelors Degree in Marketing

8 The college of law Bachelors Degree in Private Law Bachelors Degree in Public Law The college of law offers to high school graduates a bachelor degree in two majors.

9 The Doctoral School Masters degree in Information Security Masters degree in Project management The doctoral School helps the student throughout his thesis to develop, a professional project, providing him with diversified trainings by facilitating the interdisciplinarity and the relations with companies and international contacts.

10 The Central University The Central University is the first Center of Examination in Tunisia (Establishment of Education)

11 Trainings concerning certificate of computer science are organised in the certification center of the group (establishment of TIC). These trainings would prepare students to get the certifications of the most considerable manufacturers in the world.

12 We do everything to facilitate your professional immersion You have the apportunity to work or attend training in a Tunisian company or abroad. Put your talents and your knowledge for the service of the company. To put theoretical and technological knowledge into practice on daily basis.

13 The department of Languages The department of Languages offers relevant classes in foreign languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German…) for all levels either separately or part of your major.

14 An international cooperation for the most considerable opening on the world! Several official relations have been developed with many universities and organizations around the world and particulary in Canada. Several conventions were signed to strengthen the exchanges between teachers and students.

15 The student is covered by an optional group insurance allowing him to be reimbursed after any medical treatment, knowing that the student can choose the doctor and the place where to get the treatment. A well defined procedure is followed at the central university and the student should be in touch with the management unit responsible for these issues. Good to know A help desk is at your service along with all students to spend a successful academic year. A well equipped gymnasium is available for free to student at the Central University.

16 A sport trainer and 03 sport teams are available at the Central University. Sporting events, friendly matches, and competitions are held every year with other universities in Tunisia, allowing a good integration of students. A Series of cultural events are held at the central University and the students are informad with posted notices about the date/ place for each activity. Free seminars are held each year by eminent speakers to guarantee a solid general cultural knowledge for the student of the Central university.

17 Fall break: last two weeks of December Spring break: the last week of March Summer break: July, August and September All exams end by July In Tunisia there are three school breaks

18 By no means, the University fees can be raised more than 5% every year. If the training is mandatory in an enterprise, the University will provide it for the student. An internet room is courteously available for students. A WIFI connection is available on the University surroundings

19 Advantages Modern laboratories In our computer laboratories, there is a computer available for every student, We offer a wide range of disciplines to lead up to future occupations, We offer payment terms for the university fees, The student is not compelled to pay out all of the fees prior the enrolment.

20 All of our premises are new, modern and few minutes walking from down town close to all. Our team helps the student to settle down and to get his residence card. We have a reception committee to pick students up at the airport even in case of late night arrival we make sure to take him/her where he/she will be staying.

21 Lodging : Our services offer for the students registered in the Central University group a large number of rooms distributed on 4 dormitories. (3 dormitories reserved for the lodging of the girls and 1 dormitory for the boys). The prices may vary according to the arrangement and to the comfort. Worthy to mention that living in the dormitory is not compulsory. After 3 in 4 months in the dormitory, students can rent furnished apartment. Food : Arrangements with city restaurants are fixed up, the meal costs nearly 1.5 euro. Our UNIVERSITY is located in downtown Tunis. All shops and department stores are just few minutes walking away from the University.

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