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PRESENTATION PESTEL CHALLENGES: eThekwini Municipal Librarys response BY TEBOGO MZIZI: ACTING DEPUTY HEAD eThekwini Municipal Library and Heritage Department.

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1 PRESENTATION PESTEL CHALLENGES: eThekwini Municipal Librarys response BY TEBOGO MZIZI: ACTING DEPUTY HEAD eThekwini Municipal Library and Heritage Department

2 Purpose This presentation is a practical paper highlighting the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal challenges faced by he eThekwini Municipal Library & Heritage Department with the focus of library services and its responded. The challenges experienced by the municipality will be outlined and it will also be indicated how the municipality have dealt or not dealt with the challenges so as to balance the Municipality and community needs and expectations.

3 Background eThekwini Municipalitys population is 3.468,088 27% is school going age 0-14 yrs old base on the SSA community survey 2007. The economic status of the people 42% employed 21% unemployed, 34% not economical active. The statistics show that the library department serves a diverse community.

4 Background cont This is achieved through provision of facilities, implementation of various programmes, services and initiatives. The department has the following facilities 86 branch libraries or community libraries 4 container libraries situated in the rural areas 3 Museums ( LHM, NSM & DAG) Living Art section

5 Background cont Other library services Reference service ( 2 sites) Departmental/ Special library ( serves 20 Municipal departments) Special library /housebound services ( special needs)

6 CHALLENGES Political issues Municipal libraries operate at the political environment. Councilors demands vs. departments plan/capacity. Councilors level of interest in library. Lack of staffs understanding the power of healthy relations with councilors e.g. Rationalization of facilities

7 Economical issues The current economic downturn has an impact on all and budget allocated Prioritization of council projects( 2010 vs. central library or back log of libraries) Staff budget cut ( Temporary staff) Cost and availability of library materials – value for money and content relevance

8 Social issues The statistics of the municipality shows the diversity of the municipality needs which results to various challenges. Librarian vs. community information worker? Understanding of the above is critical when dealing with social challenges. Commitment to developmental local government and leadership role

9 Social cont. Types of challenges Varied Literacy level and reading interests Educational support ( relevant materials, study space, career guidance) Unemployment, entrepreneurial needs Poverty Safety and access HIV/AIDS Lack of entertainment facilities

10 Technological issues Libraries as information centers are faced with the global e- technology trends. The issue of the availability of current technology infrastructure is important for the survival of Library sector and meeting global changes.

11 Availability and relevant infrastructure (PCs, current software, band width, budget) Maintenance of the existing infrastructure Dealing with partnership or donations in line with Municipality policies/resources. e-literacy level of staff. e-literacy level of the community

12 Environmental issues The Municipality has urban, peri -urban and rural areas where service delivery and infrastructure development is not equal. KwaZulu Natals topography is problematic in infrastructure development. This has resulted in a backlog on service delivery for the library department in the rural area. ( 2 sites 1 functional other still to be built)

13 Legal issues We operate within the legal framework, but some legislations are a hindrance in meeting community needs or improving service delivery Constitution – Schedule 5 (Unfunded mandate debate impacts on budget allocation from the municipality) Labour Relations act – highly unionized (working hours) Managers lack of understanding/knowledge of legal framework within the municipality. ( Municipal Systems & Structures Act) Developmental Local governments mandate ( communication with community, integration of communities.

14 RESPONSES TO CHALLENGES The eThekwini Municipal Library departments response is not in silos but engages in interrelated/integrated solutions that are not stand alones. Some of the above challenges are still existing and needs different and creative approaches/solutions – ( lets share)

15 Examples Partnerships: Other municipal departments (Parks, Sport, Community participation, Skills Development unit, Health, ABMs) Education department Provincial Services Private Sector Educational institutions Community- Structures NGOs

16 Examples Organize reading and writing programmes ( storytelling, quiz, creative writing) Taking Science to the community through Natural Science Museum ( 3 library sites) Career guidance expos ( partnership with local educational institutions) – long term structure

17 Examples Provision of studying space after hours ( Township areas) Building container library in rural areas ( with ABMs)

18 Examples Provision of PCs in selected sites -uMlazi, KwaMashu, Austerville ( from Local private sector) Diverting budget to pressing areas ( book budget to ICT infrastructure upgrade, Conditional Grant) Promoting indigenous knowledge through Ulwazi project, games ( mlabalaba)

19 Examples Holiday programmes Training 26 HIV/AID peer educators and 3 counselors with Health A pilot of using local NGOs for garden and cleaning maintenance ( Ntuzuma) Providing space for community gardening and assist in urban agriculture (Mpumalanga, Cator Crest, Ntuzuma and Adams Mission libraries)

20 WAY FOWARD The major challenge for the eThekwini Municipal Library services is monitoring and evaluation of its services to see if its meeting the community needs so as to plan service delivery strategies and rationalize resources. Partnerships with other institutions through joint projects especially with the Technological challenges. Committed workforce and strong leadership is important.

21 Way forward Building good relationship between the officials, labour and politicians is important. Developing Lobbying and marketing skills to increase the visibility of information workers within the Municipality and the community. Communication and engagement with relevant stakeholders for different needs, or challenges Training of workforce on core functions like childrens work, e literacy, lobbying will assist in most


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