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Annual Report 2010-2011.

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1 Annual Report

2 Communities Strong & Vibrant This is Lewisham Empowered Diverse
Dynamic Ambitious Strong & Vibrant Award-winning Communities Creative Industries Empowered Environmentally Sustainable Liveable Green Diverse Space A Global Well Connected A Great Place to Borough Live, Work and Learn This is Lewisham

3 What’s in the Annual Report…
1 Some of the things your Council can do for you 2 Fast facts about Lewisham 3 Key Achievements against priorities 4 Governance and management 5 Other useful information

4 Some of the things your council can do for you

5 Schools for your children
Parks and open spaces to enjoy Services to keep your neighbourhood clean Leisure services to help you get fit and stay fit Help when you need information and advice Help so that older adults can live independently Advice to help you to make planning applications Support in tackling crime & anti-social behaviour Benefits to help you cope with financial demands Schools for your children

6 Fast Facts about Lewisham

7 Did you know that… Lewisham is the fourth most populous Inner London
borough? 2nd Southwark Pop: 287,600 4th Lewisham Pop: 266,500 3rd Lambeth Pop: 284,500 1st Wandsworth Pop: 289,600 …. and the tenth most populous in London Source: Office for National Statistics

8 Did you know that… In terms of land mass, Lewisham is the second
largest Inner London borough Source: Office for National Statistics

9 A Truly Global Borough…..
Australia France Germany Ghana Great Britain Holland India Italy Jamaica Lithuania New Zealand Nigeria Pakistan Poland Portugal Republic of Ireland Romania Sierra Leone South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Zimbabwe Did you know that the 186,000 people on Lewisham’s electoral roll come from 23 different countries and five continents? Source: Lewisham Electoral Services

10 In the 2010 academic year 37,301 pupils attended Lewisham’s 89 schools
Did you know that… In the 2010 academic year 37,301 pupils attended Lewisham’s 89 schools …and in ,106 pupils will be attending schools in the borough. Source: Lewisham School Roll 2010

11 £240.329m Did you know that… In 2010-11 the Council’s
Revenue Budget was £ m The net outturn was £ m (an under-spend of £1.717m) Source: LB Lewisham

12 Did you know that… Did you know that…
The number of days lost to sickness or absence has fallen from an average of 8.8 days per Council employee in … On 31March 2010 the total number of Council employees was 3,997*. However, on 31March 2011 the total number of Council employees was 3,790* (207 fewer employees than last year). …to an average of 7.63 days per Council employee in *Excluding school employees Source: LB Lewisham Source: LB Lewisham

13 Achievements Against Priorities

14 Community leadership & empowerment
Investment In the Council spent £6.99m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in : Third sector organisations thrive more in Lewisham than any other part of London according to a national survey; Lewisham demonstrates the value it places on partnership with the voluntary sector by retaining the grant aid budget at £5.2m; 9,908 people were involved in the assemblies programme agreeing local priorities and working with the council to take action to improve their areas; 100,000 people enjoyed Blackheath Fireworks following a public fundraising campaign to save the event.

15 Young peoples achievement and involvement
Investment In the Council spent £82.27m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in At the Early Years Foundation Stage, for the fourth year in a row, we have seen an increase in 2010 in the overall scores of pupils age 5: nearly 300 extra pupils achieving good scores; Key Stage 2 pupils, age 11, are above the national average in English and Maths for the first time; Pupils receiving Free School Meals are achieving better than ever at primary and secondary schools, and in the top 20% in the country; More schools and children’s services are ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ (Ofsted inspections); Secondary schools have once again achieved their best ever results at GCSE and are 2nd highest improved in London in 2011; Extremely high numbers of young people continue to find education, employment and training when they leave school; More young people than ever going to university and more getting into the best universities thanks to strong A level results in the borough; There is a primary school place for every pupil age 5 in the Reception year despite large rises in numbers; there have been an extra 560 places created for September 2011.

16 Clean, green and liveable
Investment In the Council spent £138.17m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in The Environment division and the Mayor for London Boris Johnson launched the Love Clean London website March 2011; 12 Parks have now been awarded the Green Flag status and 2 nature reserves retained their Green Pennants. Also 1 Park has received a Gold Safer Parks Award; 25 schools participated in the annual Clean & Green Schools programme for , with over 300 school children undertaking waste audits. The programme culminated in an awards ceremony in July; The service has exceeded the target for street cleanliness, 90% of land and streets are of an acceptable standard. During the severe weather in December 2010, the service still provided a high level of cleanliness, achieving 87% of acceptable roads and streets; Homes, businesses and schools supported to reduce their environmental impact, from the award winning Low Carbon Zone in Lewisham Central to some of the hardest to treat cavity wall tower blocks, £1m of external funding has delivered projects addressing fuel poverty and helping to further reduce CO2 emissions in Lewisham.

17 Safety, security and visible presence
Investment In the Council spent £25.26m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in The number of violent offences has reduced in , with Most Serious Violence down by 20% and Violence with Injury by 5%; Domestic violence (DV) offences have fallen by over 20% following successful partnership work in 2009, including resourcing for independent DV advocates, a new ‘perpetrator programme’ pilot and dedicated court time for dealing with DV cases; Local residents’ concerns about issues such as street drinking, neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour continue to be addressed by new neighbourhood community safety teams.

18 Strengthening the local economy
Investment In the Council spent £20.48m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in A total of1,614 planning applications were determined including 38 major applications, 823 minor applications and 753 others; A total of 416 businesses accessed advice from the business support team, including 124 new business start-ups; Thanks to the Local Labour & Business Scheme, £321,135-worth of contracts were awarded to businesses in Lewisham; Nearly 4,000 streetlight repairs were carried out; Over 4,700 pavement trip hazards and road potholes were made safe within 24 hours of being reported.

19 Decent homes for all Investment
In the Council spent £22.3m to deliver this priority. Top achievements for Reduction of numbers in temporary accommodation from 1,242 March 2010 to 924 by March 2011; Chrysalis stock transfer October 2011 delivered on time with a capital receipt of £20m. The transfer to L&Q is bringing investment of approximately £62m in the first two years after transfer to over 3500 properties in Catford, Rushey Green, Lewisham, Crofton Park, Forest Hill and Sydenham; Lewisham Homes were successful in achieving a 2* rating (Good service with promising prospects) from the Audit Commission in July 2010; Decent Homes funding - Lewisham Homes were successful in securing £94.5m from the Homes and Communities Agency for The first two years are confirmed (£11m and £14.5m) with the second two as indicative figures (£24m and £45m); Loampit Vale – The development of the new leisure centre at Loampit Vale by Barratt Homes commenced March/April As well as the leisure facility there will also be 788 new homes including 140 affordable (London & Quadrant) – the first 38 affordable rent (target rent) to be handed over in Summer 2011.

20 Protection for children
Investment In the Council spent £195.15m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in Vulnerable children are receiving good services from Lewisham’s Children’s Social Care, and the services which are provided by our partners; 95% of Looked After Children communicated their views in review meetings to discuss their Care Plan; 74% of Care Leavers are in education, employment and training: this is significantly higher than the national average (61%); 36 Care Leavers went to University and 4 obtained a 2:1 Bachelor Degree . Four Care Leavers will be starting Masters Degree courses in 2011; Extra tuition given to Looked After Children resulted in an increase of 2.8% to 13.6% who obtained at least 5 GCSE/GNVQ at grade A* - C with English & Maths. Also for young people reaching level 5+ in Year 9 there was an increase of 15.7% in English, 12.2% in Maths and 23.3% in Science; Children’s Centres are working with the most vulnerable families, and provide high standards of services to improve the lives of families.

21 Caring for adults and older people
Investment In the Council spent £350.1m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in We helped 200 vulnerable adults to remain independent through our new re-ablement scheme, providing around 1,000 weeks to redevelop personal care skills; Over 2,000 vulnerable adults are now able to arrange their own care through personal budgets, an increase of over 200% on ; New dementia support services are helping people who are experiencing memory problems and their carers; A new service has also been created to identify and support people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Aspergers syndrome, which were previously considered childhood conditions; New supported living services for people with learning disabilities.

22 Active, healthy citizens
Investment In the Council spent £79.25m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in Lewisham Council supported local residents by continuing to provide free swimming for under 17s and over 60s; Lewisham continues to be a leading Borough for sporting achievement by young people. At the London Youth Games, the Borough’s disability sports team came first once again and 50% of the other sports teams finished in the top ten; A total of 3,000 hours of free school sport coaching delivered across Lewisham schools; Key Cultural Olympiad projects delivered, including 27 community choirs, Sampler music festivals, an event in March 2011 where 200 young music-makers took part, 30 young film-makers supported to make films and a new South London Art Map; Continued improvements to the Library service, including developing new community libraries, implementing access to London-wide library services and new technology in Catford Library to allow members to issue their own books; The Community Education Lewisham pass rate and admissions levels are up, with over 6,500 admissions in September 2010 and an 80% pass rate in

23 Inspiring efficiency, effectiveness and equity
Investment In the Council spent £177.73m to deliver this priority. Top achievements in Appointed over 100 apprentices; We improved attendance throughout the year, reducing the average absence from 8.84 days to 7.63 days; We increased the percentage of Council Tax collected from 92.7% in to 94.1% in and achieved a 99.1% collection rate for Business Rates; We reduced the number of days taken to process Housing Benefit new claims and changes in circumstance from ten days to six; We set a balanced budget for the financial year and ensure that spend came with budget by the year end; We successfully closed the Council's accounts and received an unqualified opinion.

24 Governance and Management

25 Election, Sir Steve Bullock was re-elected to serve
The Mayor and Cabinet Cllr Alan Smith Deputy Mayor & Cabinet Member for Regeneration Cllr Helen Klier Cabinet Member for Children & Young People Cllr Crada Onuegbu Cabinet Member for Community Safety Sir Steve Bullock (Lab) Mayor of Lewisham Cllr Susan Wise Cabinet Member for Customer Services Cllr Peggy Fitzsimmons Cabinet Member for Older People Cllr Chris Best Cabinet Member for Community Services Did you know that following the 2010 Mayoral Election, Sir Steve Bullock was re-elected to serve as Mayor for a third consecutive term Cllr Joan Millbank Cabinet Member for the Third Sector Cllr Damien Egan Cabinet Member for Strategy & Communications Cllr Paul Maslin Cabinet Member for Resources

26 Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel
Council Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel Cllr Alan Hall (Lab); Chair Overview & Scrutiny Business panel Cllr Obajimi Adefiranye (Lab) Chair of Council Cllr John Paschoud (Lab); Chair Children & Young People Select Committee Cllr John Muldoon (Lab); Chair Healthier Communities Select Committee Cllr Alex Feake (LD); Chair Public Accounts Select Committee Cllr Pauline Morrison (Lab); Chair Safer, Stronger Communities Select Committee Cllr Liam Curran (Lab); Chair Sustainable Development Select Committee Cllr Ami Ibitson (Lab); Chair Housing Select Committee

27 Following the Local Council Elections in May 2010, the composition of the Council is as follows…
Labour 39 (councillors) Liberal Democrat 12 54 Councillors representing 18 wards Conservative 2 Green 1

28 Corporate Management Janet Senior Frankie Sulke Barry Quirk CBE
Executive Director for Resources Frankie Sulke Executive Director for Children & Young People Barry Quirk CBE Chief Executive Officer of Lewisham Council Kevin Sheehan Executive Director for Customer Services Aileen Buckton Executive Director for Community Services

29 Other Useful Information

30 Please click links below to find out more about the Council
To find out more about how the Council is structured and its directorates please click on the link below: Council structure and directorates To find out more about details of Council spending over £500, please click on the link below: Council spending over £500 To find out more about major strategies and plans, please click on the link below: Strategies and plans

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