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Volunteer Recruitment Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 205, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Elaine.

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1 Volunteer Recruitment Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 205, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Elaine LaJeunesse,

2 Mission The Eglin Air Force Base Volunteer Program promotes volunteerism by providing a central resource for volunteer recruitment, placement, training, and recognition. In order to accomplish this, the Volunteer Coordinator collaborates with base volunteer agencies and recruits volunteers for volunteer opportunities. In addition, on behalf of the Installation Commander, the Volunteer Coordinator administers an annual recognition ceremony to formally recognize Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award recipients.

3 Why Should I Volunteer? Volunteering may be the best way to:
Refresh skills before entering the job market Learn new marketable skills Keep skills current Share a talent Explore new interests Get current experience, in the local area, for your resume Meet new friends and learn about the community Use off-duty time constructively Help Eglin organizations provide better programs and services Get out of the house and have some time for yourself

4 What are Volunteer Resource Services?
Volunteer Resource Services are designed to recruit, place and recognize the contributions of volunteers from Team Eglin The A&FRC provides a central location for information about the volunteer opportunities available with Eglin agencies A&FRC staff will help you identify your interests, skills and future career goals This information, along with the specific times you are available to volunteer, will be used to match you with the volunteer position that best benefits the Eglin Community  After a position has been selected, a staff member can assist you in connecting with that organization During the connecting process, you will have an opportunity to discuss the volunteer position, see where you will be working, and decide if the placement is appropriate for you Once you’ve been placed in a position, the Volunteer Coordinator is available to ensure the volunteer experience is meeting your needs Finally, A&FRC staff is available to help translate your volunteer contributions into a work experience statement for resumes or job applications

5 FREE Childcare for Volunteers
Recognizing the importance of volunteers to the base community, the Air Force Aid Society provides funding for the Volunteer Resource Program. The funding is used to support volunteers who work at a variety of agencies located on Eglin. The certificate of eligibility entitles the volunteer to receive up to 32 hours of child care (for each child) per month while participating in the Volunteer Resource Program at Eglin AFB. Child care is provided in licensed Family Child Care homes. For an updated list of participating licensed providers, visit NOTE: *It should be noted that this program is not meant to pay for child care for volunteers in resale (Thrift Shop), fund raising, or social activities. 

6 Volunteer Opportunities
The following slides present common volunteer opportunities on Eglin Air Force Base.

Population Served: The Loan Closet maintains a supply of essential household utensils and appliances for personnel who are in a PCS status to Eglin.  Skills: No special skills necessary. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining and issuing items in the loan closet and insuring that these items are returned. Some lifting required. Where: Family Services Loan Closet Bldg 202  Duration: Long term  Week Days: Mon-Fri  Times of Day: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Dates: Open  Who: Over 18  Available Items: Microwaves Televisions Irons/Ironing Boards Toasters and Coffee Pots Dishes Folding Tables and Chairs Futons Point of Contact: Volunteer Coordinator, M-F ,

8 AIRMAN’S ATTIC Where: Airman's Attic Building 594  Duration: Long term or one time  Week Days: Mon, Wed, Fri Times of Day: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Dates: Coordinate with Airman's Attic Volunteer Manager  Who: Youth 15-18, Over 18, Families, Groups  POPULATION SERVED The Airman's Attic is designed to help defray the cost of setting up a home by providing some children's clothes, baby items, household items, and furniture at no cost to eligible active duty military members at Eglin AFB, including Army Rangers, Navy EOD, and all other units supported by Eglin AFB.  Skills: No special skills required (some lifting required). Volunteers will welcome, register, and help customers. Also, volunteers will help unload, sort, and stock donated items.  Point of Contact: Bob White or Jim Cassell , 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.  M-W-F

9 Pet Welfare - Cat Cuddlers and Dog Walkers
Population Served: Eglin AFB and surrounding communities, both military and civilian. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill animal shelter located on Eglin Air Force Base near Ft Walton Beach, Florida . The shelter places nearly 300 abandoned, stray and homeless cats and dogs a year. Where: Pet Welfare, located on Eglin AFB on Range Road Duration: Prefer long-term, but one-time is acceptable Times of Day: Office Shifts: Mon - Sat, 9a.m. to 1p.m. Dates: Open/no close date Who: 16 and over with parent/guardian signature (limited number of spaces available for teens); families, groups, individuals Large projects available for service organizations or groups. Point of Contact: Pet Welfare Officer, , Skills: General office help for office duties. Cats: MUST love cats, be willing to clean, feed, love and care for our cat population. Dogs: MUST love dogs, be willing to clean, feed, love, walk and care for our dog population. Personal, reliable transportation is a plus, as we also need help with transportation to vet clinics. Fundraising and special events are always needing help - passing out flyers, set up and clean up, animal transportation, animal handling, able to talk to the public. AM Cat: Mon - Sat, 7a.m. - 9 a.m.; Sun, 9 a.m. to 1p.m. PM Cat: All days, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. AM Dog: All days, 7a.m. to 9am PM Dog: All days, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

10 Youth Coaches and Assistants
Population Served: MILITARY KIDS Skills: Basic knowledge of the sport. All coaches must attend the National Youth Sports Coaches Association Training and have a background investigation completed prior to being allowed to meet with the children. Where: Youth Center Building 2582 When: Fall Sports: Soccer 5-11   Winter Sports: Basketball Cheerleading 5 - 9   Spring Sports: Soccer 5-11 Times of day: All practices and games are scheduled by the Youth Center. Teams can have a maximum of four 1 hour meetings a week Mon - Fri 5 to 8 p.m. Sat - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Who: Active duty, retired, DOD civilians, NAF civilians or spouse or children of any listed at least 18 years old. Contact: Terry Evans, Youth Sports & Fitness Director at /8212 or

11 Erosion Control Tree Plantings
WHEN: 19 January - Prep work 20 January - Prep work 21 January - Tree planting 31 January - Prep work 01 February -Prep work 02 February -Tree planting 09 February -Prep work 10 February -Prep work 18 February -Prep work 23 February -Prep work 24 February -Prep work 25 February -Tree planting Where: Planting sites are on Eglin AFB reservation, though we meet at Jackson Guard in Niceville Duration: 4-6 hours Time of Day: Point of Contact: Erica Laine - Population Served- Eglin AFB Natural Resources Details: Volunteers will help set out mulch, longleaf pine trees, operate tillers and weed eaters on the prep work days. The tillers and weed eaters remove the nearby vegetation and roots so that the trees do not have to compete for nutrients. On the tree planting days, volunteers will help to plant trees. During heavy rains, the water flows rapidly through these erosion control areas and carries sediment into the nearby streams. The sediment chokes out the vegetation, changes the stream flow and reduces critical habitat for the Okaloosa Darter - a protected species of fish found in Eglin streams. The planted trees prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil. Skills: Must enjoy working outdoors and getting your hands dirty! No other skills required. Volunteers will be trained on site. Who: Anyone can volunteer for the tree plantings, but minors should be accompanied by an adult. Only adults can volunteer for the prep work days.

12 Medical Care Recovery Claims
Population Served: All Air Force active duty military, dependents, and retirees within the Eglin AFB claims jurisdiction. Claims result when treatment is provided at an MTF or a claim is paid by the TRICARE contractor for trauma related injuries where reimbursement is possible from a third party payer. Skills: Basic computer knowledge, good phone skills, and good organizational skills. All training will be provided. Where: Eglin Law Center When: Minimum one day per week Who: Anyone with an ID card (active, retired or dependent). Volunteer must be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Point of Contact: Tom Jones: or call:

13 Air Force Armament Museum
Population Served: Eglin AFB FL and local community #1 - Skills/Position: Aircraft/Munitions Restoration Specialists should have a working knowledge of the various equipment used to support the restoration process, including but not limited to the following: Sheet Metal work/repair, painting, cleaning, and stenciling. #2 - Skills/Position: Librarian and Research Specialists- Organizational skills required to oversee and manage Museum books, periodicals, slides, photo's, documents and other various library/research products. #3 - Skills/Position: Receptionist & Information Center Operation (RICO) - located at the front desk in the museum main entrance area. The RICO must have a pleasant personality, enjoy interacting with visitors, pass out information, track visitor numbers, and occasionally answer the phone. #4 - Skills/Position: Museum Tour Guide - This volunteer will greet various scheduled tour groups, welcome them to the Museum, provide a brief history of the Museum, interpret exhibits and answer any questions that come up during the tour. Where: Air Force Armament Museum (Bldg 2807) Located at 100 Museum Drive Eglin AFB FL Duration: Long Term Times: Anytime between 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. When: Monday - Saturday Who: Over 18 Contact: George Jones or at

14 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Volunteers Needed For: 1 - Front Desk/Reception 2 - Volunteer Tax Preparer Population Served: Anyone with a ID card (active, retired, contractor, or dependent) Skills: Depending on position; i.e., basic computer knowledge, good phone skills. All training will be provided during January timeframe, prior to Tax Center opening. Where: Eglin Tax Center When: Minimum one-half day per week starting Tuesday after Martin Luther King Day, continuing thru Apr when tax season ends. Shifts are and Who: Anyone 18 or older with an ID card (active, retired, contractor, or dependent) Point of Contact: Susan Reaves:

15 Cultural Resources Branch
Population Served: Base populace and general public Skills needed: Archaeological/historic preservation background is a plus; Data entry and document scanning for individuals with CAC credentials. Curator tasks to include file documents, label artifacts and package artifacts. Where: Main base - building 238 Duration: Long-term (data entry) Short-term (laborer) Times of Day: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Week Days: Mon-Fri Who: Over 18 Point of Contact: George Cole

16 Outdoor Recreation (ODR)
Dates: Year round Skills: Various outdoor activities, i.e....hiking, first aid, boating, swimming, camping, biking, etc... Ability to teach, lead, or guide a group. Training will be provided. Where: Outdoor Recreation Center, Post'l Point, Bldg. 732 Flagler road When: Times vary and are flexible. Some overnight activities. Programs based on seasonal interests Duration: Long-term; One-time, or both Times of Day: Morning; Afternoon; Evening. Week days and in some cases weekends and evenings. Who: Anyone who has a valid ID card and is in reasonable physical condition for the activity they wish to volunteer for. Appropriate for Youth 15-18; Over 18; Families, Groups Point of Contact: Outdoor Recreation Staff Outdoor Recreation (ODR) Eglin AFB Face Book Fan page Population Served: All military members, their families, retirees, and DoD civilians

17 American Red Cross Volunteers Needed for the Following Areas: 1. Family Medicine (computer): T-W-TH 2. Immunizations: M-T-W-TH-F 3. Inpatient Records: M-W-TH-F 4. Internal Medicine - Records Room: M-T-W-TH-F 5. Labor & Delivery: M-T-W-TH-F 6. Non Stress Test (NST): T-F 7. Pharmacy: M(am)-T(am; pm)-TH(am)-F(am) 8. Surgical Waiting Room: M-T-W-F 9. Office (computer): W 10. Case Workers  Where: Eglin Hospital (96th MDG); American Red Cross Volunteer Office, Room 1N038 Duration: Long-term Times of Day: Morning, afternoon and in some cases evening and week-ends Dates: Year round Who: Anyone; 18 or older and has a valid ID card Population Served: All military members, their families and retirees Skills: Depending on position; i.e., basic computer knowledge, good phone skills. All other training will be provided. Point of Contact: Ruth Labhart or call

18 Hospital Information Help Desk
POPULATION SERVED: Eglin AFB military community SKILLS: Personal interaction, fact checking, knowledge of hospital operations WHERE: Eglin AFB Hospital DURATION: 3 hour shift TIME OF DAY: Morning or Afternoon shifts WEEKDAY: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri WHO: Military Retiree or Spouse POINT OF CONTACT: Col Jack L. Houlgate, USAF, retired or CMSgt Bill Manning, USAF, retired

19 Satellite Pharmacy POPULATION SERVED: Eglin AFB military community
POPULATION SERVED: Eglin AFB military community SKILLS: Personal interaction, fact checking, personal accountability WHERE: Satellite Pharmacy, Eglin AFB DURATION: 3 hour shift TIME OF DAY: or WEEKDAY: All Weekdays except Wednesday, PM WHO: Military Retiree or Spouse POINT OF CONTACT: Col Jack L. Houlgate, USAF, retired,   Satellite Pharmacy

POPULATION SERVED: Eglin AFB military retiree community SKILLS: Personal interaction, fact checking, knowledge of military retiree benefits WHERE: Personnel building (bldg 210) 310 W. Van Matre, Suite 165, Eglin AFB DURATION: 3 hour shift TIME OF DAY: WEEKDAY: Monday PM, Wednesday AM, Thursday AM WHO: Military Retiree or Spouse POINT OF CONTACT: Col Jack L. Houlgate, USAF, retired,

Click the link below for off-base volunteer opportunities:

22 Click the link below for the United Way:
LIVE UNITED Click the link below for the United Way:

23 A&FRC - EGLIN AFB Volunteer Distribution List
If you have questions concerning this presentation, please ask for the Volunteer Coordinator. 502 Van Matre Ave. Bldg 205 Eglin AFB, Fl 32542 Airman & Family Readiness Center Volunteer Coordinator: Elaine LaJeunesse Office: (850) DSN: Fax: (850) Volunteer Distribution List To be added to the volunteer distribution list,

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