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Youth Subcultures.

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1 Youth Subcultures

2 Different Subcultures
Punks Skinheads Hippies Freestylers Hackers


4 In English dictionary the word ‘punk’ means something worthless and useless.
The ideology of punks is quite simple: “Say “NO” to everything”. They are politically indifferent. They only want to express their individuality in a shocking way – brightly colored hair, metal chains. They always wear dirty clothes and never wash themselves. They use vulgar language. Usually punks are drugs consumers.

5 Punk-Rock music is very loud and aggressive.
But what makes punks be so aggressive? Generally punks are people with low self- respect and intelligence. Also drugs make their minds change. Nowadays punks tend to disappear. If that weren’t so, punks would be a great problem to the society. But now, I think, they are not so dangerous to the society.

6 SKINHEADS Skinhead subculture is a daughter subculture of Punks. But Punks tend to disappear and Skinheads are becoming more popular every day. Skinheads are always bolded, they wear black clothes and heavy boots Skinheads’ ideology is to beat all foreigners living in any country. They always say something like “Russia for Russians”, “England for English”, “Germany for German”. The music, skins listen to, is Trash-Metal with racist words.

7 And their music is really aggressive.
Also an important thing about them is that never do drugs (as punks do). Very often skins are football fans. I think, Skinhead subculture is a great social problem.


9 Hippy subculture went through 3 phases
Hippy subculture went through 3 phases. The first phase was in 60’s- 80’s. It had great influence on young people and was one of the most popular subcultures. The 2’nd phase was in 80’s – 90’s. There were few hippies because of the popularity of other subcultures (skinheads, punks, goths and etc.). But during the 3’rd phase (the middle of 90’s) hippies became more numerous. Neo-hippy has long hair, wears jeans, jeans’ jacket or loose overall, some rings in ear or nose, bracelets made of glass beads and a tiny leather bag on the neck. He listens to Rock music. “B-2” – Russian rock group

10 Classical hippy thinks that the world is beautiful and you should do nothing to improve it and make sure just not to spoil it. Neo-hippy is not a lazy young man that does drugs; he or she is a serious man.

11 FREESTYLERS I think, freestyle nowadays is the most numerous subculture in Russia. Many boys and girls are freestylers: BMX- bikers, skaters, rollers- anybody attending extreme sports. They do everything that is dangerous for their life. Somebody can say that they are crazy. Maybe they are!

12 Freestylers always wear wide breeches, caps or headscarves, sport boots and anything suitable for sports. There are a lot of trends in music of freestylers: Drumm’n’Bass, Hip-Hop, Jungle, Breakbeat and some others.

13 Freestylers’ ideology is a healthy life style, they usually don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t drink alcohol. I think, freestylers are not so aggressive as punks or skinheads. Freestylers just don’t have any reason to walk the streets and fight with anybody. They are not aggressive but extreme in Sports – all the time trying something new. The main social problem about them is that they always break their arms, legs, necks.

14 Спасибо за внимание.

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