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Promotional offer 2008/2009. BASKETBALL PARDUBICE more than 50 years of tradition.

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1 Promotional offer 2008/2009

2 BASKETBALL PARDUBICE more than 50 years of tradition

3 About BK Pardubice a.s. Basketball club Synthesia Pardubice entered new period of its actions with reference to more than 50 years of tradition in Pardubice. Thanks to tight cooperation with Pardubice town hall matches of A-team BK Synthesia Pardubice have started to take place in ČEZ Arena since season 2006/2007. ČEZ Arena is one of the most advanced sports halls in Czech republic. Surly this circumstance contributes to highest attendance to matches in Mattoni NBL - the latest record is 4 250 spectators watching Synthesia Pardubice against ČEZ Basketball Nymburk (7th Jan 2007). Club gained new strategic investor Natland Group in spring 2007 which led to transformation from civic association to ambitious incorporated company BK Pardubice a.s. To play long-term and high-quality basketball based on clear advanced professional pillars is the main vision of BK Pardubice.

4 TOP team Mattoni NBL, Czech Cup, EP Marketing aiming high attendance, partners, media… Youth strong project´s background Scouting teamwork Background fans, supporters Charity supporting projects by our patronage, taking action against drug use, visiting hospitals, handicapped children… Pillars of project Our vision is based on tradition 4

5 Mattoni NBL bronze medals European Cup 3rd place Czech Cup 3rd place Attendance:1st place in MNBL Representation:in all categories A-TEAM 2007/2008 so-called bronze season 5

6 MATTONI NBL 2007/2008 BK Pardubice – bronze team 6

7 Attendance Attendance (home-ground + host-ground) …50 000 + PO Total attendance Mattoni NBL 280 000 Clearly the highest attendance in CZ - BK Pardubice ČEZ ARENA The highest attendance at home- ground in MNBL 2007/2008 The highest average attendance at 1 match (1 500) The highest attendance at play off: 3 matches – 10 000 people, which is the highest average in play-off The highest attendance at one match MNBL (3 500 people) 7

8 27.10TV broadcast8.ŕoundBK Pardubice - ČEZ Basket Nymburk 09.11TV broadcast11.roundBK Kondoři Liberec - BK Pardubice 01.02TV broadcast25.roundUSK Praha - BK Pardubice 16.03TV broadcast35.roundBK Sadská - BK Pardubice 04.04TV broadcast40.roundGeofin Nový Jičín - BK Pardubice 09.04TV broadcast41.roundBK Pardubice - ČEZ Basket Nymburk 06.05TV broadcastplay-offBK Pardubice – BK Děčín 09.05TV broadcastplay-offBK Děčín - BK Pardubice 13.05TV broadcastplay-offČEZ Basket Nymburk - BK Pardubice 16.05TV broadcastplay-offBK Pardubice - ČEZ Basket Nymburk 20.05TV broadcastplay-offČEZ Basket Nymburk - BK Pardubice TV broadcasts 11 + identical number of reruns (more than 2 200 min) 8

9 AIM: Conception of work with basketball talents from all categories U18 JUNIORS(EXTRALEAGUE) U18 B JUNIORS U16 CADETS(EXTRALEAGUE) U16 B CADETS U14 TRAINEES U14 B TRAINEES U13 OLDER UNDER-TRAINEES U12 YOUNGER UNDER-TRAINEES U11 YOUNGEST UNDER-TRAINEES Coaching: chief coach + 6 coaches standing behind youth scores Youth of BK Pardubice tradition, hatch of excellent players, the top in CZ 9

10 Advertising on the playing field advertising on boards around playing field new LED BANNERS – ELECTRONIC BANNERS Advertising on electronic cube in ČEZ Arena Advertising in arena background (VIP room, press room, corridors, stairs) Logos on outfits and team sportswear Advertising in printed materials of BK Pardubice Vehicles of team members, V.I.P. cards, season tickets, bulletins, web pages, sponsorships Sponsorships packages set (club partner) Advertising on BK Pardubice web pages Other options - individual projects We are able to arrange price chart according to your personal requests or arrange price chart of selected products. Elementary offer of advertising products Our professional touch as a instrument for your marketing strategy. 10

11 Outfits, shorts, WARM UP, track suits Price chart depends on position, size of logos Media actions: Printed materials, newspapers, www- coverage, tabs… TV- live coverage, recordings, commentary, running commentary, statistics…. Advertising on the outfits …and other A-team sportswear 11

12 LED BANNERS – highly advanced technology for advertising Media actions: TV- live broadcasting, recordings, news coverage… Photos: newspapers, www, bulletins… Events: Mattoni NBL and other according to contracts (MČR rowing…) Advertising banners is ČEZ ARENA NEW LED BANNERS 12

13 Media actions: TV- live broadcasting, recordings, news coverage… Photos: newspapers, www, bulletins… Events: Mattoni NBL and other according to contracts (MČR rowing…) Advertising on the playing field 13

14 Advertising on the cube in ČEZ Arena 14

15 V.I.P areas (advertising board) Press room (advertising board) Vehicles of team members FANSHOP and E-FANSHOP Promotional goodies Cheerleaders Other support 15

16 Almanac Mattoni NBL Time-out, Yearbooks Orders of matches Posters, cards of team members Wallpapers Invitation cards, business cards, headed papers, card calendars Printed materials, downloads, IT 16

17 Web pages 17

18 FANPOT- project to increase attendance in ČEZ ARENA For every record breaking attendance at home ground, BK Pardubice dedicates 20% of entrance fee to charity. Current FANPOT will be noticeable during matches and presented in media and web pages We aim to break MNBL attendance records together with fans and supporters since 1st match of the season. SHOW during matches as a link to project FANPOT CHEERLEADERS BREAKDANCE and other activities Mascot Anthem Player's parade PR basketball events in schools ČEZ ARENA SHOW FANPOT – whole-seasonal project for fans 18

19 Marketing – we aim to approach sport fans beyond the boundaries of Pardubice, that is why our attraction zone links with medium-term and long-term vision Active support – debating with players and signing autographs in selected areas Passive support – posters, printed material, media, Events - with transport companies, partner companies, city authorities etc. Export of basketball beyond the boundaries of Pardubice 19

20 ČEZ Arena Pardubice basketball temple of Czech Republic 20

21 TOP project – future visions and ambitions, clear pillars Conceptual work with youths – future ČEZ ARENA SHOW during matches EVENTS – representations, exhibitions, MČR Tradition – more than 50 years of tradition QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL TOUCH Why BK Pardubice? 21

22 BASKETBALL PARDUBICE more than 50 years of tradition

23 We highly appreciate your positive approach. We trust that together we could reach an agreement about cooperation which would be beneficial both for your company and Basketball Pardubice and also for general public. We are ready to further specify all ways of cooperation, possibly to join you to look for new options to promote your company. We would be more than happy to present you with actual sponsorship package Kind regards Miroslav Havlíček Chairrman of managing board BK Pardubice a. s., V Ráji 311, 530 02 Pardubice Mobile: +420 602 703 709, Fax: +420 466 303 979 At the end End of presentation

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