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History BST the company was born out of the extensive experience of its founders in the aeronautical engineering and aerospace fields. We also have 12.

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2 History BST the company was born out of the extensive experience of its founders in the aeronautical engineering and aerospace fields. We also have 12 years of experience on the motorcycle racetracks of the world and in designing custom sport and race bikes. We have many years of experience in working with carbon fiber and carbon composites, and combine this knowledge with a solid understanding of the needs and challenges of motorcycle riders in sport, road and race environments. BlackStone Tek was created in order to capitalize on the unique properties of carbon fiber in the motorcycle industry to produce the lightest, strongest and most durable wheel available today, through a unique and patented process. BlackStone Tek designs and manufactures these wheels in its factory in Johannesburg. BlackStone Tek is a privately owned limited company based in the North of Johannesburg. The company provides employment for 40 South Africans. Training is provided for all workers to ensure that we maintain the skill level required in order to produce top quality products.

3 Engineering Capabilities
The research and development on this highly technical product took 9 years and was done by Chris Adrian (engineer and carbon composite specialist, formerly at CSIR – the premier research facility in South Africa) and Gary Turner, a racer, team manager and motorcycle designer with 12 years on the international circuits. Businesswoman Terry Annecke added her skills to the company at time of start up, and, more recently, BST employed carbon composites engineer Andrea Pretzler (Toyota F1, Motoczysz and significant experience in motorcycle design and construction) in Austria. CAD design processes which involve 3D digital solid modeling. The solid models are subjected to various pre-determined load cases, the results of which shows the peak stresses and deflections. After evaluation of the finite element stress analysis, the 3D solid model can be modified to alleviate any potentially high stresses or unnecessarily high deflections. This process may be iterated a number of times before the final design solution is achieved.

4 Manufacturing Capabilities
The BST manufacturing facility is TŰV certified, and have also achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification and are audited by the German TŰV. We maintain a significant proportion of our time in research and development and strive for continual improvement in all our products. The factory consists of 5,000 square metres housing state-of-the-art equipment including autoclaves, CNC Lathes, NC Cutting machines, painting booth etc. The company has in-house design capabilities and composite knowledge. The patterns are nested on an electronic file and the carbon fiber is NC-cut with each pattern identified in accordance with the production instruction and procedure documentation. The cut carbon fiber pre-preg pieces are laid up in the laminating / curing mould according to strict production instruction and procedure documentation.

5 X Ray taken at the BAR Honda NDT facility
Materials Proven material engineering and proprietary processes allow increased strength and reduced weight where it makes the most impact on performance.  The result is a wheel that shows significant reduction in the Moment of Inertia (MoI) – the most critical aspect that affects acceleration,  deceleration and handling of the motorcycle.  X Ray taken at the BAR Honda NDT facility

6 Testing Test rig for torsional durability
BlackStone Tek’s wheels have been tested by Rim Technologies, Eurotype Test Centre, and TŰV Pfalz, where they passed the cornering fatigue, radial fatigue and tensional fatigue testing requirements. All tests where conducted on a single BST wheel; A SINGLE METAL WHEEL WOULD NOT LAST THROUGHOUT ALL THE TESTS. This is not usually done testing a metal wheel, due to metals fatigue behavior Regulations specify that one new wheel for every test is permissible. BST has passed and exceeded these requirements. Copies of tests are available. The wheels also passed the impact test used for road certification on aluminum wheels for OEM purposes, using the JWL spec impact test rig. Impact test: 337,5 kg (904.2 lbs) from 150mm (JWL) (street wheels) The front wheel was designed for a 150 kg (401.9 lbs) static load and the rear wheel for a 250 kg (669.8 lbs) static load. This translates into a bike with a total empty weight of up to 400 kg (1,072 lbs). This exceeds the static load normally applicable to Racing or Sport bikes. Test rig for cornering fatigue Test rig for torsional durability

7 Benefits Value for Money-Great Investment
Carbon Fiber does not have a shelf life and can be used for many years Chemical resistant and does not corrode Hubs can often be used after carbon part has been damaged Stocking distributor in the USA Standard (readily available)  sprockets Excellent pricing and value for money High performance enhancements in: Higher strength-to-weight ratio than any of the alloys Acceleration and Braking performance . . .the best performance enhancements Safety conscious: World class engineering Reduced rider fatigue TUV tested and DOT compliant Tried and tested for 10 years all over the world Full traceability on every part and process of each wheel

8 Championships and Series
European SuperMono Champions - 5 out of the last 7 years Dutch Supermono Champions – 5 out of last 6 years Dutch 125 GP Champions SA 125 GP Champions Series: Red Bull Yamaha GP (Gary Mc Coy) 125 GP (Sito Pons) 125 GP (Fontana Racing) 125 GP (Arie Molannar) 125 GP (Aspar) 125 GP (Abbink) 250 GP (Zong Shen) 250 GP (Jacob Smrcz) 250 GP (Arnaud Vincent) Battle of the twins (BOTT) South Africa for the last 5 Years (In 2008 (80% of the field use BST wheels) Malaysian Superbike series

9 Approved By USA AMA Dragbike WERA MIROCK DOT Europe MotoGP GP-125, 250

10 Size Availablity Wheel sizes:
Fronts: 2.5” x 17” Conventional: 4.5” x 17” Offset Rears: 5.75” x 17” 3.5” x 16.5” Rears: ” x 17” ” x 17” 3.5” x 16” ” x 17” 3.6” x 17” ” x 16.5” 3.6” x 16.5” ” x 17” 3.75” x 17” ” x 17” 3.5” x 17” ” x 17” 2.5” x 18” ” x 17” 3.5” x 18” ” x 18” 3.0” x 19” ” x 18” 2.15” x 21” ” x 18” This range will increase with requirements. Sizes can be made according to the needs of our partners. BST also designs and manufactures structural parts such as tanks, oil tanks, frames and other specialised components.

11 Brock’s Performance is now BST’s exclusive US distributor for Japanese sportbike, road race and drag race applications. At Brocks Performance, we strive to lead in the innovation, research and development, manufacturing and distribution of performance components and associated information in the motorcycle industry. We translate our products and knowledge into value for our customers by offering unsurpassed customer service combined with comprehensive solutions to our customers’ needs.

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