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Developing a strategy – for success or survival? Fiona Narburgh – Head of Strategy & Communications.

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1 Developing a strategy – for success or survival? Fiona Narburgh – Head of Strategy & Communications

2 What people say about strategy… Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there." John Kotter A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique Michael Porter Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy Rudy Guiliani

3 What people say about strategy… The real challenge is crafting strategy lies in detecting subtle discontinuities that may undermine a business in the future. And for that there is no technique, no programme, just a sharp mind in touch with the situation Henry Mintzberg A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all Micheal LeBoeuf

4 What people say about strategy… However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results Sir Winston Churchill In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell Jack Welch

5 What makes some councils better than others? … Clear goals, well communicated and shared… and a genuine sense of passion for their authority and their area… …In the next few years our passion and enthusiasm will distinguish the successful from the losers Ben Page, CE, Ipsos Mori

6 What Dilberts boss says about strategy…

7 So what do others do? 1970: We will destroy Yamaha Current: To be a company that our shareholders, customers and society want 1960s: Crush Adidas Current: To be the number one athletic company in the world the earths favourite little food company To deliver excellent services and make life better for everyone

8 So what do others do?

9 The






15 Developing our strategy


17 Four essential strategy ingredients 1.Local needs 2.Local perceptions 3.National priorities – the things the Government wants us to deliver 4.Councillors priorities

18 1. What are the local needs? Shortage of affordable housing – average cost of a house is six time the average household income Highest number of housing register applicants in housing need in Worcestershire (2,264) Small pockets of deprivation Increasing ageing population 10% working age people claiming key out of work benefits Health inequalities High proportion of overweight and obese children

19 2. What are residents perceptions? Most important in making an area a good place to live Most needs improving Level of crimeRoad and pavement repairs Health servicesActivities for teenagers Clean streetsJob prospects Education provisionPublic transport Affordable decent housing Source: Worcestershire Viewpoint 2010


21 Resident satisfaction levels Satisfaction generally up on 2009 survey 63% satisfaction with the way we run the council 55% think we provide value for money up 11point Keeping land clear of litter = 70%: up 11 points Refuse collection = 86%: up 3 points Sports/leisure facilities = 65%: up 6 points Local transport info = 44%: up 9 points Source: Worcestershire Viewpoint, November 2010

22 Do we want to follow Valley Council? All their councillors went out to find out what residents priorities were - face to face surveys in their communities A role for members here?

23 3. What does Government expect of us? Get on with it - deliver basic services well Keep costs down – council tax affordable Drive out efficiency and waste Work with partners to give seamless service and cut costs Deliver localism and facilitate the Big Society

24 4. What are your priorities? Most importantSuccessful: Delivering excellent and value for money services Stronger: Vibrant and inclusive communities with a strong economy Healthier: Improving health and well-being Greener: A better environment – for today and tomorrow Least importantSafer: Communities that are safe and feel safe Source28 returned surveys

25 Top and bottom five goals 1 To support local business and village service 2 To provide high performing services that meet customers needs 3 To increase the availability of affordable, decent housing 4 To increase efficiency and access to services 5To balance new development with protecting the districts natural and built environment 13 To aid recovery from flooding and reduce the impact of future flood 14 To reduce crime and fear of crime 15 To reduce health inequalities in Wychavon 16 To increase leisure and cultural activities 17 To contribute to reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

26 You said our best services are… art (1) car parking (1) communicate availability of services (1) council tax efficiencies (1) customer service (1) democratic services (1) economic development (1) events and (1) events (1) frontline customer service (1) housing (1) land charges (1) leisure centres (1) leisure (1) low council tax (1) market town management (1) parks (5) planning (2) reducing crime (1) regeneration (1) section 106 (1) shops (1 ) sport (2) toilets (1) tourism (2) volunteer centre (1) waste collection (13)

27 You said we spend too much on … back office functions (2) chairman of the council (1) climate change (1) community safety (1) development control (1) events (1) fewer councillors (1) lido (1) food waste collection (2) free bulky waste (1) licensing (1) none (2) not getting it right first time (1) shops (1) support services (1) the wychavon magazine (2) time to process householder applications (1) toilets (1) traffic wardens (1) work better with LSP and councils (1) youth services (1) youth zone (1)

28 You said we should spend more on … better not busier (1) businesses (1) community safety (1) dead roadside animals (1) DFG (1) facilitate communities to help themselves (1) fly-tipping (1) intelligently green (2) leisure (1) litter (1) more gypsy sites (1) new homes (3) new jobs (1) none (3) occupancy of affordable housing (1) planning (1) prepare for increase in older people (1) recycling for charities (1) reducing inequalities (1) support services (1) supporting the economy (1) web services (2) youth services (3)

29 You said we could also run …. advertise private rentals online (1) back office functions (1) car parking management (1) conveyance (1) county planning (1) debt recovery (1) environmental health (1) facilities management (1) flood prevention (1) flooding (1) funerals (1) ground maintenance (1) libraries (1) none (1) nothing (1) parking enforcement (1) payroll (1) pooling monies for community (1) printing (1) property (1) provide energy performance certificates (1) recycling (1) school support services (1) street cleaning (1) take over mhdc services (1) toilets (1) waste collection (1) worcester waste collection (1 ) youth services (4)

30 You said we could devolve/outsource… affordable housing downsizing (1) anything (2) art (2) car (1) collection council tax fraudsters (1) events (1) grass cutting (2) housing (2) LSPs (1) maintenance of suds (1) nothing (1) parish councils (1) parks (2) planning (1) printing (1) public toilets (1) regulatory services (1) revs bens (1) selective planning agreements (1) sports (3) tourism (1) town (1) youth services (3)

31 What sums up the Wychavon brand… sharing (1) affordable (1) ahead (1) ambitious (1) evolving (1) anonymous (1) approachable (2) business-like (2) commitment (1) decisive (1) efficient (3) enthusiastic (1) fair (1) open (1) service (1) entrepreneurial (1) successful (1 ) excellence (2) forward-looking (1) forward-thinking (2) friendly (4) fun (1) lean (1) game (1) helpful (2) improving (1) inclusive (1) innovative (3) integrity (1) interested (1) intransigent (1) involvement (1) learning (1) listening (1) managed (1) timely (1) positive (1) professional (1) progress (2) quality (4) resilient (1) responsive (1) understanding (1) VfM (8)

32 more affordable housing (8) adopted development plan (2) allocated employment land (1) safer (1) appropriate level of staff (1) better safer play (1) parks (1) financial stability (1) better youth provision (1) low carbon footprint (1) extra toilets (1) ongoing balanced revenue (1) business friendly (2) greener sustainable future (1) efficient services (1) catalyst for improvement (1) large scale employers in to district (1) retain and improve existing services (1) make wychavon great place to live (1) volunteer drivers for rural areas (1) good roads (2) stronger economy (2) healthier (3) vibrant town centres (2) stronger communities (3) efficient waste service (2) low council tax (3) more channel shift (5) more jobs (7) If we could only achieve three things …

33 Workshop tasks What are the challenges? What are the top three issues for us? What one thing would make life better for residents – to feedback to everyone at the end.

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