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HILT Therapy-New aspects treating Sport Injuries

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1 HILT Therapy-New aspects treating Sport Injuries
Csiki Zoltán, MD HIRO-MEDICAL Laser Center Jászberény- Hungary 2010 Bucuresti

2 SOFT LASER HISTORY 1960 Maimann rubin laser 1962 HeNe laser
1964 Patel Co2 laser YAG laser 1962 Medical use- Opthalmology 1965 Jako, Pollányi 1967 Mester Endre prof- biostimulation In Hungary from the early 70’s SOFT lasers ASA 2004 The born of „HILT”

3 HILT Therapy The evolution of diode lasers to MLS therapy
Az MLS leads to HILT therapy HILT means a great volume of energy Ne-YAG laser 1 and 3kW Wavelength: 1064 nm HILT W/ cm2 PEAK POWER- microsecond

Improoving the benefical effects of the soft lasers, offers a wide range of treatment of the deep tissues: muscles, articular surfaces Prof.Mester – from the first steps- of tissular biostimulation- to the biostimulational effect regarding cellular and tissue regenerations / muscle, neural, cartilage? - DJD aplicator- only in HIRo 3 ASA CAMPUS / Italy /- study’s, innovation, curses

5 SH1 & HIRO 3 HIRO : 1 and 3 kW


7 SPORT TRAUMATOLOGY Sport Injuries: muscular injuries tendon laesions
articular injuries meniscal injuries Tendinitis, tenosynovitis Oedema, haematomas Adductor syndrom, instertiopatys, Jumpers Knee Overuse injuries Bursitis, capsulitis, impingement Regeneration, remodelation?

8 RESULTS Therapy: Acute Injury 850- 1300 J / joint or region
Chronic Pain : J Therapy Time: min/ region Therapeutic Success: 4-8 sessions ( 1- 8 ) Combined Therapy: Shock WAWE: Herz, 1,8-2,4 Bar: Paravertebral and vertebral pathology, Shoulder, Groin Problems Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy: paravertebral and Vertebral pathology, articular pathology Taping: Kynezio Tape/ Cura Tape / 3-4 day from the very beginning!! Painless treatment for children and junior sportsman

9 ANKLE INJURIES Conservative Treatment: 1 or two ligam. Comp. injured
Rtg negativ, no instability Beginning of the Treatment: 0-24 hours after injury Kynezio tape: NO NEED for BRACING Therapy sessions: 2-3 days Pailess walking: end of week 1 2-3 week beginning of sport activity After 3 weeks sport activity in 90% VAS: end of first week end of second week: third week:

The Injury, the time of examination and the conseccutive aspects: haematoma, decolement will show the Treatment Modality / when, how much? / Casuistics: football injury- exam. 12 hours – first 48hours ICE and TAPE From 3rd Day: 850 J / session 2 sessions/ week After 3 weeks of therapy- beginning of the sport activity LMWH- for 10 Days 0,3 ml sc nadroparine

11 KNEE PATHOLOGY 5-6 times, 2x weekly Time between sessions 2-5 days Scan fase+ articular points HIRO 3 Base apl+ DJD Head Fibular point- Dermatomic treatment Shall We use Hyaluronic Acid?

12 CONCLUSSIONS Laser therapy is usefull in almost every painfull syndrom –TRY IT! The use of Medical Lasers is SAFE, and very Succesfull It could be combined with every known Physiotherapeutic Procedure Minimal Contraindications Very fast results- good Compliance


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