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Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise is Medicine Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper Freie Universität Berlin International Symposium Exercise is Medicine Györ,

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1 Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise is Medicine Prof. Dr. Gudrun Doll-Tepper Freie Universität Berlin International Symposium Exercise is Medicine Györ, 20th May 2011

2 2 Györ, 20.05.2011 - Persons/individuals/athletes with a disability instead of the disabled - Adapted Physical Activity and sport for persons with a disability Terminology

3 3 Györ, 20.05.2011 Adapted Physical Activity exists in various settings: -Rehabilitation/therapy -Schools -Recreation & community (club sport, sport for all) -Elite sport (competitive, high performance) What is Adapted Physical Activity?

4 4 Györ, 20.05.2011 - 1952 - AAHPER defined Adapted Physical Education as a specialisation area with strong focus on children and youth in special school settings. - 1970s - the term Adapted Physical Activity was preferred because it covered a much broader spectrum APA Definitions (1)

5 5 Györ, 20.05.2011 1989 – when preparing the International Symposium on APA, efforts were made to define APA: Adapted Physical Activity refers to movement, physical activity, and sport in which special emphasis is placed on the interests and capabilities of individuals with limited conditions. (Doll-Tepper, Dahms, Doll, Von Selzam, 1990) APA Definitions (2)

6 6 Györ, 20.05.2011 Adapted Physical Activity is crossdisciplinary theory and practice related to lifespan activity of individuals whose uniqueness of function, structure, or appearance requires expertise in (a) assessing and adapting ecosystems and (b) facilitating changes necessary for -Equal access -Integration/inclusion -Lifespan wellness -Movement success -Empowerment/ self-actualization Sherrill (1996) APA Definitions (3)

7 7 Györ, 20.05.2011 Rehabilitation/therapy

8 8 Györ, 20.05.2011 Physical Education & School Sport

9 9 Györ, 20.05.2011 Recreational & Sport For All

10 10 Györ, 20.05.2011 Recreation & Community Sport

11 11 Györ, 20.05.2011 Competitive Sport

12 12 Györ, 20.05.2011 High Performance Sport

13 13 Györ, 20.05.2011 APA is.... - A VERY broad area of expertise and service - Cross-disciplinary and links with many different professions - Is a dynamic area of study, work and research - Not limited to specific populations - FOR EVERYONE!

14 14 Györ, 20.05.2011 A Look Back Sir Ludwig Guttmann – A visionary 1960 1st Summer Games for the Paralysed Precursor of the Paralympic Games Introduction of physical activity of sport as part of the rehabilitation process, exercise as medicine! 1899-1980

15 15 Györ, 20.05.2011 If I ever did one good thing in my medical career it was to introduce sport into the treatment and rehabilitation programme of spinal cord sufferers and other severely disabled Quote from Sir Ludwig Guttmann

16 16 Györ, 20.05.2011 - Founded in 1973 in Quebec, Canada - Developed regional organisations in: -Africa -Asia -Europe -Middle East -North America -Oceania -South America International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA)

17 17 Györ, 20.05.2011 Québec, 1977: 1st International Symposium on APA

18 18 Györ, 20.05.2011 Berlin 1989: APA – An Interdisciplinary Approach

19 19 Györ, 20.05.2011 - EMDAPA – since 1991 - EMMAPA – since 2005 -an Erasmus Mundus master programme - DEUAPA – since 1997 - European University Diploma in APA -now coordinated by Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences in Vierumäki (Finland) -EUDAPA started in 2010 Education in APA – In Europe

20 20 Györ, 20.05.2011 -More attention given to sport and physical activity of ALL ages, particularly on children and youth -A focus on the ageing population, THENAPA Network on APA, disability and ageing (THENAPA II) Youth & Ageing

21 21 Györ, 20.05.2011 Obesity

22 22 Györ, 20.05.2011 Physical Activity and Health Agita São Paulo Agita Mundo

23 23 Györ, 20.05.2011 IFAPAs Scientific Journal Important Journals

24 24 Györ, 20.05.2011 Important Journals

25 25 Györ, 20.05.2011 Important Journals

26 26 Györ, 20.05.2011 Focus on differences/disabilities TODAY Emphasis on similarities/abilities, integrated settings and inclusive education In the Past

27 27 Györ, 20.05.2011 1980 – ICIDH: International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps 2001 – ICF: International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICIDH-2) World Health Organization (WHO)

28 28 Györ, 20.05.2011 The ICF Model of Disability -aims to provide an international common language, as well as a universal conceptual framework for disability across languages and cultures (Üstün et al. 2001) - classifies disability based on the health condition of the individual - looks at body function and structure, activity and participation - makes a distinction between contextual factors like environment and personal factors

29 29 Györ, 20.05.2011 The ICF Model Health Condition (disorder or disease) Contextual factors a) environmental b) personal Body function & structure ParticipationActivity

30 30 Györ, 20.05.2011 - 1981 - UN International Year of Disabled People - 1982 - World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled People - 1983 -1992 - UN Decade of the Disabled - 1993 - UN Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities - 2006 - UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities United Nations and Disability

31 31 Györ, 20.05.2011 - Remove barriers & change attitudes - Guarantee equal rights - Offer full access to all areas of society including sport - Convince political leaders of the benefits of physical activity & sport - Legislation can strongly influence the process of integration/inclusion! Action steps in society in general

32 32 Györ, 20.05.2011 - Develop training opportunities for athletes, coaches, teachers, administrators, officials and referees - Intensify cooperation between disciplines in practice, research and teaching - Improve networking opportunities on international, regional and local levels - Expand research base of APA - Develop closer links with sport, education, health and recreation providers Current & future challenges in APA (i)

33 33 Györ, 20.05.2011 - Be part of APA and help contribute to its professional development! - Practise inclusive sport as much as possible - Improve participation in the practical fields (therapy/rehabilitation, education, health, recreation and sport) - Share examples of good practice! Current & future challenges in APA (ii)

34 34 Györ, 20.05.2011 Linking Networks Similarities between networks of APA and Exercise is Medicine exist, both with regard to - treatment and - prevention Explore how these networks could be connected in order to bring even more benefits to all people, including those with a disability!

35 35 Györ, 20.05.2011 For further information Please contact Gudrun Doll-Tepper Freie Universität Berlin phone +49-30-838 531 83

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