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Identifying outstanding talent in the business of sport.

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1 Identifying outstanding talent in the business of sport

2 A three year success story…

3 In just three years we have become the recruitment partner of choice for many sporting businesses

4 Placements made… Across 19 different sports At board level through to interns at the largest names in sport (and some start ups!) In Sales, Marketing, IT, E-commerce, Finance, Operations, Hospitality, HR, Procurements and Administration

5 Identifying the perfect fit… We believe it is essential that a potential employee can demonstrate how much value they can add to a potential employer We believe that identifying the culture of a business is vital We look to find the chemistry between our clients and candidates We look for candidates with charisma who will add value to the role

6 All passive candidates can be activated

7 Not everyone is looking for a job, but everyone is available to change jobs… We believe there are no active or passive job seekers…just people If we understand the scope of the business and the personal dynamics involved, we will identify the right superstars

8 Every now and again, an individual who is sufficiently different from the herd appears. If they are a cultural fit, we will notify you to see if you are interested.


10 We do not profess to be as creative as the legendary adman David Ogilvy, but we believe our recruitment advertising to be innovative, exciting, factual and capable of reaching those candidates that other agencies will not reach.

11 Payment on success only No up front fees…we are paid on results We have successfully filled board level positions using our outstanding networking approach In the current social and business media climate it is possible to identify outstanding senior talent without the necessity to resort to expensive advertising

12 At Sporting Appointments we… work diligently on every assignment we undertake, listening intently to our clients requirements seek candidates through our own extensive database and network community and subscribe to many media outlets to maximise the talent pool use our network for referrals and recommendations move very quickly, aiming to provide a strong shortlist in 48-72 hours.

13 Some of the friends weve made so far…

14 If you'd like to discuss your recruitment situation, please call us today on 0844 576 3176. We look forward to hearing from you! The Sporting Appointments Team (including our equine stars Captain Cardington and Alfraamsey!)

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