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IES M. CARRASCO I FORMIGUERA TEACHERS GROUP TEACHERS PRESENTATIONS Helo! My name is Marina Chacón and Im teacher of English at this school.I teach English.

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4 TEACHERS PRESENTATIONS Helo! My name is Marina Chacón and Im teacher of English at this school.I teach English to students age from 12 to 17 years old. My hobbies are reading novels, sometines poetry, watching good films at the cinema and writing although, unfortunately I havent got much free time to do this. I also like swimming in the sea, going out with my friends and listening to any kind of music. My name is Roxana. I have Biology Science degree and teach Natural Science To ESO students (12 to 15) and Biology, Science of the Earth and Environment to Batxillerato students (16 to 18). My name is Anna Gual. I am a Maths teacher at M. Carrasco I Formigera Secondary school. I have been teaching for twenty years, the last ten at this school. Im tutor of one the 3rd. of ESO students (aged 14). My name is Teresa and I am the drawing teacher. I teach the 2nd. And 3ed. Of ESO students (13-14) and 1st.and 2nd. of Batxillerato students (16-18). I like going to the cinema very much, listening to music, especially Vivaldi. It relaxes me a lot. I also like reading and I love walking in the country and enyoying nature.

5 My name is Gonzalo. I am a teacher of Economy but I teach Maths to the 3rd. Of ESO students (14) still like listening to Pink Floyd. Dire Straits but… Also the chillout music. Heaving breakfast at nine in a terrace in front of Barcelona beach or walking a windy autumn night in Barcelona are two recommended experiences. My name is Luis Fernández. I am a teacher of Castilian language and Literature and, in my free time, Im a gardener. As time goes by, I have found out that both of them are similar: sowing, watering, fertilize, lopping…and above all, enjoying seeing how both students and plants grow up. My name is Margarita and I am teaches of Castilian language and Literature. I love travelling. Hello! My name is Sunta an I am a teacher of English at this Secondary school. I like my job very much because I think being in contact with teenagers makes us understand the world better. I like doing sport and listening to music very much. Im mad about being in contact with nature at weekends: Relaxing atmospheres, friendly people and sometimes only listening to the nature sounds makes me feel really well.

6 My name is Encarna Hidalgo, teacher of Social Science at IES Carrasco I Formiguera. I like teaching very much either the youngest ones who I wrk Geography or the XX Century History or the cheeky oldest ones who I teach Art History. In my free time I like beng outdoor walking on the beach or in the country, swimming or looking up at the sky. I also love doing nothing and lett the time goes by. Other pleasures are reading, food and cooking always with a good company and in front of a glass of wine. My name is Maria Escribano, teacher of French at IES Carrasco I Formiguera School. In my free time I like walking along deserted beaches and talking to people I havent met before. My name is Jaime Parra. Im a teacher of Spanish languageand Literature. My areas of work are both comparative Literature and Art in any of their many manifestations. In my free time I collect miniature books. Best Wishes! Im Antonia Martinez Guirao form the Mathematics Department. Im the oldest teacher at this school. However the illusion and anxiety about new pedagogical adventures invade me and here I am ready to learn from everyone and if it is possible to bring my little grain of sand.

7 Group 3rd A

8 Group 1 HELLO! We are a group of young people from one School in Barcelona. Its name is Carrasco and Formiguera. Our names are: Daniel, Quim, Núria and Nil. We like meeting new friends from other cities. When we go out with our friends we like: going to the cinema, going drinking in a bar, talking, walking along the street...

9 Núria: Im a girl. I am 14 years old. Im very funny, a little selfish, talkative, nice, had-working and outgoing. Nil: Im a boy. Im 14 years old. Im hard-working, sociable, envious and a little selfish. Quim:Im a boy. Im 14 years old. Im sociable, a little lazy, envious and talkative. Daniel: Im a boy. Im 14 years old. Im lazy, sad, talkative and shy with girls.

10 GROUP 2 Hello! We are Joel, Bru and Pau. We are going to the same class at school. But in Primary, we were studying at different schools. We like playing football and basket, Bru and Joel are good at playing tennis and Pau is good at judo. We are solidary, funny and happy. We like this music: SKA, reggae, punk and heavy. In the scool we are hard-working and serious. In this foto, we are in the stairs of school

11 Im Pau. Im a very nervous and happy boy. But sometimes Im agressive because I have got a bad temper. I like Heavy Metal and Dark Metal Music very much. la música heavy metal. I m quite tall, a bit thin and I practise Karate and I do a lot of sport. Helo, my name is Joel. Im 13. Im a cool boy, friendlyand funny, but sometimes Im shy and untidy. I like the jungling and the acrobatics. Im good at tennis and Im interested in cycling. My favorite music is punk, SKA, and Oi. And when Im relaxed I like the raggae. My name is Bru, Im 14, I like computer games, my favorite game is counter- strike. I like playing basfketball and football. About music, I like rock, the soul, the blues and reggae. Im a fan of Barça football team. The best football player of Barça is Rivaldiño.

12 Weve known each other for many years. We met at kuindergarten when we were three years old, and we are still very close friends. We share many things and we know the way the others think and feel.

13 Xènia, Paula and Aida I am Paula and I am 14 years old. I am nice and shy. My favorite actors are Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and Johnny Deep.I like reading everything ecxept realistic books I and surfing to the Internet. My name is Xènia, I am 14 years old.Im nice, not very shy, and very impulsive,I always say the things as they go out for me, and it is sometimes a fault, Im very outgoing. I like dancing and I do jazz. My favorite actors are Orlando Bloom and Josh Harttnet. I am Aida, Im 14 years old. I am nice and sometimes I am a bit crazy. Sometimes I am undecided.I like going to the cinema very much and going out with my friends. My favourite singer is Alejandro Sanz. My favorite actors are Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, for my she is the best actress.

14 Team presentation (group 4)

15 Name: Manuel Ortega Years: 14 years old From: Spain Hobbyes: Playing computer games and the lord of the ringsbook and film. Name: Soufiane Bouzouf Years: 14 years old From: Morroco Hobbyes: Playing basketball, computer games and drawing manga. Name: Daniel Méndez Years: 14 years old From: Spain Hobbyes: Playing football, computer games and cars.

16 GROUP FIVE There are 3 members in the group. Our names are Maria, Albert and Sara. We have got several hobbies in common. We like music,but our preferences are not the same. Albert enjoys hip-hop, Maria loves catalan rock and Sara prefers Pop music. We also like animals and going out with friends. Albert enjoys fishing and playing basketball. Maria enjoys travelling and drawing and I love to play football and playing with my rabbit. We love to enjoy ourselves, when we are together we like laughing. We dont like studying or talking about exams very much,but we have to do it!

17 Team 6 Hello! Our name are Jessie, Ferran and John.We are 14 years old. We love the rap music, the punk and the reggae. We like going to the cinema with our friends and doing things together.We also like the snow and the sports that practice it as the ski, the snow blade and the snowboard. We like at the end of week to leave out to some place and to have fun.

18 Team 6 Hi! My name is Jessie. I am 14 years old, I measure a meter 73 and I have got brown eyes and brown hair, I like wearing surfer and skater clothes for example wide shoes, wide pants and wide sweaters with hood from quiksilver, vans and billabong marks. I love the manga, the animation and the role and the Japanese culture in general, I like reading books as the Lord of the Rings. I like the punk, the rap and the Celtic music. Hello! My name is John and Im 14, I measure a meter 67 and I have got brown eyes and hair. I love the television! I like watching a lot of things on the TV. I love doing sports and I play basketball in a team. I like the cinema and the music. Hello my name is Ferran and Im 14. I have got green eyes and blond hair. I like the ska, the punk and the reggae. I like the skin ideals. I like football and I play it in an important team in Barcelona. I like going to concerts with my friends and I dont like police very much. We are like that! Friendly!

19 GROUP 7 We were born in Barcelona in 1989. We live in Guinardó district. We have known us since we were kids, because we went to the same school and now, we go together to the same High School IES. Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera. We are friends and weve done a lot of things together: skiing, going to the beach, going to a fairground... we share many hobbies: music, sports (specially basketball). We enjoy when were together or with other friends, we like going out with them. Next Martí, Oriol and Quim. IES Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera, 3th A QUIM MARTÍ ORIOL

20 Martí My names Martí and Im fourteen, I live in Barcelona. Ive got a sister, shes eighteen. My parents are teachers and my sister is studying. I love sports and music. I play the guitar and I like listening to music and I also play in a basketball team with my friends. I like going out with my friends. Im cheerful and hard-working but I also like sleeping a lot! Oriol My names Oriol and also, Im fourteen. Ive got a twin brother, Marc, two more little brothers, Sergi and Albert, and a big sister, Edurne. I love basketball and I play it a lot. I play with my brother Marc in a team, called F.C. Martinenc. Also I like drawing and listening to music. Im a little lazy but Im witty, I like going out with my friends and to make trouble! Quim Im Quim and Im fourteen. I live in Barcelona with my father I havent got any brothers. I dont play any sport because Im a little lazy. I like ska music. I enjoy going out with my friends and going to concerts. My hobby are the computers: to programme, play computer games, make webs... Im intelligent and cheerful. At the weekend Ii like sleeping!


22 We like dancing, listening music and were loving !!! My name is Marta. I am 15 years old. I like Barcelona. My favorite singer is Eminem. My favorite hobby is listening to music. My name is Ariadna. Ive 14 years old. Ive one sister. She is 28 years old. I love babies and I like going shopping. My name is Andrea. I am 14 years old. I like going out with my friends and going to discos.

23 PRESENTATION OF GROUP 9 We like the music hip-hop very much, the music pop, rock, hip-hop, rap. We like Eminem a lot. We like going out very much and above all going to the cinema, and we are charmed with going away to thematic parks especially Port Aventura. We love the computers and to connect ourselves to Internet.

24 Hello Im Mireia and I am 14 years old. I like living in Catalonia very much. Also I like the sport, in general, but above all the basket and the football. My team is the Barça. Also it she likes to listen music, which mas I like is the hip-hop. I like to go to the cinema, though it I goes rarely. Hello I am the Noemi have 14 years and live in Barcelona. I like to go out very much with my friends and going to the discotheque with them, also me much likes to listen to music while I am in Internet. Me much likes to know new people to do new friends. My favorite sport is the swimming but also me much likes to play to volei. The cinema also is one of my passions. I am very nice and extrovert. I like to go out and to do very much friends. I like the cinema of terror, the music I like much, overcoat rap. I do dance, go to a school of dance. I go out with my friends and gustaria to do the return to the world and to travel everywhere, i would be going to live through My London or Austrália.

25 Group 10 We are intested in new things, especially with sex. We are young and we want to live life at the top !

26 Ainara:I enjoy fun and I love laughing. I really like to Meet new friends. I think Im quite sociable and I love To give my opinion about everything. Jamila:I like all colours, specially bright ones. Ive got a strong personality. I love being with the people I love. Guillem: I like joking. My teachers say I could get better marks but, I dont really like school work. I try to meet different kinds of people.

27 Group 3rd.B

28 Hello! We are one group of three boys of Catalonia. Our names are Ernest, Guillem and Marc. We live in Barcelona, and we study at a high school, Carrasco i Formiguera. My name is Guillem, Im fourteen and Im from Barcelona in Catalonia. I think Im a happy and relaxed person. Im very interested in skates and I love basketball. Im very sociable and Ive got a lots of friends. My name is Ernest. Im fourteen and Im from Barcelona, in Catalonia. Im rude and rebel person. Im very interested in ska, reggae and Oi! Music, and I love the culture of 69. I hate study and Im good at basketball. I prefer listening to music or watching TV. My name is Marc, Im fourteen and Im from Barcelona, in Catalonia. Im very relaxed and fool person.I hate study and Im good at basketball. I love Oi! and soul music. Im very unsociable and rebel. GOODBYE!

29 GROUP 2: Who we are? We are a group of very varied boys: a catalanist, a democrat and a Communist. We are good students and everybody feels the Barça football club colours: red and dark blue. Àlex Soriano Martín I like basketball, and to be with my friends. I am an active consumer Martí Olivé Gallart I like hockey, ski and to be with my friends. I like to speak of Catalan politics. Eduard Romay Yubero I like basketball. I am sportive, but I like to be sitting in a sofa and watch TV. I like neither authority, nor hypocrisy.

30 PRESENTATION ( GROUP 3) Hi! We are three girls, we are 14 years old. We live in Barcelona capital.We are studying in I.E.S. Manuel Carrasco and Formiguera. We are very friends. However were very different. Elena/ Gina/ Silvia.

31 INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION Hi! My nam(es Elena, Im 14 years old. I like playing sports, listening to music, reading detective stories and playing chess very much. Im very interested in astronomy. My favourite colour is blue. I think Im outgoing but sometives Im a little shy.

32 INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION Hi! Im Silvia, Im 14 years old. Im from Barcelona. I love Hiphop and R&B too. I love meeting friends and R$B too. Im a little lazy for studying, but Im very outgoing and fashionable

33 Hi ! Im Gina! I love doing sport every day; tennis,snowboard,surf. My favourite book is The Lord of the Rings I want to travel to Hawaii, this is my dream. Im an active and a liberal person. Bye! INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION

34 (Group 4) We are these beautiful girls and this is our city Hello! We are three girls and we are fourteen years old. We live in Barcelona we go to Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera Secondary school. We are very different people but we are close friends. Our city is next to the Mediterranian sea. Its between two rivers (Besòs i Llobregat) and the Collserola mountain. Its a beautiful city but there is a lot of pollution. It was the city where the Olympics Games took place in 1992 and now its the city of the 2004 forum.

35 One by one Hi! My name is Alba, Im fourteen years old. I live in a beautiful city.Its name is Barcelona and I love living here. I like listening to music and watching tv. Im outgoing. Hello! My name is Marta and Im fourteen.I live in Barcelona and I go to Carrasco i Formiguera School. I love doing sports, listening to music, animals and swimming. I think that Im a very talkative and outgoing person but a little bit shy. Hi! My names Clara. I live in Barcelona but I dont like this city. I like playing basketball and listening to music. I think Im hard-working at school but Im very lazy at home. I like going out with my friends.

36 Group 5 Rubén, Oscar and Ferran

37 Group 6 What are we like? We are: Anna Blanch: shes outgoing, hard- working, friendly and pessimist. Her colours are blue and purple. Anna Blanco: shes quiet, nice, embarrassed and shy. Her colour is blue. Judit: shes funny, friendly, sociable and sincere. Her colour is orange.

38 Group 7 Jordi, Gisela and Melissa Hello! We are three teenengers of the school Manuel Carrasco and Formiguera.We are interested in knowing the opinions of other people of our age and also that other people know our opinion if they know us. We live in catalunya that is in Spain and we like to have everything, have the sea, the mountains and the small city fishermen. Since we are fighters and nationalists.. Gisela: hello I call Gisela have 14 years old I like much the cinema the theatre and the music, also I like to make dance jazz i go out with the friends, and the animals.Jordi: HelloI am called Jordi have 14 years old i likes básquet and go out with the friends Melissa: Hello I am called Melissa have 14 years old I like much quite the related thing to music and mode rap or hip-hop, also me the cinema likes i the theatre i to go out with the friends

39 Group 8 José and Marta

40 Group 9 Hello! How are you? Where are you from? How old are you? What is you fauvorite sport? We study in the I.E.S Carrasco i Formiguera.In this photograph we are in the corridor of the second floor.

41 Hello, my name is Francesc. I am 14 years old. I live In Barcelona. Im Interested in playing tennis and football. I think, I am a shy and nervous person. I also like reading books. Hello, my name is David. I have14 years old. Ilive in Bracelona. I play Waterpolo, i am the goalkeper in the catalonia team. I am an Spain champion. I like the comics And the videogames. My fauvorite games are theFinal Fantasy. Hi! My name is Oscar. I have 14 years old. I live in Barcelona and all My friends too. I like the videogames, my fauvorite is Super smash bros melee, and read comics. I am a hard-working, reliable, generous and very competitive person Hello my name is Arnau. I live in Barcelona with my parents.I like the sports and computers.


43 WE ARE... Hello, Im Irene, Im fourteen. I live in Barcelona with my sister and my parents. I like playing basketball, listening to music, going out with my friends and making new friends.I hate cleaning my room.I think Im talkative, funny, outgoing and a bit lazy. Hi! my name is Yuri. Im fourteen years old. Im from barcelona. My hoobies are doing sport, and watching T.V. My favourite music is catalan pop-rock and rap. Hello! My names Miriam. I live in Barcelona, in Guinardó. My hobbies are doing sport, specially volleyball. I Like going out with my friends. Im a very nervous and generous person, Im very talkative.

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