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SPORT and GAMES Dátum : 24.6.2005 Autor : Mgr. Kolenčíková Monika.

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1 SPORT and GAMES Dátum : 24.6.2005 Autor : Mgr. Kolenčíková Monika

2 KONVERZÁCIA V ANGLICKOM JAZYKU Indoor and outdoor Summer and winter Verbs go, do, play

3 ANOTÁCIA Táto téma je zameraná na upevnenie a rozvoj komunikatívnych zručností na tému šport a hry. Cieľom tejto dvojhodinovky je rozvoj slovnej zásoby a prehĺbenie si vedomostí v športovej oblasti a pochopenie dôležitosti športovania.


5 INDOOR AND OUTDOOR Look at these pictures, describe the activities and explain which of them are the most and the least dangerous for you.

6 Divide these sport activities into indoor and outdoor and find the difference between them! Bowling, light athletics, billiard, long distance run, hurdle race, gymnastics, track and field events, snooker, playing darts INDOOR bowling billiard gymnastics snooker playing darts OUTDOOR light athletics long distance run hurdle race track and field events

7 Which of the following sports are and are not suitable for old people and children and why?


9 SUMMER AND WINTER Give examples and find differences between summer and winter sports.


11 Name the folloving summer and winter sports and compare the advantages and disantvatages of them.

12 Do you think that extreme sports should be banned? Explain your idea.

13 How many sports or games does he represent? Ice-hockey Baseball Tennis Canoe Diving Boxing Swimming Football

14 Fill in the columns below and use your dictionary to look up any new words that you need. sports people placeEquipment needed Football Aerobic Tennis

15 sports people placeEquipment needed GoalkeeperStadionBall FootballFootbalerFootball pitch boots Referee AerobicAerobic dancer GymMusic clothes TennisTennis player Tennis courtTennis rocket net ball Referee


17 Write in PLAY, GO or DO. There are three of each Tennis Exercises Jogging Athletics Voleyball Aerobics Football Fishing Skiing play do go do play do play go

18 Match the definitions of using PLAY, DO, GO with the following ones. Ball games -ing forms Often an exercise activity, not ending in –ing PLAY GO DO

19 How do sports and games develope personality and inteligence? What is your attitude to sport? Write an essey(between 120- 150 words)

20 Ďakujem : PaedDr. V. Chlebinovej Mgr. J. Chlebinovi Mgr. R. Badáňovi

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