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Sport as instrument in tackling homophobia Ben Baks Judith Schuijf Johan van de Ven.

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1 Sport as instrument in tackling homophobia Ben Baks Judith Schuijf Johan van de Ven

2 Tackling homophobia 4 steps: Introduction 1Facts & Figures aboutlgbt sport and homophobia 2Coalition building in Europe and The Netherlands 3Agenda building strategy - sport as tool - sport as means to a goal 4 Pitfalls and Successes Discussion

3 About us EGLSF and Homosport Nederland aim to fight for the human right to a respectable place for gays & lesbians in regular sport; To oppose discrimination in sports; promote integration and mutual understanding in sports among regular and gay & lesbian sport organisations in Europe. source: European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation Statutes, article 6

4 Facts & Figures European Federation

5 Facts & Figures Homosport Nederland 53 LGBT Sport Clubs 24 different sports offered estimated number of 700.000 LGBTs 75-78% LGBTs practiced sport in last 12 months

6 Facts & Figures Homosport Nederland Most popular lgbt sports Netherlands: MenWomenClubs o FitnessAthleticsVolleyball o SwimmingFitnessSwimming o AthleticsTennisBadminton o Volleyball VolleyballSoccer o Tennis SwimmingFitness

7 Facts & Figures EuroGames

8 Facts & Figures Europe EuroGames trailer EuroGames Munich 2 min

9 Facts & Figures Europe Local authorities denounce lgbts making use of a sport facility Mainstream Sport Federation denounces lgbt sportclub official membership No official to volunteer in being Rapporteur of a workshop about homophobia

10 Homophobic incidents in popular sport Premier League Football player Refos: If God had wanted gays, he would have allowed them to have children

11 Homophobic incidents in popular sport The Daily Mirror about the Dutch UEFA referee John Blankenstein: Tonights Ref is gay

12 Homophobic incidents in popular sport Fans of very popular footballclub: Our goalkeeper is not gay! The Board gives in: Goalkeeper wont play in a pink jersey

13 Building of coalitions European citizens European institutions Professionals in sport Grassroots organisations European sportorganisations Coalitons on national level

14 European citizens opinion 81%: Sport encourages dialogue between cultures 59%: Sport counters all forms of discrimination 68%: European Union should be more active in promoting education through sport source: European Commission; Sport Barometer, 2003

15 Consultative member of Council of Europe Homophobia should be combated in the same way as racism and other forms of discrimination The main platform for further action is at national level source: Committee of Sport Ministers; Council of Europe, 2004

16 Alliances with professionals Belgian Premier League football player Cisse Severeijns in a Belgian weekly magazine: Homosexuality is accepted in the rest of the society, so why not in football?

17 Partnership with FARE S how football the pink card

18 Alliance with UEFA Homophobia is to be included in UEFAs ten point action plan against racism in football source: UEFA conference workshop: other forms of discrimination, 2006

19 Coalitons on national level Official membership Netherlands Olympic Federation Official membership of Netherlands Cultural Sport Federation

20 Coalitons on local level EuroGames I, II and X in The Hague and Utrecht City Councils Holland Garden at Outgames, City councils Amsterdam and Utrecht.

21 Agenda building strategy Sport as goal Lgbt sport bridges the gap to regular sport lgbt customers of regular sport sport activates the lgbt Sport as a tool for integration coalition with lgbt friendly sport organisations capacity building within lgbt community visibility of lgbt in sport fair play & tolerance in sport as bandwagon

22 Pitfalls Professionals or Sport for all? Who is responsible for integration of lgbts? Is diversity really accepted? Cases of animosity & sexual harassment among lgbt sporters Does practicality and politics balance? Different perceptions of central government and sport administrations role

23 Successes Different programmes are being developed LGBT sport associations become members of mainstream sport Coalitions with fair play, equality and human rights organisations EuroGames as stepping stone for lgbt Some professionals have come out

24 Workshop questions: 1 Does Sport for All and Human Rights turn lgbts on? 2 Sport an alternative for the virtual world? Does this have any significance for the coalitionbuillding strategy?

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