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Inspiring Learning YASS Kitty Chilcott YASS Project Officer.

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1 Inspiring Learning YASS Kitty Chilcott YASS Project Officer

2 YASS? Young Applicants in Schools Scheme

3 What is it? A partnership between The Open University and schools, funded by the Scottish Funding Council Allows S6 pupils to experience Higher Education level study alongside their other subjects Students can choose from a range of OU modules at SCQF level 7 Give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of their Higher and Advanced Higher subjects or try a topic which is not available in school An opportunity to improve skills such as independent learning and time management

4 From small beginnings YASS was introduced in Scotland as a pilot with Highland Council 2007/08 In its first year 30 students from 10 schools took part in the programme In 2012/13 nearly 600 students from 100 schools across Scotland took part We now have YASS students in the Boarders, Dumfries and Galloway, Highlands & Islands, Fife, Edinburgh and Glasgow

5 What are the benefits of YASS? ITS FREE – all 10 & 15 point module fees are completely covered by SFC funding* Builds confidence and assists the transition from school to university Helps make UCAS applications stand out *Some students are eligible for full funding for larger point modules An opportunity to experience university level study and develop important skills such as independent study and time management Students can study subjects that may not otherwise be available in school

6 Who are YASS students? o Not just the top 5% o Motivated o Committed o Interested o Able to meet deadlines

7 What are the demands of YASS? Students will: o Have responsibility for own learning o Develop critical thinking and research skills Workload: o Alongside S6 study Time management: o 6-16 hours study per week

8 Structure of modules and average hours of study Points at SCQF Level 7 DurationWeekly workload 104 months6 – 8 hours 154 months8 - 10 hours 306 months14 – 16 hours 308/9 months8 – 10 hours 608/9 months16 hours

9 YASS modules 32 modules are offered in: Arts and Humanities Business Studies Computing Education Engineering & Technology Environment Financial Management Health & Social Care Languages Law Mathematics Science Social Sciences Sport & Fitness

10 Top rated modules An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland (W150) Molecules, medicine and drugs (SK185) Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting (B190) Galaxies, stars and planets (S177) Living without oil: chemistry for a sustainable future (S176) Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis (S186) Understanding the autism spectrum (SK124)

11 Feedback from students *Statistics from a recent survey of YASS students from 2012/13 91% stated that taking a YASS module helped them to prepare for Higher Education or the workplace Of those who had interviews for university/college, 100% said they mentioned their YASS experience in the interview 100% referred to their YASS module in their UCAS personal statement 86% said they found the module to be suitable for their abilities

12 Benefits for school and students The YASS programme gives some schools the opportunity of offering their S6 students valuable level 7 provision in subject areas that would not otherwise be available to them Enriches academic profile of the school There is no cost to the school

13 Role of the School All participating schools must nominate a teacher to be the school co-ordinator Make sure the students understand the commitments of YASS and have a good understanding of the modules Co-ordinate and submit applications Check students have online access and module materials Co-ordinators can decide how much they want to be involved in monitoring students progress Monitor

14 Who participates in YASS? 2012/13 600 students from over 100 schools took a YASS module 90% of the schools taking part in YASS are local authority schools Twenty-eight of Scotlands 32 local authorities have schools participating in YASS In AY 2011/12 five target schools took part in the YASS scheme. Last year this increased to 12.

15 Open University in Scotland and YASS The Open University in Scotlands outreach strategy for widening access is based on proactive work with partners across Scotland and the use of flexible modular provision to facilitate routes into higher education that are appropriate to the individual learner

16 Contact Details Kitty Chilcott YASS Project Officer The Open University in Scotland 10 Drumsheugh Gardens Edinburgh EH3 7QJ Tel: 0131 5497982 Email:

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