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Rotherham sport enterprise challenge Lauren, Umar, Eve, Tehya.

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1 Rotherham sport enterprise challenge Lauren, Umar, Eve, Tehya

2 We are the Sports enterprise group. After brainstorming with several ideas, sponsored run, sponsored walk, football match but we finally decided on a basketball shootout. We have accepted the challenge to raise money for Rotherham hospice and are looking forward to embracing this challenge. Product and Service Design Introduction

3 Survey of Strengths Umar Eve Lauren Tehya We filled in our survey of strengths to see who would be well suited to each job role, by our strengths. We also checked to see if we could improve anything after the event.

4 Leadership – Job Roles Managing Director: Umar Queshie Marketing: Eve Teasdale Production: Tehya Cox Accountants: Tehya Cox and Umar Queshie Sales and marketing: Eve Teasdale Entertainment manager: Lauren Collumbine

5 Meet Our Team!. This will show you who had which job rolls: The whole team: planning, organising, designing Timing the event: Tehya and Lauren Counting baskets at the event: Umar, Tehya, Eve and Lauren Finances : Tehya and Umar

6 We had to negotiate with one of our enterprise teams to purchase tickets slightly cheaper than there actual price as this showed we were also supporting them as well as getting a good deal for our team to use as one of our prizes. We used our powers of persuasion to influence people to come and have a go on the day. Negotiating and Influencing

7 Great teamwork was the key to our event being a great success. We communicated well throughout our challenge which helped us overcome any barriers. With good organisation, set responsibilities and positive attitudes our goals were all achievable. Skills in Action – Team Work

8 Organising and Planning

9 We are holding a Basketball shootout challenge on Friday 15th November with a chance to win - First Prize: £20 JD sports voucher, Second Prize: A Voucher to attend the Cracking Christmas Curries evening, Third Prize: A Basketball All you need to do is shoot as many basketballs into the ring in 1 minute. You can have an adult to join in after school to boost up your score! This will cost £1 to enter a second attempt will cost 50p. Basketball challenge Effective Communication - Advertisement

10 We took a risk having our event on the same the day as Children in Need as we knew we were asking a lot of people to support both worthy charities. The flip side was we knew it would just add to the fun of the day if we could pull it off all on the same day. Taking a Risk

11 Creativity and Innovation We were creative and had to diced which event to design our poster to advertise the event. We knew how sporty our school are an knew this was a great idea. We had to solve lots of problems because we arranged this on the same day as Children in Need. We all had a sparkle in our eye and knew this idea would work.

12 Positive Attitude Although our event fell on the same day as Children in Need we had to remain positive that we could still make the event a success. Our main concern was that as both event were for such worthy charities people might not have the money to support both charities so near to Christmas. Remaining a positive working team, we advertised well and made our event a great success.

13 Initiative We wanted to create a sporting challenge that would appeal to a wider ordinance rather than just the football mad boys in our school. After surveying the playground at lunchtime we realized that many children enjoyed trying to score a basket in our basketball rings. From this we bounced a few ideas around between ourselves and the other pupils and came up with our event.

14 Problem Solving We came across a few problems while organising our event, timing the event in order to prevent disruption to the rest of the school was a obstacle that took some over coming. With effective communication and listen skills we were able to work out solutions that everyone agreed with.

15 Making Ethical Decisions We had to make sure that our event was accessible to everyone with fair outcomes and nobody being at an advantage or disadvantage.

16 Financial Literacy We used our financial literacy to help us decided how and what we were going to use our money for. We also had to convince people it was a great opportunity to not only support the charity with a good chance of winning a fantastic prize. Using our knowledge and working out our possible targets we had to price our event accordingly so that as many people took part as possible. In total we raised £70.55 and are very proud of our achievements. ENTERPRISE LISA TYZACK DateDescriptionCost 12/11/2013RECEIVED FROM SOLICITORS£50.00 12/11/2013SPORTS VOUCHER-£20.00 15/11/2013BASKETBALL CHALLENGE£110.75 15/11/2013CURRY NIGHT TICKETS-£20.00 11/12/2013REFUND SOLICITOR-£50.00 £70.75

17 In Action

18 1 st - Cole Weston 2 nd - Ruby Moors- Roebuck & Tumbikani Chuba 3 rd Sam Lancashire Winners

19 Outcomes/Celebration After the challenge the children were asked if they enjoyed the challenge here are their replies it was great fun and I really enjoyed myself it was a amazing experience however it was really exhausting it was brilliant I cant believe I won I cant wait to spend my voucher Thank You

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