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Sports and Geometry Wenkan Yu.

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1 Sports and Geometry Wenkan Yu

2 Shapes Soccer Basketball Football Badminton

3 Shapes Rectangular: Basketball Court; Volleyball Court; Tennis Court;
Ping-Pong Table; Soccer Field; Football Field, Swimming Pool, etc. Some Irregular Shape: Baseball: Sector Shape Wrestling: Circle Shape Golf: Banded Field

4 Angles, Arcs and Lines Hockey Soccer

5 Angles, Arcs and Lines Basketball Football

6 Special Plays Basketball Triangle Offense
After transition, the Lakers set the offense. Pau Gasol(31) sprints to the left side of the lane while Bryant (8) cuts to the strong side block. Ron Artest(9) passes to Lamar Odom(7) and makes a shallow cut to the right corner. The Lakers are now set in the triangle, where spacing is key. Bryant, who is a threat from either the perimeter or the post, sets up on the block. Odom passes to RA. Bryant seals the defender who tries to prevent No. 8 from catching the ball. RA throws a lob to Bryant, who spins, makes the catch and finishes

7 Special Plays Decide the direction of the kick shot to be taken
Pool Ball: Every single stroke of the game is connected to geometry. Decide the direction of the kick shot to be taken Hold the cue stick with the tip pointed at the center of the object ball Mark the exact spot of the billiard cue where it intersects the rail with your thumb and finger. (making sure the cue is perpendicular to the rail) Look straight down to the floor from the spot on the pool cue marked by your thumb and finger. (keep the cue perpendicular to the billiard table and the tip on the edge of the rail) Lift the pool cue and place the butt end directly on the spot marked by your toe on the floor Look past or through the pool cue back at the center of the cue ball

8 Special Plays “Playing the angles”---The Geometry of the soccer goalkeeper The closer the goalkeeper can get to the shooter, the less net area the shooter has available as a target. Corner: Positioned at the place in the goal crease where he/she can move most efficiently to block either a kick, a volley, or a header that will be attempted on the corner kick. Free kick: Positioned depend on the angle between the ball placement and the goal; takes up a position where he/she can see around the wall, without entirely eliminating his/her ability to move laterally along the goal line to respond. Breakaway: Goalkeeper rushes at the shooter to cut down the angle.

9 Football Rectangle Field, divided into three smaller rectangles by the two goal lines at either end of the field "plane of the playing field" places a heavy emphasis on angles put players into the proper positions to move the ball and score points Offense: create angles Defense: cut down angles

10 Baseball “Diamond” Field
The catcher plays behind the home plate pentagon while the batter stands in a rectangle on either side of home plate in an area referred to as the batter’s box.  The infield defense play in the infield lanes that are formed by the bases and an arc that encloses the base running area.  The outfield defense plays in the grassy area beyond the infield that is enclosed by a wall that forms a bigger arc that is hundreds of feet from home plate where the batter is attempting to hit the ball.  The total area within this conical shape creates more space than can be easily covered by the defense allowing for hits that are not home runs which is a hit over the far arc’s walls.

11 Thank you

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