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Craig Stanton AD/ Head Football

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2 Craig Stanton AD/ Head Football
Grew up in Burleson, TX and graduated from Burleson High School Received bachelors from Northwood University Received masters from Tarleton I believe that athletics is the ultimate character builder. You only get out of it, what you put into it!

3 Coaching Staff Jeff Richters Will Sloan Coy Barker Troy Doyle
Mitch Williams Gared Chandler Jim Kirk Rex Unruh Greg Yeager Bobby Pierce Heather Richters Cheryl Moran Billy McCreight Mitch Williams Helen McCormack Kari Yeager Yvonne Speer Andrea Wimberly

4 Wildcat Athletics Program Philosophy

5 The Whole Child Our #1 goal is to help create a well rounded, productive individual that will be a major contributor to their community as an adult. To achieve this, we will not focus on the “athlete” only. We care as much about the student, as we do the athlete.

6 The Whole Child We strongly encourage all athletes to play more than one sport. Participating in Band, Drama, Ag, Choir, Cheerleading, etc. and athletics is a wonderful experience and all athletes will have the opportunity to do so. The athletic program will be flexible and work with the athletes so they can participate in multiple activities. Any work that was missed will have to made up and it will be up to the head coach on how that is handled.

7 The ATHLETIC Program Total Program Starts at the Middle School
Middle school program must be committed to building the program 1st and winning 2nd The middle school program must mirror the high school program. Must be an Athletic Program offering multiple sports, not a bunch of independents fighting for survival

8 The ATHLETIC Program WHS Athletics Football/ Volleyball Basketball
Baseball/ Softball Track/Cross Country Power Lifting Tennis/ Golf

9 The ATHLETIC Program The entire high school program will have a mandatory performance enhancing- injury prevention program in season and in the offseason. The middle school will be introduced to the weight room both in season and offseason as well. The weight room is used for injury prevention first, performance enhancement second.

10 The ATHLETIC Program Weight room sessions that are conducted before school or after school are not extra. It is a valuable part of being an athlete and are necessary to the health of the athlete and the success of the program. We will not ask an athlete to lift on game day. (Sub-varsity or varsity).

11 Player Expectations Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
Student 1st, Athlete 2nd Servant leaders on campus Be a positive example for the student body Disciplined Enthusiastic Play more than one sport

12 Discipline Discipline is something we do FOR the athletes, not something we do TO them It has to come from a culture of being a part of something bigger than yourself It starts with the little things…

13 Discipline- The Little Things
Standardized dress Clean Locker rooms Starting on time Sense of urgency (movement) Controlling emotions Vertically and horizontally aligned warm-ups (helps athletes transition between sports) Consistent language between sports (break outs) Proper behavior in the classroom Respectful dialog with coaches

14 Discipline- The Big Things
Deal Breakers- Removal for one calendar year Charged with selling drugs or charged with possession of illegal drugs Caught stealing from a teammate

15 Discipline- Major Infractions
Alcohol use or alcohol related infractions Insubordination (telling a coach “No”) Arrested or charged with any criminal or illegal activity 1st offense 20% of season 2nd offense 40% of season 3rd offense removal from athletics

16 Wildcat Family Be a part of something bigger than yourself
The TEAM take priority over the individual The pinky toe is just as important as the heart (know your role and embrace it). Every athlete will get coached and be given the same opportunities. It is up to the athlete to take advantage of those opportunities.

17 Playing Time Playing time will be determined by the head coach of each sport. The coach’s first responsibility is to the team’s and the program’s success. Any concerns about playing time need to be addressed with the athletes head coach 1st. Playing time at the sub-varsity levels will be spread out as evenly as possible. At the varsity level, we will play the athletes that we fell give us the best chance to win.

18 Program Goals 100% Passing Timeline of Success
Play Football on Thanksgiving Play Volleyball in November Play Boys and Girls Basketball in March Play Baseball and Softball in June Power Lift during Spring Break Run Track in May Get players as much college exposure as possible. Placing kids in college is one of the overall district goals and we can help with that.

19 Questions of Concerns Office Phone: (254)694-7510
Athletic Website: Booster Club!/whitney.athleticboosters

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