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Concerns and Issues Faced by Families of Concussed Youth Athletes Katherine Snedaker, MSW February.

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1 Concerns and Issues Faced by Families of Concussed Youth Athletes Katherine Snedaker, MSW February 2013

2 Are all parents concerned about concussions in youth sports? Section One 2013

3 No Concerns are often at extremes Parents are very concerned v. not at all Only parents, who really get it, have had a concussed child Concern also varies by sport Concern varies by geography 2013

4 Attitudes are changing Starting to be aware of the risks and possibility of injury Aware of risk in general, but not as risk to their own child Denial that their child will get a concussion Most often concerned about purchasing best/safest equipment Generally want data on the risks compared to other sports 2013

5 Is Concussion Education a no brainer? Sports organization hesitate to require parental education When voluntary, few parents attend When mandatory, parents make time Parents support mandatory coaches/athlete training Parents concerned with long term effects of TBI have already experienced concussion 2013

6 Missing pieces of the puzzle A mixed reaction when baseline testing offered Some view baseline testing as in someway preventative Parents unaware of what a concussion really is Parents do not understand spectrum of return to school and RTP System is missing the person to manage how child is doing and report to parents – MD, AT, School Guidance Counselor? 2013

7 Many barriers to treatment VERY FEW Parents understand the current and correct management of concussions Access to trained MDs is limited in many parts of the country Experts who exist have long waiting lists Experts accept patients based cause of injury or age of child 2013

8 How does having a concussed child change your life? Section Two 2013

9 The call Mrs. Snedaker, this is your sons coach and I am calling to tell you that James took a pretty hard hit to the head today in practice. This is the school nurse… Mom, I hit my head… 2013

10 When a child is concussed… Sudden medical crises Family routine changes Miss days of school Canceled vacations/social events Parents need to babysit child Parents ability to earn wages Less attention on siblings 2013

11 Why are concussions different? Invisible Injury Medical advice/terms vary between doctors, ER & TBI websites Management of concussion is inconsistent Parents are lost in how best to care for their child Perception of faking injury is real issue Parent needs to manage childs absence and return to school A concussion is the opposite of Strep Throat 2013

12 With a concussion… Length of crises unknown at start – days, weeks or more Lack of support by school, community and team parents Stress between parents if care plan is not mutually agreed upon Coping 24/7 with a cranky, hurting child with no screens Child cut off from their social life/friends/sport Mental health neglected in concussion management Diagnosis often challenged by friends and school 2013

13 Photos from Facing Concussion Project 2013


15 How can parents needs be addressed? Section Three 2013

16 The playing field Bad News Lacking Medical Training Lacking Education Lacking Research Lacking ATCs for schools and youth sports Good News Training exists online + free Educational materials exist Smart Phone Apps exist Books, pamphlets Movies, Videos 2013


18 Recommendations Based on my experience and sharing with my peers across the country 2013

19 Nurture Flow of Information Concussion management training for doctors CDC concussion education for all sport parents/athletes CDC concussion training for all youth coaches Teach parents how to support families with concussed athletes – takes a village 2013

20 Require Accountability 1 st step = Removing injured athlete from play = coach Coaches required to train in all youth sports Sports org and schools required to provide yearly injury stats 2013

21 Fund the future Experiment with different RTschool and RTP Plans Encourage new models using counseling (MSW, ATCs, Guidance counselors, etc) Encourage mental health support for families Research for more valid statistics + better diagnostic tools Fund more ATCs training and involvement on the fields of youth sports 2013

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