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Westfield School Sporting Offer to our Family of Schools 2013-14 An overview with how Westfield fit into the School Games structure and the Points Learning.

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1 Westfield School Sporting Offer to our Family of Schools 2013-14 An overview with how Westfield fit into the School Games structure and the Points Learning Network.

2 Key Roles at Westfield School Ian Spooner School Games Organiser, Points Learning Network Manager Most of you are probably aware of who Ian is. Under the previous government we had School Sports Partnership and Ian was the manager of the Points Partnership. When the funding for the partnerships was withdrawn Ian remained involved with Westfield in the capacity of School Games Organiser. He then attempted to keep the Points Partnership together in some capacity via the Points Learning Network. Helen Stevens Consultant at Westfield, Points Learning Network Strategic Manager Many of you will also know Helen and she used to be the School Sports Co-Ordinator at Westfield under the old structure of School Sports Partnerships. Under the School Games Structure, Helen works with Westfield in a consultancy capacity but will mainly be involved with schools in her role with the Points Learning Network. David Millns Schools Competition Organiser (Teacher Release Post), PE Teacher 24 months ago when the School Sports Partnerships were abolished nationwide, I was approached to work in the new structure. In the School Games Structure I was given a one day secondment with the remit of increasing Competitions, Festivals and Sporting Opportunities in and around our Community. That is what I aim to do. I work with a team of selected students at Westfield (Sports Leaders) to provide a range of competitions and festivals to KS1 and KS2 students. Some of the competitions offered fit into the School Games structure allowing the wining schools to progress further in a national competition structure. I have to log the number of leaders and schools I work with and evidence all that we do. Many of you need to be aware that I am now partly funded through the Sports Premium Funding you have. 2

3 How it all Links Together You will keep seeing key terms and names of organisations. Heres a run down about each one and how it all links together for your benefit. Points Learning Network Points Learning Network is a private organisation which many of you may have bought into. Schools but into the network of schools and receive a Core Offer. The Core Offer can be mad up of whatever you feel is needed on an educational front at your school. This may be coaches to deliver curriculum time, resources or CPD. Ian Spooner is the Manager or the Network but is also the area School Games Organiser. I (David Millns) works as Schools Competition Organiser and shares an office therefore works very closely with Ian Spooner. The biggest way in which the Network can link to what Westfield are doing and School Games is they can use the Core Offer to get support for their students in preparation for Festivals and events. E.g. they may choose to enter a Badminton Festival, so why not use the Core Offer to get a Badminton Coach in to help in the preparation. The Westfield Offer Westfield strive to offer as much opportunity as possible for the family of schools to come and compete using the Westfield Facilities. The school also strive to develop Young Leaders and allow them to interact with primary age children to aid transition and build closer links within the community. To achieve these aims, each school is sent an offer of competition and festivals at the start of each year and entry information for each event as it approaches. I (David Millns) am responsible for making this offer to all schools. All each school within the family has to do is commit to taking part and enter where possible. I (David Millns) provide the Westfield Offer and I am being partly funded by some of your Sports Premium, with this is mind please make the most of the offer provided. School Games School Games is a national initiative. It is a competition structure that allows progression from the earliest stage of local competition right through to National Championships. Many of what I (David Millns) organise through the Westfield Offer fits into the School Games structure. There may be other sports within the School Games that you are interested in but Westfield are not offering competitions in that field. It is my responsibility to help you enter any sport you wish. All each schools needs to do is register on the School Games Website and commit to the competitions they wish to enter. 3

4 Current Contacts Being Used Some schools seem concerned that they are not receiving the information about each festival/event/opportunity. Here are a list of PE contacts that is being used at present. Waterthorpe Nursery Infants School Thorpe Drive Waterthorpe Sheffield S20 7JU *Claire Robertson Halfway Nursery Infant School Station Road Halfway Sheffield S20 3GU *Louise Parker Beighton Nursery Infants School School Road Beighton Sheffield S20 1EG *Mick Thompson Mosborough Primary School New School Road Mosborough Sheffield S20 5ES *Debbie Hall Reignhead Primary School Platts Drive Beighton Sheffield S20 1FD *Kathryn Gostling Shortbrook Primary School Westfield Northway Westfield Sheffield S20 8FB *Zara Coulton, David Shepherd Halfway Junior School Halfway Centre Halfway Sheffield S20 4TA *Jamie Annerson, Angela Sweeney Brook House Junior School School Road Beighton Sheffield S20 1EG *David Spacey Emmanuel Methodist Junior School 10 Thorpe Drive Waterthorpe Sheffield S20 7JU *Kelly Barker If any of the details are incorrect, please contact me with the correct contact information at 4

5 Schools Involvement Last Year To show you the current level of engagement, here is a break down of how many children from each of the schools participated in Westfield organised competitions and festivals in the academic year 2012/2013. YEAR 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Competition Reignhead Primary22 Brook House Juniors20 Emmanuel Juniors20 YEAR 1/2 Christmas Multi Skills Festival Waterthorpe Infants47 Beighton Infants30 Reignhead Primary42 Shortbrook Primary28 YEAR 3/4 Key Steps Gymnastics Competition Mosborough Primary15 Reignhead Primary13 Brook House Juniors15 Emmanuel Juniors8 YEAR 5/6 Swimming Gala Reignhead Primary30 Halfway Juniors30 Brook House Juniors30 Zorb Balling Reignhead Primary10 Brook House Juniors10 Emmanuel Juniors10 YEAR 5/6 OAA Festival Reignhead Primary30 Brook House Juniors30 Y5/6 BISI Badminton Festival Reignhead Primary25 Halfway Juniors25 Brook House Juniors30 Y4/5/6 Tag Rugby Festival Reignhead Primary28 Shortbrook Primary32 Halfway Juniors30 Brook House Juniors29 Emmanuel Juniors32 Y5/6 BISI Badminton Festival Reignhead Primary32 Halfway Juniors25 Brook House Juniors30 Emmanuel Juniors30 YEAR 1/2 Ball Skills Festival Waterthorpe Infants45 Beighton Infants30 Reignhead Primary80 Y5 Kwik Cricket Festival Mosborough Primary35 Reignhead Primary35 Emmanuel Juniors15 London 2012 Legacy Conference Reignhead Primary60 Brook House Primary28 Inclusive (SEN) Sports Day Reignhead Primary15 Halfway Juniors9 Several Schools also invited Westfield to assist with the running of their sports days – they included Brookhouse Juniors, Shortbrook Primary, Reignhead Primary, Waterthorpe Infants and Emmanuel Juniors. Halfway Infants also invited us but their sports day was sadly rained off. 5

6 The Sporting Offer 2013/2014 Below is a break down of all the competitions/festivals that were offered to ALL schools at the start of this year. 6 Half Term 1 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 24/10/13 4:00-5:30pm Futsal Cup5/6Westfield School Sports Hall. Half Term 2 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 7/11/13 4:00-5:30pm Sports Hall Athletics Cluster Final Winners to progress into Partnership Finals. 5/6Westfield School Sports Hall. 13/12/13 12:30-2:30pm Christmas Festival (Multi Skills)1/2Westfield School Sports Hall. Half Term 3 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 16/1/14 4:00-5:30pm Key Steps Gymnastics Festival3/4Westfield School Activity Hall. 30/1/14 12:30-2:30pm Swimming Gala5/6Westfield School Pool. Half Term 4 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 7/3/14 All day Outdoor Adventurous Activity Festival6Westfield School Sports Hall. 20/3/14 All day Sport Relief Runs1/2/3/4/5/6Your School 8/4/14 12:30-2:30pm Badminton Skills Festival3/4/5/6Westfield School Sports Hall. Half Term 5 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 8/5/14 6:00-7:30pm Westfield Community Dance Show3/4/5/6Westfield Main Hall 15/5/14 12:30-2:30pm Ball Skills Festival1/2Westfield School Sports Hall. 23/5/14 All Day Rugby Development Day4/5/6Westfield School Field. Half Term 6 Date/Time CompetitionYear GroupsVenue 11/6/14 All day Kwick Cricket Festival Winners to progress into Partnership Finals. 4/5Eckington Cricket Club. 20/6/14 12:30-2:30pm Tri Golf Festival5/6Westfield School Astroturf. 27/6/14 All Day Inclusive Sports Day (SEN)1/2/3/4/5/6Westfield School. June and July (You choose date) All Day Your School Sports Days (offer available) We can either plan and lead your entire event or simply provide volunteers to run your pre planned day. 1/2/3/4/5/6At your schools/venues.

7 Additions to the Role In addition to the Sporting Offer, David Millns can help in other ways also. This includes… Curriculum Support Whether it be in the build up to a festival/competition or in accordance with your scheme of work, the Sports Leaders and I can assist with your PE Lessons. Additional Competitions If you want to enter additional competitions whether they be part of the School Games Structure or otherwise, I can help. Additional Opportunities If additional opportunities arise that may benefit your students, I will aspire to make sure you receive the relevant information. In the past these opportunities have included Olympic workshops can Cricket in the Classroom. Change4Life The Sports Leaders are currently working with a committed school providing a Change4Life after School Club for disengaged children. So far the club has been a huge success. If you feel this is something we can help set up at your school, I can facilitate this. CPD Opportunities Similar to other educational opportunities arising for your students, if CPD opportunities arise that may benefit your staff, I will be send it through to the PE contact. Networking As mentioned on a previous page, The Points Learning Network, what we are offering at Westfield and the School Games can all intertwine. I can help explain things and help the systems link for your school upon request. 7

8 Success Stories We have had some huge success stories regarding the Sports Leaders who have since left Westfield. Many of them have referred to their time as a Sports Leader as a factor to why they achieved all they have. Though this doesnt directly effect you, perhaps it may be beneficial for you to see how you are helping our students. Maybe these are your former students also. Elizabeth Sorsby Westfield Sports Leaders 2009-2013. Elizabeth (or Bessie as she is affectionately known to her friends) was quite simply a phenomenal student. She achieved fantastic GCSE grades and was heavily involved in every aspect of the Sports Leadership Academy. She was selected to be part of the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders and was also heavily involved with the Youth Sports Trust as a Young Ambassadors. Perhaps Bessies greatest achievement is that she has recently been selected from hundreds of applicants to be part of the National steering Group leading all new Young Ambassadors. Bessie is now studying A Levels at a high achieving 6 th form and plans to study at university. It is quite humbling to hear her say how much of her success stems from her involvement as a sports leader. Asha Mistry Westfield Sports Leaders 2008-2012 Asha was arguably one of Westfields most successful ever students. She too was noted for her incredible organisation skills and through being in the Sports Leaders Academy she developed a whole host of skills. She was selected for the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders and is still heavily involved. She has volunteered countless hours through this qualification and has worked closely with the Youth Sports Trust. Asha recently came second in the Youth Sports Trust Young Person of the Year Award. She is currently studying at Sheffield College and plans to extend her studies at University. Hayley Simpson Westfield Sports Leaders 2007-2011 Hayley's story is quite remarkable. She was a fantastic leader at Westfield and was quickly selected to be part of the Sheffield Academy of Young Leaders. She flourished in her role as a leader and volunteered for countless hours across the city. Hayley was last year selected to be a Games Maker at London 2012 at the age of 18 and said without the skills she learnt through being part of the Westfield Leadership Academy, she would never have had that opportunity. Hayley currently studying to be a PE teacher at Sheffield Hallam University. ALL ALL Interestingly, in the last 4 years ALL our of Sports Leaders left with 5A*-Cs including English and Maths. ALL going on to further study or employment. 8

9 Here to Help Westfield wants to make our family of schools are strong family. We believe sport can be at the heart of this. Sport can build relationships, develop confidence early and aid transition. Ultimately we are here to help. If your school need any support on a sporting front, please never hesitate to contact me. David Millns Schools Competition Organiser Westfield School Work - 0114 2485221 Personal Number - 07706163522 9


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