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Competitions Tournament Formats

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1 Competitions Tournament Formats
Title Objectives (what you should learn) Content (you should understand these issues) Competitions To look at the different types and levels of competitions that are commonly available. To consider the ways these competitions are organised and run. To consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different competition formats. Types of competitions used in all levels of sport, including knock-out, ladders and combination events which involve qualifying criteria. Different levels including examples of specific competitions and competition formats.

2 Competitions Tournament Formats
Review ‘Rachel’ Health & Safety hwk Revision pack for January mock exam (excellent resource!) Competitions Tournament Formats Objectives… BRONZE - will understand what ladder, round-robin, knock-out and combination tournaments are and identify examples in sport where they are used. SILVER - should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various tournament formats. GOLD - could plan a badminton or table tennis tournament for the GCSE group. Consider the format design, rules, length of the tournament, ability of the players (handicaps) and facilities available.

3 Round-Robin Tournaments
Every player/team plays every other player/team in their group or tournament. A fixture list in needed for the tournament to work. The table here is the current KS3 Astro25 and team A are the current leaders. The tournament can be represented visually as a league.

4 Ladder Tournaments Pyramid Tournament
Players should be seeded. Participants move up if they win and down if they lose. Players may challenge any of the three opponents above. A deadline date/time should be set by which a winner is declared. This type of tournament is best suited for individual sports because participants are ranked by ability when the tournament is completed. Pyramid Tournament An adaptation of the standard ladder tournament

5 Knockout Tournaments The tournament starts with a ‘draw’ to see who plays who. Once defeated, the team/player is eliminated. Also called elimination tournaments.

6 Combination Tournaments
This example shows a group stage (round-robin) followed by a knock-out. The group is used to ‘seed’ or ‘rank’ the four teams and there is an advantage to the team finishing 1st in the group as they play the 2nd placed team in the next phase of the tournament. In this example, and there are many more, each team plays three games before the possibility of elimination.

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