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Worth 1/5 of the exam paper

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1 Worth 1/5 of the exam paper
Extended Questions Worth 1/5 of the exam paper

2 Did you know that the average mark for an extended question is 2 out of 6!!
Extended questions are designed to stretch you. They are not designed to be easy A series of statements will not be enough for full marks It’s a shot essay which covers all parts of the question

3 The key to assessing higher marks...

4 Developed Statements Explain why shot putters need power
Shot putters need power because it provides both speed and strength in order to throw a winning distance. Explain why the media is an important influence on sport. The media is an important influence because it publicises certain sports on TV so that many young people will be inspired and want to begin playing them.

5 Extended Answers - Levels
Level 1 (1-2 marks) Simple statements only Level 2 (3-4 marks) Two developed statements Level 3 (5-6 marks) Three developed statements with a summary where appropriate

6 Question 1 Miss Jackson coaches both the senior netball and basketball teams and has designed a circuit training programme for the teams. Evaluate whether circuit training would be the most appropriate training method for these players. (6)

7 Developed point 1 Circuit training is a very useful method of training because it can develop both muscular endurance and agility which are both important of you want to be good at netball or basketball

8 Developed Point 2 However circuit training would not meet all the fitness demands of netball and basketball because games last up to an hour which means the cardiovascular endurance is important therefore continuous training would be another method of training players could use

9 Essay Plan for an ‘Evaluate’ or ‘Discuss’ Question
Evaluate means you must consider the advantages and disadvantages (of circuit training). Introduction: describe the main characteristics of circuit training Discuss the benefits (why would circuit training be appropriate? Why is circuit training so adaptable to individual needs?) Discuss any disadvantages Discuss other relevant information (why might other methods of training be a better choice?) Conclusion with a justification of your choice

10 Marking Task Explain how the range of roles available in physical activity that allow opportunity for all to become or remain in sport.

11 Step 1 – De-construct the question
Explain how the range of roles available in physical activity that allow opportunity for all to become or remain in sport.

12 Range of Roles Performer / Leader / Official For All Abilities / interests Become and Remain Range of ages

13 What’s it Worth? There are lots of rolls available in sport
You can play perform lead or referee up to any age in any sport I now play rugby as a scrum half twice a week which helps my fitness On Sundays I coach the U’8s and sometimes ref their games which I enjoy. As you can see there are lots of rolls in sport

14 What’s it worth? There are three roles in sport you can do. First there is the player or performer at whatever level you want from grass routes to elite level. This is what most people do first. Then you can also be a leader or coach when you work with younger players and help them improve using the skills you learnt as a player. Next you can also become an official which means you learn the rules and umpire matches in friendlies or leagues in order to help the players and keeps you active sport for as long as you want.

15 What’s it Worth? Sport has many possible roles which you could take on at different stages of your life Most people start as players and carry on as long as they are fit enough but many switch to other sports such as badminton or golf which can still be good for health and fitness however you can normally carry on for longer. Ex-players often go into leadership roles such as coaches as organisers because they have the experience of playing and working with young people. This role is also as active as you want to make it so that it still helps maintain fitness and health. Many officials in sport have been performers at a younger age however the now enjoy refereeing or umpiring, There are many qualifications you can get as there are in coaching which means that both coaches and officials can stay fit and involved in sport for many years. Sport is a lifetime experience with opportunities for everyone for everyone who is interested.

16 Your go… Explain the long term effects on the Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System Skeletal System Muscular System Tip: Remember your connectives!!!

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