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A Students Guide to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Grade 5 & 6 Writing Assignment.

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1 A Students Guide to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Grade 5 & 6 Writing Assignment

2 The Winter Olympics will be held in Russia beginning February 6 th. To help you get ready to cheer on our Olympians, you are going to conduct some research into the various sporting contests that will take place, as well as a few of the Canadian athletes that are considered medal hopefuls.

3 All of your research, and any hand drawn images you create, will be collected into a digital picture book using the iPad app, Book Creator. In the end, you will export your book to iBooks for sharing with your classmates.

4 Overview of the Assignment Chapter 1…………………………… Introduction Chapter 2……………………………The Sports Chapter 3……………………………Your Favourite Sport Chapter 4……………………………The Athletes

5 Chapter 1 An Introduction to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games (The content for this section is chosen by the student)

6 Chapter 2 Create profiles on FIVE of the Winter Olympic Sports: You do not need to describe events (500 m, Freestyle, etc.) Imagine explaining the sport to someone who has never seen it before. For each profile, draw an illustration on a drawing app like Drawing Pad, and import it into your book. Each of the sports should have its own page.

7 Chapter 2: Profiles of Olympic Winter Sports The winter Olympic sports you have to choose from for your profiles includes: Alpine SkiingBiathlon BobsledCross Country Skiing CurlingFigure Skating Freestyle SkiingHockey LugeNordic Combined SkeletonSki Jumping SnowboardSpeed Skating

8 Chapter 3 My Favourite Winter Olympic Sport: My Personal Connection to the Winter Olympics Pick one and tell us why its your favourite.

9 Chapter 4 Athletes to Watch: Canadas Medal Hopefuls Choose an athlete to root for and tell us about him or her.

10 Guidelines 1. Be sure to read and take the time to check in often with the rubric provided. 2. Chapter 1 should be 1 to 3 pages and introduce some of the basic and general information about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter games. If you are stuck, think about the 5Ws. 3. The illustrations for Chapter 2 must be drawn digitally, but the illustrations for the other chapters may be photographs taken only from: a. or b. c. 4. When you think you are done, be sure to proofread your picture book. Make sure all your titles have capitals, and that each sentence is a complete thought and punctuated correctly. You are welcome to peer edit each others work or have an adult look at it.

11 Projects should be exported as a PDF to email, and sent to my Evernote account as a.PDF.

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