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Girls in Sport more girls, more active, more often.

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1 Girls in Sport more girls, more active, more often

2 Why should girls be more active? Source: Nader, et al. (2008). Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity from ages 9 to 15 years. JAMA, 300, 295-305.

3 School Sport & Physical activity InclusiveEquitableSupportiveSafe Why should schools help girls to be more active?

4 How much activity should girls be doing? A minimum of 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous activity (National Guidelines, Dept of Health & Ageing, 2005) How much activity time should schools provide? Secondary schools must meet PDHPE curriculum requirements + 80-120 minutes per week of sport

5 How active are girls in NSW schools? All schools showed that on average girls were active for less than 60 minutes per day. ( GIS Intervention & Research Project, 2009 )


7 Girls:Teachers: Better focus & concentrationAware of girls needs & interests More confident about learningUse TPL to improve competencies Engage with school more frequently & positively Provide relevant & engaging activities for girls Respect the efforts of othersStronger relationships with girls Value healthy and active lifestyles Who can benefit from Lifting Your Game?....Im glad our school participated in the program, I think it has made a positive impact..... ( Year 9 student on Girls in Sport project)

8 So... how do we lift our game? MORE GIRLS, MORE ACTIVE, MORE OFTEN!! Make a commitment to change!! What will the project team do?What can the whole school do? Establish a committeeJoin the team Consult stakeholdersIdentify issues & contribute ideas Plan & review changesImplement & evaluate Change policy & practice

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