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2 VISION Striving to create an active and winning school through sport. To break down racial, cultural and poverty barriers through sport. MISSION To improve the quality of education and life of all students(players), foster social cohesion by maximizing access, development and excellence at all age levels of participation in sport( girl soccer). We are committed to the fact that mental and physical development through sport improves the quality of learning and life. Cognizance will be taken of the imbalances of the past and the greater needs of inclusion in historically disadvantaged groups and communities, especially rural areas. To use soccer as a medium to enhance social interaction, better understanding and cooperation between the different cultural groups. To combat antisocial behaviour. Use soccer as a medium to contribute to national unity, fostering a South African identity and promoting a common sense of belonging. Increasing the number of participants in boys and girl soccer with the emphasis on the disadvantaged and marginalized groups. Providing appropriate facilities to enable such levels of participation and excellence. Maximizing development through early identification and nurturing of talent.

3 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC VALUES SOCIAL breaking down social,gender and cultural barriers. bringing people from different backgrounds together. long term health benefits. teaching people respect for other people and property. giving people a sense of purpose. obtaining and improving skills like:- problem solving, communication, coaching and leadership. Sport is recognized as one of the routes to good education, health, personal development and overall wellness. ECONOMIC local community development. community regeneration. health. learning and productivity improvement. poverty alleviation. employment opportunities. reductions in antisocial behaviour.

4 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES to increase the number of participants in girls soccer and boys u/11 to assist to identify and develop talent that will address transformation. to support SAFAs Grass Roots Development Programmes. to empower the human resource base for girl soccer development with special emphases on a professional coaching infrastructure to uplift sport in general at our school. to contribute to social cohesion. to secure a proper development continuum and academy system. to ensure affective, integrated and aligned operational systems. elevating the status of girls soccer. ensuring affective support structures. transforming of sport.

5 BENEFICIAL CHANCE MTNs involvement in sport and life skill development will assist young, exceptionally talented sportswomen and men from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to develop players of excellence in soccer. also to provide them with the opportunities to be educated in a environment of excellence. several individual students will excel to provincial and national status. this program will also allow students to follow sports career opportunities. BENEFICIARIES talented youth from local and rural areas in the sport disciplines of girls soccer. provincial and national teams will be assisted. SAFA, SASFA and all other soccer structures. MTN by their financial involvement in community development and by name branding. All soccer clothing and equipment will have MTN logos printed on according to SAFA regulations. Announcing the sponsorship and launch in the printed media.

6 IDENTIFIYNG PLAYERS the development official at SAFA in conjunction with coaches, former schools and sporting bodies will identify students with soccer talent. offer them the chance to develop to allow them to grow into more responsible and committed future girl soccer stars by participating at school level in the different cup competitions. GOALS OF THE GIRLS STRUCTURE AND BOYS U/11 to promote community access to soccer. improvement of the overall performance of individuals. creating more opportunities for more players in the mainstream. improving the quality of soccer development through excellent coaching and structures. to improve the lives of all by offering youths the opportunity to participate in soccer. to take them out of antisocial environments and behavior. to provide rural communities access to development programs. to create an environment that will allow a talented soccer player to grow in a complete way. to allow talented players to exceed their potential. to expose the players to the need and art of self-knowledge, discipline and game strategies. to ensure that the players take control of their own destiny. to provide them with ideas, options and choices.

7 THE FINANCIALS This program will be phased in over a five year period to its full potential with 5 Districts participating in the following age groups: u/13, u/15 and u/17 and boys u/11 players at any one time. It will start off with only 50 players per school per District in the first year and 100 players in year the second year. The following areas need finance: transport to and from their schools. transport to and from venues. their sport gear and equipment. meals. coaching. refereeing administration The estimated costs will be as follows: 2014 – R750 000,00 BREAKDOWN OF FIRST YEAR-2014 Administration: R 100 000 Meals: R 50 000 Transport from schools and venues(to and fro): R 100 000 Playing attire: R 250 000 Coperative attire: R 50 000 Coaching: R 100 000 Refereeing: R 100 000 TOTAL: R 750 000 2015 – R1 750 000,00 2016 – R3 000 000,00. 2017 – 2018 R 3 000 000,00 plus inflation on an annual basis.

8 Mainplan for 2014 For this year football for boys u/11 and girls must grow and develop more by developing female couches, referees and administrators on area where it is needed and most important by letting our girls play. Coaching course: Stars in their eyes/SAFA Introductory couching course for female educators Advanced couching course for female educators that have introductory Referee courses : SAFA/ Dept. of sports Referee courses for female educators Girls Tournament for U/13, U/15 AND u/17 Circuit Playoffs - March 2014–0June 2014 Regional Playoffs – July 2014 Provincial Playoffs - 8,9,10 and11 August 2014 Circuit playoffs:- Possible sponsors schools municipalities / mayoral office Boys u/11 tournament Will be in the form of soccer festivals on Saturdays from 10h00 am

9 Regional playoffs:- Possible sponsors Dept. of education Regional municipal Dept. of sports Local sponsors Provincial playoffs: - stakeholders that can assist ( letters to be forwarded to them) Katz roofs and tiles, Bokamoso Bricks, Lovelife, DSAC, DOE, GWK Douglas, Nulaid eggs, Nyl Transport, Municipality, MTN,etc. Day 1: 08 August 2014 Arrival of teams and Registration Day 2: 09 august 2014 Games Official opening Galla event Day 3: 10 August 2014 Final Games Day 4 Teams dep arture


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