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Tatarstan, Kazan Welcome to Kazan! Russian Federation.

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1 Tatarstan, Kazan Welcome to Kazan! Russian Federation

2 Kazan Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Russia, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities.

3 The old Kazan The old Kazan in the center of the city. There are beautiful buildings raised in different architectural styles

4 Buildings of Kazan Mansions in the style of modernism coexist with the Baroque monuments. You can feel the aura of antiquity spell from ancient walls of the Kazan Kremlin wherefrom a superb view on the river opens.

5 Downtown Imagination is boggled by the red bell tower of Bogoyavlenskaya church at the pedestrian Bauman street beloved by tourists.

6 The East`s and the West`s cultures Kazan easily combines the culture and traditions of the East and the West: next to the finely cut minaret towers there are old Orthodox churches. A prevailing feature of life in the city is peaceful, creative coexistence of different religions and nationalities.

7 Sport One of the important areas of life in the city belongs to sports. Ice hockey Club "Ak Bars", soccer "Rubin", basketball club "Unics", volleyball club Zenit" and others commendably represent Kazan at the championships of Russia, Europe and the world.

8 Sports facilities In recent years the following major sports facilities have been built in Kazan: Basket-hall, Ice Sports Palace "Tatneft Arena ", horse race track, Russian ice hockey stadium. The Central Stadium has been renovated. Water Sports Palace construction will be completed shortly. The world- class sport events are held in the city.

9 2013 Summer Kazan got the privilege of organizing the biggest event – 2013 Summer Universiade. In Brussels the majority of the executive committee members gave their votes for the Russian application. Universiade

10 2013 Summer Universiade In 2004 Kazan was recognized as the Best City of Russia and finally became All-Russian social Russian National Olympus prize winner. Universiade is going to become a general rehearsal of Sochi Olympic Games as well as a good start for All-Russia and Povolzhye region sport development.

11 TATNEFT ARENA presents: Unique project elaborated by the employees of the Ice Sport Palace TATNEFT ARENA

12 Professional tournament "Fighting by the rules of the TNA" was launched in Kazan in 2007! Now the tournament is well known among fans of martial arts. The tournament involving athletes from 30 countries!!! Professional tournament "Fighting by the rules of the TNA" was launched in Kazan in 2007! Now the tournament is well known among fans of martial arts. The tournament involving athletes from 30 countries!!! The requirements for the participants became stricter: Russian competitors are obliged to have Russian champion status, the same is for foreign participants - they have to be champions of their own country.

13 TNA Rules – the fight policy was elaborated especially for the Championship, it combines striking techniques from different kinds of martial arts such as kyokushinkai, Muay Thai, kickboxing, that certainly makes the whole event quite spectacular. The fighters are prohibited from wrestling and grappling. Victory, only by knockout! Kyokushinkai Muay Thai Kickboxing

14 The rules of the project allow the participation of sportsmen in different kinds of Martial Arts. It means that in the end of the season the Alea's Champion Martial Arts (Absolute Champion) is going to be revealed. Victory, only by knockout!

15 The fights take place on a quadrilateral boxing ring at audience presence. Each event is a spectacular show, which satisfies worlds standards.

16 Number of participants: 48 sportsmenNumber of participants: 48 sportsmen In each weight are 16 athletes.In each weight are 16 athletes. Number of weight divisions: threeNumber of weight divisions: three oUp to 70 (seventy) kilograms; oUp to 80 (eighty) kilograms; oOver 80 (eighty) kilograms; The tournament continues throughout the entire calendar year, and consists of eight tournaments. 1/8 finals - 4 tournament ¼ finals - 2 tournament ½ finals - 1 tournament Final - 1 tournament. Each tournament consists of 6 matches. Tournament table and the schedule of fights are developed and confirmed by the Organizing committee. The duration of each tournament about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

17 FORMULA FIGHTS Selective, test and rating fights – three 3-minute rounds with two 1-minute rest period in-between rounds. If all 3 rounds end in a draw an extra 3-minute round is usually added to define the ultimate winner. Each tournament lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Extra Round 3 min 1 min Rest period 1 min Rest period

18 TV Shoot and Broadcast Television and Radio Company TATARSTAN – New Age is a satellite television. TV programs can be received from 2 satellites. ABS-1 (LMI-1) EUTELSAT W4

19 ABS-1 (LMI-1) satellite Orbital location – 75 degrees 1.Transponders bandwidth – 12731.5 MHz 2.Signal polarization – vertical 3.Symbol rate – 22.00 Msyb/s 4.Modulation – QPSK; 5.FEC – 7/8 6.Receiving antennas requirements: professional transmission – 1,5 – 2,4 m, individual transmission – 1,2 – 1,5 m. This satellite covers the area of Eastern and Central Europe, Scandinavia, Northern India, China, Japan, Central Asia and Far Eastern parts of Russia, thus TNV programs can be easily viewed in these regions. TV Shoot and Broadcast

20 EUTELSAT W4 satellite Satellite based traffic flow parameters correspond with MPEG-2/DVB-s 1.Transponders bandwidth – 12174,375 MHz 2.Symbol rate –4.340 Msyb/s 3.FEC - 3/4 4.Signal polarization – circular left hand, horizontal 5.Oscillator frequency – 10 750 MHz 6.PID: Video=320; Audio1=401 (TV sound support); Audio2=402 (Yana Gasyr radio programme) PCR= 320 This satellite allows transmission of TNV programmes to European parts of Russia, Ural, Eastern Siberia, practically all CIS countries and some countries of the near abroad. TV Shoot and Broadcast

21 Championship Target Audience Our championship is interesting and available for the wide public. At the same time the championship target audiences are people with high income, who have taste forhigh quality life. quality life. Our target audiences are the consumers of high quality products in high or mid-price category. Interests of our target audience: sport, active recreation, cars, high- tech technologies.

22 Championship Target Audience GENDERAGEEDUCATION INCOME LEVEL Men70% 20 - 50 years old middle,higher above average, high Women 30 % 18 - 40 years old middle,higher above average, high

23 Tatarstan, Kazan Welcome to Kazan! Russian Federation

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