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Surface Decoration Techniques

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1 Surface Decoration Techniques
-click on the hyperlinks for a video demo

2 30 points During this presentation, write down on the chart….
The name of the technique which stage of clay each step needs to be done in Describe the process for each technique Watch and listen and write down what tools you need to do it. 30 points

3 All Ceramics 1 students will use at least 4 of these techniques to create a design on a set of dishes. This is your next project, handbuilders. Wheel throwers will use one of these techniques on their matching bowls. Robot makers will use the staining with iron oxide technique on their robots. This information will show up on the final also.

4 Impressing Or stamping -Done in the Wet stage stamping

5 Impressing & Applique- stage Applique done In the leatherhard
When you apply Another piece of clay to Your project by scoring and slipping

6 Incising or Carving -leatherhard

7 Slip soaked fabric- apply it by scoring your pot when it’s leatherhard, use a thick, well blended slip and dip the fabric strips in it. Apply to your pot after the pot is scored. Let it dry in the desired position. When the clay is fired, the fabric will burn out leaving the clay shell around the fabric and will look the same.

8 Piercing-leatherhard Piercing clay

9 Burnishing-leatherhard Use X-acto knife, burnishing

10 Carved lines (incising) stained with oxide
-use the oxide on bisqueware -iron oxide is a stain, not a glaze. You apply it like wood stain with a brush, then wipe it off. It stays in the carvings.

11 Sgraffito -leatherhard

12 Another example of Sgraffito

13 Trailing with glaze-bisqueware
Glaze trailing

14 Slip trailing with Slip-
-leatherhard, Use a well blended slip Slip trailing video used translucent glaze, you could use clear

15 Poured on Glaze -bisqueware Apply a base layer of 3 coats
Of glaze, then pour additional colors over it.

16 Thick, Oozy Slip -leatherhard Steven Hills surface decoration

17 Underglaze -apply to leatherhard clay or bisqueware.
Use a brush and apply 3 layers.

18 Wax resist- -bisqueware This one was glazed yellow,
Wax resist painted on, Brown layered over Using wax resist and glaze

19 Etched clay w/wax resist -leatherhard or bonedry Etched clay with resist

20 Stencils -bisqueware Works great with underglazes, use a sponge

21 Underglaze Pencils -bisqueware works very similar to pastels

22 Things we don’t have the supplies for but are cool to know about.

23 Inlayed Clay

24 Inlayed clay-cont. Scraping off excess clay when bone dry

25 Ceramic Decals I have ordered this paper Ceramics 2 and 3 will be doing an assignment incorporating this

26 Painting with Underglaze

27 SP-Arroya White Glaze over purple Concept

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