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Gender, Sexuality and Sport Juliet Jacques Megan Worthing-Davies.

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2 Gender, Sexuality and Sport Juliet Jacques Megan Worthing-Davies

3 Aims Increase understanding and awareness of the effects of discriminatory attitudes in media reporting upon readers Support journalists to reflect on their own reporting practices Provide best practice examples of journalism on sexuality, gender and sport Provide resources and awareness of campaigns that positively aim to change football culture

4 Agenda Introduction to key issues Reflection on personal practice Best practice examples and approaches Resources Break (19.50 – 20.00) Panel discussion Networking (21.00)

5 Juliet Jacques Freelance writer for newspapers, magazines & websites Wrote Transgender Journey for Guardian (2010-12) Cultural critic for New Statesman Co-founder of The Justin Campaign (2008-2009) Written on football for various publications Independent Pink List 2012/2013 Orwell Prize longlist 2011

6 Sexism in football Extensive coverage of Gray and Keys – largely against them, little use of banter as defence Attitudes to womens sport often patronising Little critique of structural issues around womens sports – e.g. lack of funding/coaching, prejudice being people off Coverage of women in sport often focuses on looks – especially true of women in boardroom positions Tam Cowan mocking womens football in Daily Record Womens sport gets 5% of newspaper coverage




10 Grantland: Dr Vs Magical Putter Investigative journalism – long-form piece (Jan 2014) Looked into story of miraculous new putter Journalist outed creator as transsexual to investors Piece covered Dr Vs wish for privacy and her death Undertone of lack of respect for subject Failure of responsibility from journalist and editors Lack of input from any trans people on coverage No structures in place to understand trans perspectives



13 Thomas Hitzlsperger & Robbie Rogers Thomas Hitzlsperger – recently retired, highest-profile player to come out, after Robbie Rogers, Justin Fashanu Robbie Rogers retired before coming out, then played again Hitzlsperger – issue ignored within football but not media Good coverage of support for Hitzlsperger/Rogers – positive Regional coverage of issue – local players were supportive Media interest in gay footballers – but what kind? Mirror/Sun suggested it wasnt an issue – were they right? Does negative media coverage fuel homophobia, or make it more difficult for players to come out?



16 REFLECTIONS GRAY & KEYS: What structural issues in football culture made them feel able to behave like this? Which stereotypes did they use? Can they be challenged? GRANTLAND: How else might the reporter have handled Dr Vs transgender history? What could the editors have done differently? HITZLSPERGER: Do the media lead fans opinions on sexuality/gender in sports? What can you as journalists do to improve things?

17 Good practice: Womens sports Stylist campaign for fairer coverage – more women involved, and more reporting Marina Hyde criticised Gray and Keys with mixture of political analysis and humour Mirror coverage of Gray/Keys made clear its allegiances: their behaviour was unacceptable Positive response to Casey Stoney coming out



20 Good practice: Trans people and sport Lessons learned from Grantland – editor took some responsibility for errors made Chris Ledger – In Bed With Maradona – well- researched look at legal/structural issues Jaiyah Saelua – coverage attempted to be sympathetic even if it struggled with language


22 Good practice: Gay men and sport World Soccer – gay issue Interviews with Hitzlsperger/Rogers – papers largely supportive of them both Local newspaper focus on supportive players Ed Smith on cricket – highlighted issues across sports and around prejudice and class



25 Resources - campaigns Football v Homophobia First year 2010 2014 – 36 clubs confirmed actions/work Focus on education, empowerment and building relationships within football @fvhtweets

26 Resources - campaigns Women in Football Aims to improve women's representation at all levels of the game Celebrating, lobbying, networking, mentoring @WomeninFootball

27 Resources – other orgs Pride Sports Gay Football Supporters Network Kick It Out Womens Sport and Fitness Foundation Women in Sport

28 Resources - academia Routledge Sport & Leisure Studies Jayne Caudwell – Brighton University Journal of Sport and Social Issues International Review for the Sociology of Sport Taylor and Francis online: Sexuality and Sport: a free article collection - Brackenridge, C et al (2008) A Review of Sexual Orientation in Sport sportscotland Research Report no. 114 Available from ource=1e0dd5d5-6923-444f-bfa0-146fc971f06f ource=1e0dd5d5-6923-444f-bfa0-146fc971f06f Lawley, S (2011) Sexual orientation and invisibility: Issues in LGBTI sports development and the role of LGBTI sports groups. Leisure Studies Association Newsletter, March 2011 email for Griffin, P. (1998). Strong women, deep closets: lesbians and homophobia in sport. Human Kinetics Publishers. Wellard, I. (2009). Sport, masculinities and the body. Routledge.

29 Resources - media Trans Media Watch All About Trans She Kicks – womens football magazine Leagues Behind - Stonewall report on homophobia in football (2009) FvH fanzine

30 Panel discussion Shelley Alexander Juliet Jacques Scott Lawley Musa Okwonga

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