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Certification of Pilots, Aircraft, and Repairmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft Rule December 2004

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1 Certification of Pilots, Aircraft, and Repairmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft Rule December 2004

2 OVERVIEW The new Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rules issued on July 20, 2004. Effective September 1, 2004 Addresses the certification of – –Experimental and Special Light-Sport Aircraft –Sport Pilot and Flight Instructor with a Sport Rating –Repairmen (Light-Sport Aircraft) –Inspection and maintenance of the new experimental and special light-sport aircraft

3 What are the Anticipated Public Benefits? Sets New Safety Standards for Airmen and Aircraft -- –Hold an FAA pilot and flight instructor certificate Carry a passenger and conduct flight instruction Affordable - $2600 vs. $10K –Operate an FAA registered and certificated aircraft Aircraft meets design, production, continued A/W standards Aircraft inspected and maintained by certificated airman Affordable Ready to Fly Aircraft - $15K-60K vs. $150K –Compensation or hire: Flight Training, Rental, and Towing Provides for better access to: Insurance, financing, airports, and increased acceptance by general aviation community

4 What is a Light-Sport Aircraft? Powered Parachute Weight-shift-control aircraft

5 Airplane Single-engine Land What is a Light-Sport Aircraft?

6 Airplane-Single-engine sea What is a Light-Sport Aircraft? Gyroplane

7 Lighter- than- Air What is a Light-Sport Aircraft? Glider

8 Definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) Light-Sport aircraft are small, simple, low-performance, low energy, aircraft limited to: Maximum weight – 1320 lb (600kg) or 1,430 lb (650kg) (aircraft intended for water operations), 1 or 2 occupants, Single engine (reciprocating), Maximum stall speeds – 45 knots (no-lift enhancing devices), Maximum airspeed - 120 kts V h (max power level flight), Fixed landing gear (repositionable-land on water/retractable- gliders), and Fixed pitch propeller (ground adjustable).

9 What is Not a Light-Sport Aircraft? –Part 103 Ultralights (powered/unpowered) –Hanglider –Paraglider –All single seat categories of LSA –Multiengine aircraft – Powered lift –Helicopters –Complex aircraft Retractable gear Controllable pitch propeller

10 What Aircraft Can a Sport Pilot Fly? If you are a Sport Pilot, you can ONLY fly Aircraft that meet the Light-Sport Aircraft definition. This includes: –Transitioning Ultralight Like Aircraft –Newly Manufactured Aircraft –Previously Certificated Aircraft

11 Operating LSA … Exercising Sport Pilot Privileges and Limits (Basic Level) –Day –3 Miles visibility or greater –Class G and E airspace –No comp or hire operations –LSA < 87 knots –Below 10,000 MSL –May not tow any object. –Operate in U.S. only Except with agreement from foreign country.

12 Operating LSA … Exercising Sport Pilot Privileges and Limits (Add-On) Additional Training and Endorsements required- –Operate in Class B, C, and D airspace –Additional category and class privilege –Additional make and model aircraft –LSA > 87KT Vh

13 Certification of Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA)

14 What are the New (LSA) Airworthiness Certificates? New Airworthiness Certification Options -- Special Light-Sport for Ready-to-Fly Aircraft (SLSA) – Gyroplanes are not eligible Experimental Light-Sport for both Existing Fleet and Kit-Built Aircraft (ELSA)

15 How Are Existing Aircraft Addressed by the Proposal? To be issued an experimental light-sport certificate- The aircraft must be – –A Two-place Ultralight Training Vehicle (Part 103 training exemption); or –An Ultralight-like aircraft (not FAA certificated) - Single-place or two- place that exceeds part 103 You must within – –36 months – Register with FAA (N number) and be inspected by an FAA DAR

16 What are Newly Manufactured Light-Sport Aircraft? Comply with Industry Consensus Standards Ready-to-Fly Aircraft – Special LSA Kit-Built Aircraft – Experimental Kit- BuiltLSA –Manufacturer built one SLSA –No 51% Build requirement Manufacturer Issues Statement of Compliance for your Special LSA or Experimental Kit-Built LSA by serial number.

17 What is a Consensus Standard? Minimum standards for design, manufacture, and in-service support Appropriate for this class of aircraft. Developed and maintained by industry and the public. FAA participates in the process and would publish Notice of Availability.

18 Is the Certification Process the Same for Imported LSA? YES! IMPORTANT Regardless of the country of manufacture - the aircraft must meet or exceed the FAA accepted consensus standards for issuance of an airworthiness certificate. Imported aircraft must meet additional administrative requirements.

19 Certification of Repairmen

20 Kinds of Light-Sport Repairman There is only one Repairman (Light-sport aircraft) Certificate. –Experimental and Special Light-sport Aircraft Eligible for two ratings: –Inspection. –Maintenance.

21 Light-Sport Repairman with Inspection Rating Privilege – May Perform: – only the annual condition inspection for Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft owned by the repairman. (identical to amateur-built repairman)

22 Light-Sport Repairman with a Maintenance Rating Privilege-- May perform: – Annual c ondition inspections on both experimental and special light-sport aircraft in the category in which rated. –100 hour inspection for Special light-sport aircraft used for flight instruction and rental. – Maintenance on Special Light-Sport aircraft.

23 Certification of Light-Sport Repairman Inspection Rating –To be eligible for a Inspection Rating an individual must take and successfully complete an 16 hour FAA accepted course. Maintenance Rating –To be eligible for a Maintenance Rating an individual must take and successfully complete an 80 hour FAA accepted course.

24 Sport Pilot and Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Certification

25 Sport Pilot/CFI Certificate Sport Pilot Certificate or Flight Instructor Certificate with a Sport Pilot rating: –No category or class ratings –Category or class privileges endorsed in pilot logbook –Credit experience towards higher certificates

26 Sport Pilot/CFI Certificate Age and language requirements – –Parallels existing regulations Comply with all applicable part 61, part 91, and NTSB 830 regulations – –Flight review –Currency –Aircraft equipment

27 Sport Pilot/Sport Pilot CFI Minimum flight experience: –Pilot: 20 hours –Flight Instructor: 150 hours Knowledge and Practical Test is required. U/L experience may be credited –Must be registered as a qualified pilot or instructor with an FAA recognized U/L organization

28 What are the Medical Certificate Requirements for Sport Pilot? Operations Requiring A Medical Or U.S. Drivers License - Other Than Balloon or Glider –Student Pilot - Seeking Sport Pilot Privileges –A Pilot Exercising the Privileges of a Sport Pilot Certificate –A Flight Instructor Acting as PIC of a Light-Sport Aircraft FAR 61.23

29 Sport Pilot/Sport Pilot CFI Medical Medical Eligibility Requirements: –Current and valid U.S. drivers license, or –Valid airman medical certificate Not required for glider/balloon pilots-any certificate level Medical deficiency and limitations –Identical to current rules (61.53) pilots –PIC must determine medical fitness prior to each flight Limitations on U.S. Drivers License apply

30 Private Pilot Certification Private pilot -- –Weight-shift-control category rating – (Land and Sea class) –Powered parachute category rating - (Land and Sea class) Privileges -- –Night (aircraft certificated) –Above 10, 000 feet MSL –All airspace (aircraft certificated) –Any other private pilot privileges…

31 More Information 0n the Final Rule? Overview of Final Rule FAQs Final Rule and NPRM Guidance and Policy Links – AFS-610 Industry Websites Links

32 Light Sport Aviation Branch - AFS-610 FAA Forms Policy Advisory Circulars 405-954-6400 EMAIL:

33 Thank you for your kind attention ! QUESTIONS ???

34 Welcome FAA Administrator, Marion Blakey and EAA President, Tom Poberezny FAA Video Presentation - Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft Final Rule

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