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My favourite sport Badminton.

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1 My favourite sport Badminton

2 My sport Nastya Skorohodova is In her free time she plays badminton, and she`s very good at it.

3 Why did you decide to learn badminton, Nastya ?
My mother plays badminton and she taught me . And I often play with my mother now .

4 How do you play it ? I have a birdie and two rackets.

5 Can you score with one hit ?
Well , it`s very good if you can do that ! It usually takes a few hits to get to the place.

6 Is it an expensive sport?
Well, you need some badminton rackets and a birdie .

7 How often do you play? I can play this game every day only in summer. I love playing badminton !


9 The end. Thank you for attention. Made by Nastya Skorohodova
The end Thank you for attention ! Made by Nastya Skorohodova LINGUA INFO

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