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Mike Clark PO Box 1195 Simi Valley, CA 93062-1195 805-501-3534 805-426-8058 fax.

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1 Mike Clark PO Box 1195 Simi Valley, CA 93062-1195 805-501-3534 805-426-8058 fax

2 Sales Management Services

3 Let us provide you with a US based sales office. Custom programs to fit your budget and needs Working with A.C.Kerman to provide logistical and operational support for your product We will work with you to devise a plan to bring your product line to US customers

4 We have a flexible structure to provide our customers with what they need to grow their business Some companies hire us to help them develop a product offering for market. These companies may have a product idea, but have little experience bringing it to the consumer in the US. For these customers we help them develop the item, packaging, sourcing, and sales management. Other customers have a product line, have sales support materials, but are not located in the USA, and do not want to develop an entire infrastructure at this time. For these companies we work with 3PL providers to provide sales management for the product line. We will act as your US sales management team, hiring representatives, making major presentations, and handling order entry and trade show responsibilities. Some companies hire us to be their sales agent at the chain store level. For these companies, we make presentations, work with them to develop retail packaging, and handle order entry for the customers assigned to us.

5 Our experience building brands and marketing products can help you build an effective sales organization in the USA. 30 Years Experience in sporting goods management. Put our Industry knowledge of Market Dynamics to work for you. We know the customers, and we know the best ways to supply them Marketing Plans available

6 We act as your Sales office in the US We have a network of sale rep groups in the USA & canada that can handle whatever you need to accomplish- we have relationships with multiple groups in every territory. We can work with you to develop a sales plan, target accounts, make major presentations, receive orders, and work with your fulfillment network to deliver products to your customers.

7 We can hire and manage a Manufacturers Representative sales force for all areas of the country We will make major presentations with Manufacturers Reps We will enter orders and track them thru the shipping process If needed we will help set up and manage EDI order processing thru a web based interface. We will work to develop a sales program that is profitable for you and for your customers

8 We know who has the solid relationships at major accounts in the USA We know who to go to present your product line We already have relationships with many Rep organizations and will find the best fit for you. We will help you develop a program that is profitable for you, and attractive to your customers We can offer a 3 rd party web based EDI (Electronic data Interchange) solution for your accounts that need it

9 Major customers should be visited 1-2 times per year We can handle the large presentations, and the reps will handle the day to day work with the customers. We estimate that there may be as many as 10-15 meetings per year at an average cost of $500 per meeting needed to get started. It may be less for simpler product lines.

10 Manufacturer- delivers sales program and materials to rep Rep presents to Distributors Distributors (with rep support) presents to Retailer Retailer Orders from Distributor Distributor orders from manufacturer

11 Initial Presentations to Large Distributors and retailers- March-May Icast and smaller presentations June-July Distributor presentations to chains-June-Sept Final sales presentations- August Sept Distributor Shows- Sept thru Nov, Jan-Feb Consumer Shows Feb-April Chain store initial deliveries-Feb-mar

12 Most terminal tackle items are sold thru distributors. Distributors range in size from 1-man operations to Maurice Sporting Goods which handles all of the major chains There are appx 800 distributors of fishing tackle products in the USA There are about 4500 fishing tackle dealers in the US, plus 8-10,000 chain retail locations Cabelas and Bass Pro tend to order on a direct basis and not thru distributors

13 RetailerDistributorWarehouse/Manufacturer Your Company Maurice Sporting TSADicksBig RockLocal dealer

14 Distributor- supplies multiple brands and product lines to dealers and chain stores across the US. Most are now geared towards selling to smaller dealers- but a few are also set up for larger chains. Wagon Jobber- Usually a small distributor with limited stock, delivers to a set route of stores, often includes resort areas not serviced by the larger distributors Chain store- Wal-Mart, Sports Authority type stores with multiple product offering. Nearly all buy thru large distributors. Bass pro and Cabelas tend to buy all tackle direct from manufacturer. Buying Groups- Usually independent retailers that have joined together to form a buying co-op. There are 3 for sporting goods- NBS, Worldwide, and Sports, Inc. These stores tend to be the best in an area, and MAY buy direct and fill in reorders thru distributors. Independent dealers- Usually buy thru distributors, and may have 4-5 different distributors filling their shelves. Larger dealers may do some direct buys, but orders tend to be small.

15 30 Years in Sporting Goods- at all levels- retail, distribution, representative, and company executive 13 Years as a manufacturers representative- represented product lines like Plano, Minn Kota, Fenwick, Nikon, Winchester,and many others 7 Years as Vice President of Sales of the largest paintball gun maker-introduced category to large chains across the country

16 Identify which consumer shows to attend Handle show participation- samples, pro-staff, literature Work with Regional Fishing Pros to do demonstrations and lectures Build a pro-staff network of regional thought leaders to educate consumers across the country Use Guerilla Marketing techniques to increase published references to product line Utilize Social media to increase visibility to interested consumers

17 Regional thought leaders that support product lines in exchange for free product Most Manufacturers rep organizations have a group of Pro-staffers that work dealer events, local tournament series, and consumer shows to promote their product lines. Pro Staff tends to also work with local writers and national writers to promote products thru magazine and newspaper articles

18 Consumer Shows are held each spring and draw millions into convention centers to see new product, and buy the newest items. Every large city has at least 1 show-But not all are worthwhile. Manufacturers reps work the booth, factory support consists of samples, literature, and a booth (if available) Typically a 10x10 booth costs about $800- 1500 depending on the location

19 Most of the major distributors hold regional trade shows 1-2 times per year Manufacturers are expected to participate with the purchase of a booth and thru specials offered only for the show period. Buying Group Shows- The 3 buying groups hold 2 shows per year. Fishing is shown at the August/Sept show only. Booths run about $1200, and it usually takes 3-4 appearances prior to customer acceptance.

20 Standard Cost of Sales management is $2500 per month. This includes Rep selection and management, order entry, customer management, pro-staff management, customer vists/presentations Additional costs for EDI, travel and event services are billed at actual cost with no additional mark- up Growth incentive- we will work with you to develop a growth incentive program for National Sport Sales to make sure our interests are aligned and to support sales growth

21 Travel to meetings: 10-15 per year- average $500 per meeting Distributor Shows: 8-12 per year- Average $700 per event Consumer shows- 12-15 per year, Average $1000 per event EDI services- Appx $200-250 per month for 2-6 trading partners and 8-10 orders per month.

22 Contact us: By Phone: 805-501-3534 805-426-8058 fax Skype: m.clark33 By Mail PO Box 1195 Simi Valley, CA 93062-1195

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